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by Loki
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Intrepid Izzy 10 rate A callback to old Metroid Vania experiences. A love letter by the developers to the genre of games from way back then. Backtracking and finding all the secrets a level has to offer is so fun. It is so engaging and kind of makes players want to replay some levels. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Explore ancient temples full of traps, puzzles, and treasure! Encounter creepy creatures to exterminate; they want nothing else but to cut your visit very short. Last but not least, Fight against an evil genie that needs to return to its bottle.

This is Intrepid Izzy, an action platformer from Senile Team. Don’t let their quirky name fool you. This is a team who knows what it wants and seeks to deliver a classic adventure for its audience, offering this new Metroidvania experience accessible to various gamers. In a way, it can be considered a callback to older titles with a modern flair.


The story starts with our heroine Izzy being her usual intrepid self and opening a seemingly old bottle. It is later revealed that the innocent, harmless relic she tampered with actually holds a very powerful genie. Unlike what the fairy tales depict, this supernatural creature has nothing in its mind but to cause chaos. It is now up to our brave girl to explore abandoned locations to find treasure and a way to fix her mistake. She must find a way to beat the big bad and restrain it once more.

It is a simple, light-hearted story that feels like something from classic titles of the past with a lot of enjoyable tidbits of dialogue. Overall, it’s a fun and good time whose story does not overstay its welcome.


This game is a traditional action platformer. You use movement mechanics to go from the beginning of a level up to its end while trying to gather every bit of loot on the way. It has a lot of Metroid Vania influence with its level design and combat controls. Players move in a 2D side-scrolling manner, and the game is filled with lots of backtracking and light puzzles. Watch out for some secret areas to be discovered, it takes a lot of thinking and some solid platforming skills to reach.

Intrepid Izzy features a straightforward combat system. You can spam the attack button to dish out a string of rapid punches that stun locks an enemy. There is also a variant where you can fire off a fireball or punch upwards. Managing the timing and knowing what situation these moves apply is vital in getting through the hordes of baddies standing in your way. Speaking of which, there is a variety of enemies whose goal is to make Izzy’s life harder than it should be. Players must employ different strategies to beat the mobs standing in their way. Moreover, the boss battles have particular approaches, giving you a fresh look every time.

Various collectibles are scattered all around the area. Some of them are keys to progress to other locations. At the same time, others provide upgrades that can be helpful for an entire playthrough. Taking the time to search for these is usually worth it.

This title has such an engaging gameplay loop. You are always doing something throughout the playthrough. It is not very complicated, but it does require a bit of thinking now and then. Challenging enough to keep you hooked and see it through to the end. Finding all the secrets to a level is satisfying.


This is strictly a single-player experience. There are no leaderboards or anything to share online, although it would have been nice to have any of these.


The game features traditional 2D side-scrolling visuals, and all of the art is hand-drawn. The character designs are inspired by a western style, and it is very cartoony. The animations are pretty smooth and fluid. All the movements are crisp and responsive on the Nintendo Switch, moving through the levels an enjoyable experience.

Environments look a bit similar in theme; even though there are some differences visually, the feel of each one remains the same. Layouts are well thought out in regard to the placement of items and enemies. Backtracking is also painless because of this simplicity. Everything is bright and colorful, like a Saturday morning children’s show.

The user interface is stylish and minimal. Nothing unnecessary is cluttering your view and making it difficult to see. Text is easy to read even with a small screen, granted this is not narrative-heavy, but it is appreciated that the tutorials and others stuff are legible. The design direction did a good job; everything is visually clear and easily understood. You will know what is happening at every single moment.


It is a fun callback to old Metroid Vania experiences. A love letter by the developers to the genre of games from way back then. Backtracking and finding all the secrets a level has to offer is fun. It is engaging, and kind of makes players want to replay some levels to ensure nothing was missed. Combat mechanics feel like a simplified fighting game; managing stun locks and employing different strategies keeps things fresh.

The run time is not that long, gameplay and narrative are refreshingly short. It has an enjoyable story. It is an excellent game to add to anyone’s library. Intrepid Izzy is available on Steam, Playstation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch. Grab a copy today!

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New Game Added: Intrepid Izzy

by Loki Dec 5, 2022
A callback to old Metroid Vania experiences. A love letter by the developers to the genre of games from way back then. Backtracking and finding all the secrets a level has to offer is so fun. It is so engaging and kind of makes players want to replay some levels. Scorpion in Intrepid Izzy Tutorial in Intrepid Izzy Push in Intrepid Izzy Read More

Intrepid Izzy is out TODAY - 2nd December!

by Aethyna Dec 2, 2022
Casting a Dream of a genre mix! Intrepid Izzy is out TODAY - 2nd December! Read More
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