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Jet Ski Racer 10 rate A flooded and abandoned city has become the meeting place for the coolest and fastest of racers – high speeds, dangerous objects and crazy jumps await you! Avoid the obstacles, collect the coins and find the fastest routes to win the race. Will you be able to experience all the race tracks Jet Ski Racer has to offer? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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What’s better to do in a post-apocalyptic scenario, whereby a previously tall and proud city is now flooded, overgrown and abandoned? Well, jet skiing of course! In Jet Ski Racer, you’ll get to race against 7 other intelligent AI players in various dangerous and dynamic locations, such as the derelict shipping depot where cargo containers hang precariously in the air and platforms with rusty legs shudder as the jet skis race underneath it. Avoid the mine buoys and collect as many coins and power-ups as you can! Don’t forget to fully utilize the many speed-boost ramps available as often as you can. Do you think you have what it takes to snag that top 3 positions and progress to the next yet equally dangerous jet ski race track? Well, play Jet Ski Racer now and find out!


The game starts off with a single page instruction, telling you about the controls. However, even if you didn’t pay attention, the guide will still be around on the interface as you race. Basically though, Jet Ski Racer is a very simple game to pick up and can be devilishly hard to master. You’ll need plenty of your wits and reflexes in order to snag that first prize!

As aforementioned, in terms of controls, it’s very simple. You just need to use the arrow keys or WASD keys, whichever that feels comfortable for you, to navigate your jet ski around the various dangerous race tracks. While you’re racing, you’ll need to score as many points as you can and you can do so by collecting coins. However, the fastest route around the track often takes you away from these shiny coins and cutting corners sharply can often save you a few seconds, allowing you to zip past other racers who are taking the long way round! Therefore, it might be a better strategy if you try to collect as many coins that are in your way but you should not go out of your way just to collect a few coins.

Besides cutting corners, Jet Ski Racer also offers plenty of boosts to help you overtake the competition. Do keep an eye out for green lightning bolts as these power-ups will give your jet ski a much-needed boost! They are often hidden, and sometimes close to mines, so be careful – but they can be the difference between a top 3 finish or last place, especially if you consistently collect these boosts.

As you race around the course, you’ll encounter plenty of ramps that can launch your jet ski into the air as well. These ramps always give your racer a temporary speed boost, and can be used to fly over the heads of your opponents and splash down way ahead of them. Thus, be sure to get your jet ski onto these ramps as often as you can.

Of course, everything’s not as fine and dandy in the post-apocalyptic world. You’ll need to watch out for mine buoys that litter the race tracks. There will be yellow warning signs that give you a heads-up that you’re about to enter the danger zone. If you even touch any of these mines, you’ll blow up and this will set you back from the rest of the pack. However, if you’re a good enough jet ski racer, you can easily take this opportunity to overtake a whole lot of the other racers – sometimes, up to half of the team of racers - as they get blown up.

Not to mention, the other racers will also ram their jet skis into yours... whether it’s accidental or on purpose, we’ll never know. If they do slam into your jet ski, there’s a danger of veering your jet ski into obstacles, such as mines, or worse, flipping your ski around so that you end up heading in the wrong direction!

Does all of this sound like fun to you? Sure, they do! However, you have not read about the best part of Jet Ski Racer yet – the game’s race courses change while you're speeding around them! Since most of the locations you’re racing at are abandoned and derelict, there are plenty of rotten, rusty and totally unstable structures that may collapse on your at any time. Besides collapsing buildings and platforms, ships may sink and containers may also fall from the sky, changing the route you need to take, opening up new shortcut routes and occasionally providing another ramp that you can use to get an additional speed boost. For instance, the fastest route from your first lap might be blocked by an obstacle in the second one. So, you should make sure that you’re aware of changes happening around you as you race!

Congratulations! You’ve gotten first place! Now what, you may wonder? Well, Jet Ski Racer provides a plethora of very different race courses with their own various background settings, be it an iceberg-filled race track at the sea or a race course that set you weaving around sinking or sunk warships. To unlock these new tracks, however, you’ll need to, at least, get to the top 3. Will you be able to experience all the race tracks Jet Ski Racer has to offer?


Despite the challenge and fun that Jet Ski Racer provides, the game isn’t very popular on Facebook – it has around 2 thousand likes on its abandoned Facebook fan page. However, on Miniclip’s own game portal, the game itself is ranked as one of the top game series... and yes, there are plenty more Jet Ski Racer games out there! Thus, if you fancy meeting up with your fellow jet ski racers, you’d have better luck by visiting Miniclip’s game portal instead.

Graphics/ Sound

The 3D graphics in Jet Ski Racer are developed on the Unity Engine. Not surprisingly, the game’s visuals look pretty realistic and well-rendered for a casual browser game! In terms of sound, the low hum of the engines of the motor on the jet ski coupled with the very energetic, techno-inspired rock music is enough to get anyone psyched up for the race. Not to mention, the game is also filled with ambient sounds such as the sound of water swishing as your jet ski bounces on top of the waters like a skipping stone or the sound of explosion when an AI hits the mine and both of them go boom!


In brief, Jet Ski Racer is an amazing, free-to-play jet ski racing game that is both challenging and fun to play! Race against 7 other clever AIs in the many dangerous and dynamic locations whereby objects may fall and change the race course in an instant! Collect coins and speed-boosts as you race along the race track and avoid the mine buoys at all costs. If there are any speed-boosting ramps available, do try your best to get your jet ski on it as it may help you overtake your other competitors in the race. Although the controls are easy to learn in this game, they can be hard to master. So, if you think you have what it takes to emerge victorious in these exhilarating jet ski races, you’ll definitely enjoy Jet Ski Racer! Play it now!

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New Game Added: Jet Ski Racer

by Aethyna Aug 3, 2015
A flooded and abandoned city has become the meeting place for the coolest and fastest of racers – high speeds, dangerous objects and crazy jumps await you! Avoid the obstacles, collect the coins and find the fastest routes to win the race. Will you be able to experience all the race tracks Jet Ski Racer has to offer? Go! in Jet Ski Racer Jet Ski Racer: Catching up Trick move in Jet Ski Racer Read More
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