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Infinity Kingdom 10 rate Infinity Kingdom is a real-time strategy game where you’ll take the mantle of a lord tasked to defend the land from gnomes in the land of Norheim. You will rebuild a base with the help of alchemists, raise an army to fight gnomes and fend off other players, and summon immortals! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The real-time strategy genre is a rather crowded space. We’ve seen games like Clash of Clans and Rise of Kingdoms over the years, and, in a way, they’ve defined what it means to be an RTS. With that said, there’s a need to breathe new life into the genre. Though it’d be great to have titles with new innovative mechanics, most players still prefer the tried-and-tested gameplay loop.

Yes, this is where Infinity Kingdom excels. Although we could safely say it’s a dime in a dozen, it is a cut above the rest because it does everything better than its peers. Its intuitive interface and excellent visuals deliver a pleasing-to-the-eye gameplay experience, and it blends gacha elements and strategy rather seamlessly.

Available on iOS and Android, is it something you’d want to try out? Let’s check out what it has to offer:


Infinity Kingdom is set in the world of Norheim, where three kingdoms waged war for resources, notably the philosopher’s stone. Exhausted, they reached an uneasy truce, but then, the gnomes invaded from the north with their army of machines. They ransacked human cities and displaced many citizens. Fortunately, the kingdoms united and started rebuilding and fighting back with alchemists’ help and the powerful immortals.


Infinity Kingdom is a standard strategy RTS. You’ll start first by picking between three kingdoms, each with unique quirks. These are:

- Ruslan, a kingdom known for its honor and courage in battle.
- Ydvia, a kingdom full of mystery and rationality, focuses on the power of alchemy.
- Vitas, a kingdom that harnesses the power of nature that values life above all else.

Moreover, note that whichever kingdom you choose, you’ll only be limited to joining their factions. For example, you’ve picked the Vitas faction, so you can only join alliances with Vitas members.

The game will then drop you the tutorial, which will orient you about its gameplay mechanics. If you’ve tried out other RTS titles before, it’ll be nothing new. Tasks mainly involve constructing buildings and training units. Thankfully, the game is generous in giving players speed boosters, so you won’t have to wait 10 seconds every time you train a unit or upgrade a structure. Although you’ll have absolute freedom to do whatever you want after the tutorial, Infinity Kingdom introduces missions to help you progress.

Apart from building walls and training archers, you will also have to research technologies and upgrades and manage trade via the harbor. Moreover, you will also need to upgrade units, summon immortals and improve their combat capabilities by leveling them up and giving them equipment. Furthermore, you can also raise dragons you can add to your army, but strengthening them will be a rather long grind.

The battles are Infinity Kingdom’s main draw. You can find opponents via the world map, ranging from gnomes to other players, and before fighting, it’s a must to array your units in battle and pick the right immortals to fight with them. For example, it’s ideal to have durable shieldmen in front, accompanied by a damage-dealing hero upfront and archers, and two long-range immortals. Combat is mainly automatic, although you can activate your immortals’ skills when they’ve filled up their ability gauge. Also, note that elemental affinities come into play. If you have more heroes of the same affinities, your army will be granted specific stat bonuses.

In a nutshell, immortals are Infinity Kingdom’s version of heroes, and you can summon them in your city or collect puzzle pieces via the gacha mechanic. They range from historical figures like Pierre Terrail and Mongol general Jebe to mythical and legendary ones like King Arthur and Helen of Troy.


Thousands of players populate Infinity Kingdom’s world map, and you’ll spawn next to dozens the moment you start playing. Thankfully, you’ll have the option to teleport your domain next to your allies. You won’t have a lack of people to play with, although this also means you’ll almost always get attacked right away. It doesn’t help that the game doesn’t have a newbie shield to protect against other players’ incursions. Of course, there’s also the alliance mechanic, which lets you join forces with other players.


In terms of presentation, Infinity Kingdom is a cut above its peers. Even if the art style is somewhat cartoonish, its visuals’ quality is astonishingly top-notch and will undoubtedly draw you in. Paired with impeccable voice acting, you’ll be treated to an impressive experience. Also, the game runs reasonably well on an iPhone 8 Plus on high settings with no framerate drops or other issues.


Although Infinity Kingdom barely provides anything new to the table, it cooks up a meal far better than its peers. Its presentation elements are nothing short of fantastic, while the gacha element adds a bit of variety to it. Plus, the battles are a joy to watch, and it’s a great game to jump into with friends, thanks to the PvP and PvE elements.

So, is Infinity Kingdom something you’d want to try out? If it is, we wish you luck in building an army and in bringing your alliance to greatness!

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Infinity Kingdom is a real-time strategy game where you’ll take the mantle of a lord tasked to defend the land from gnomes in the land of Norheim. You will rebuild a base with the help of alchemists, raise an army to fight gnomes and fend off other players, and summon immortals! Battling gnomes in Infinity Kingdom Gnome invasion in Infinity Kingdom Helen of Troy Infinity Kingdom Read More
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