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Iris Online 9 rate Iris Online is an anime-styled massively multiplayer online role playing game where it features the traditional gameplay of having an adventure in a large open world. It features fun unique gameplay mechanics such as the ability to transform your characters into monsters or even shrinking yourself. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Iris Online is a free to play massively multiplayer online role-playing game that has an anime style for its characters and world. Developed by the team behind Luna Online and Titan Online, it focuses on exploring the world and take on different quests, it has unique game mechanics that help provide a more engaging gameplay such as the ability to transform into different monsters and earning bonus stats and abilities through the use of Tarot cards.


The sovereign Lord Archane stumbled upon a rune fragment that possesses great power from the other dimension, he then crafted the rune into his sword and threatened the entire world from chaos and destruction. The elf lord Pylon called all of the non-human races to unite against Archane but failed. As the world is in the brink of destruction, the aristocrats of the Duran Assembly have ordered Archane to destroy the sword, but the rune has engulfed him into madness that caused him to summon the demons from the other dimension and amassing his own dark army.


Iris Online still has that traditional MMORPG gameplay that is very welcome to all newcomers and veterans alike. You go around the world discovering new cities and meet new people and complete their requests to earn their trust. Battle different monsters and defeat the most formidable bosses in the deepest dungeons in order to get the most powerful gear.

At the start of the game, you will be able to choose from three races; the human, elf and the hybrid. However each race can only use certain character classes that are only specialized to them, so picking the Elf will only limits you to playing magic-type classes while the Hybrid only has access to physical damage-based classes and the human can access to both of these abilities except for range-type classes. Customizing your appearance is somewhat limited but you can still select your preferred gender and a select number of hairstyles, hair color and facial appearance, other customization features can be done by acquiring cosmetic items.

The controls are the usual WASD keys and Spacebar for jumping, but instead of moving the view sideways with the A and S keys, it lets you move sideways which allows you to flank around your opponent. Using the left mouse button lets you move to the selected location and even interacting with NPCs, items or monsters. The windows for your character stats, inventory, quest log and game options are mapped in certain keys such as the I, L O, C keys that provides easy access during your playthrough, you can also adjust the user interface by moving some of the windows to other locations that will suite your taste and even adjusting the size if you have a lower screen resolution.

Combat features some shortcut keys to provide an easy approach in grinding. You select the nearest target with the Tab key, then you press on the Ctrl key to commence an attack, the attack continues until the target dies, and your press on the E key to loot any items from the fallen enemy. This provides an easy to reach combination with just one hand to access all the shortcuts. You can also use character skills and they can provide powerful blows to opponents and buffs to fortify your defense, they can be unlock through level progression and upgraded from quests or when you reach higher levels.

Unique to the game is the Divination system, where you can acquire Tarot cards in the game. You bring your Tarot cards to a fortune teller NPC and let them reveal your mystic arts, in return this can provide your character with buffs and other special bonuses depending on what the fortune teller can see in your cards. Another cool feature is the ability to transform into monsters, you can earn Monster cards from fallen foes around the world, and when you use the card, it will instantly transforms you in a monster. The appearance may vary depending on what Monster card you acquired and some can only last for 15 minutes, it does not add any bonus stats to your character, but it provides a different movement and attack animations which adds a novelty to your gaming experience.


The official server of Iris Online already shut down, however some fans continued the legacy by launching private servers, and there are still more players active in the game. You can participate in themed dungeons with a party, and some dungeons have interesting conditions such as one dungeon that only allows a pair of male and female characters to participate. There are also guilds that you can join that provides additional benefits to each member and exciting guild wars for the competitive players.

Graphics/ Sound

Iris Online features anime style of visuals that any fans of anime will surely like. The vibrant color of the towns and dungeons help provide a lighthearted theme to the game and anime-style artwork for the NPC portrait even help add more personalities to the characters. The sound effects have somewhat familiar sound clips from other online games, most likely from royalty-free sources. The soundtrack made an excellent job in providing a casual atmosphere to the game.


Iris Online is a fun MMORPG thanks to the anime-styled world and very familiar gameplay. Fans of any anime will definitely give this a try. The Divination system may add some new depth in the gameplay to give players an advantage during their dungeon raids and the monster transformation adds some novelty to the experience. If you are looking for an MMORPG with a lighthearted vibe with a blend of anime, you might want to try Iris Online.

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New Game Added: Iris Online

by Richard Mar 5, 2017
Iris Online is an anime-styled massively multiplayer online role playing game where it features the traditional gameplay of having an adventure in a large open world. It features fun unique gameplay mechanics such as the ability to transform your characters into monsters or even shrinking yourself. Iris Online: Grabbing a quest Character creation in Iris Online Iris Online: Combat Read More
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