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Insidia 8 rate With access to 4 different fighters at any one time, as the commander you’re going to need to make consistent decisions on the battlefield to make sure your team emerged as the victor. Stay on the defensive or go fully aggressive as you see fit, every tactic is a viable one, just as long as it wins you the game. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Insidia is a F2P turn-based, tactical game that has you taking 4 different fighters into battle to destroy the opponents 3 towers that represent their life bar. Currently in development by Bad Seed, Insidia is in open beta for the moment and is considered an Early Access title on Steam, so it isn’t quite perfect just yet, but the developers have the full intentions on getting the maximum amount of potential out of this one.


Things kick off in Insidia with a basic tutorial to teach you the very gist of the game as best it can, without overwhelming the player from the very get-go. This tutorial explains that you have 4 different fighters at any one time and they’re used to take control of certain points on the map, as well as kill the opponent’s fighters or at the very least distract or disrupt them, depending on the fighters you have to hand.

Initially, it’s explained to the player that everything happens in a simultaneous turn, meaning that every single player takes their actions at the same time. Basically, if you moved your character over to your opponents and go to attack them, only to have them move on the same turn, that character isn’t going to be attacked, because as soon as you both hit end turn, that’s when everything goes into motion.

For both players, the end goal is to outmaneuver and outplay the other one so that they can take control of the middle of the battlefield to gain temporary control of the cannon. One player from either team must stay on the plus-sign in the middle of the map for 3 turns in a row before they can gain control of the cannon, which will then proceed to fire 1 shot each turn, until the other player’s tower has been destroyed. Each player has 3 towers on their side and the objective for the opponent is to destroy their opponent’s towers, but it isn’t quite over just yet. To really finish over the opponent and win the match, a fighter has to run up to one of the destroyed towers and sabotage them for the victory!

To keep the game both strategic and interesting, not all players are forced to play with the same 4 fighters over and over again until they’re tired of their faces; instead they can pick and choose from a group of different fighters to make their perfect team. Each fighter has their own passive ability, their own regular ability, along with their own ultimate – with both regular abilities and ultimate abilities requiring energy to be used.

Energy is a secondary resource that each opponent will accrue naturally, but the amount you earn per turn can be increased by taking over one of the 2 structures on board to increase that overall amount per turn. Each player can steal the other player’s structure as free as they please, but it all depends on if they can keep a hold of it and whether or not it’s worth it for the next strategic decision down the line.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many fighters to pick and choose from in the game at the moment, but the developers have the full intentions of slowly adding more to the game throughout its development.

As far as strategy games go, Insidia definitely has a bit of a learning curve to it because it doesn’t play like your typical turn-based tactics game. Usually, you and your opponent will take it in turns to make decisions and respond to what the other person has done, but with Insidia you need to be thinking about the tactic your opponent has in play for you, while trying to counteract it at the same time.

There’s a lot to keep in mind while playing the game, and that’s what makes it really strategically interesting because every new player you come across online is going to have different strategies and tactics to use against you, and that’s what makes the game so interesting.


In terms of community, the game is very lacking as of right now, which makes some sense considering that the game is still only in open beta, but it is a shame to see just how little there is in terms of a community presence. All there really is to this one is the Steam forums that come along with every game on Steam, but nothing else. There’s no in-game friends list or guild/clan system in place, nor are there any online forums, with the Steam ones being the only exception. For the time being it seems as nothing more than a simple oversight, but if the game keeps this trend throughout its development is going to be a detriment for all.

Graphics/ Sound

When looking at the visuals, Insidia has quite a clear art direction that favours the game really quite well, as every part of the game has bright and vibrant colours; be it the characters or the environments. All the characters have their own level of charm to them, but it does get bogged down a little bit with the lacklustre animations that could really do with some improvements as the games lifespan goes on.

When it comes to the attacks in this game, the audio isn’t exactly top-notch. Attacking other characters simply sounds like a “bonk” and isn’t the most satisfying noise you’ll have heard in a tactical game. On the upside, the backing track for the game has a nice rock and roll theme, that wouldn’t be amiss in a post-apocalyptic setting, such as Mad Max.


Overall, Insidia has some nice ideas and is definitely a unique twist for the turn-based tactics genre, it just needs some serious refinement, that’s all. There needs to be more characters, their animations need to be a little more polished, and the attacks need to have some decent impact behind their sounds, but the overall experience in the game is a positive one and does make for a fun couple of games here and there.

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by Other Contributors Sep 23, 2017
With access to 4 different fighters at any one time, as the commander you’re going to need to make consistent decisions on the battlefield to make sure your team emerged as the victor. Stay on the defensive or go fully aggressive as you see fit, every tactic is a viable one, just as long as it wins you the game. Insidia: A fight waiting to happen Fighter selection in Insidia Insidia: Red team's base Read More
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