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Indy Cat 9.5 rate Join Indy as he adventures through time trying to recover the Ball of Fate. On your journey you will find a huge range of fun Match 3 Games with new challenges, special gems and a lot of fun waiting for you. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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What if Indiana Jones is actually a dashing and daring Puss-In-Boots-type of cat, called Indy Cat? Mind-blown, right? In this game, Indy Cat is a true adventuring cat that lives up to his name! However, due to unforeseeable circumstances, he found himself in a very weird place with a lot of gems. This is where you come in! You need to help Indy Cat find his lost Ball of Fate as well as get him back to the time he came from by matching gems to form combos of 3 or more. There is a variety of game types for you to play as well as tricky maps and obstacles that you will have to clear. Compete with your friends in this exciting new match-3 game, Indy Cat today!


The search for the coveted Ball of Fate has led Indy Cat to an ancient temple. However, Indy Cat, being the clumsy-kind of adventurer he is, dropped the Ball of Fate. The Ball of Fate went through a mysterious portal and Indy Cat followed it. He then found himself in Ancient Greece – the first stage in the game.


Indy Cat is a match-3 game, so it’s pretty obvious what you will need to do in this game. By swapping 3 or more adjacent gems of the same colour, you can complete matches and destroy the gems in the process. Matches of 4 will produce super-gems that will clear the row or column the super-gems are on. If you managed to get matches of L/T-shaped 3s, you will earn a super-gem that acts like a bomb, clearing a 3x3 space around the gem. For matches of 5 gems, you will earn a colour bomb instead. This colour bomb will clear all gems of the same colour as the gem you swapped the bomb with. Furthermore, you can magnify the effects by matching two super-gems together. Doing that may even clear the whole board and earning you a ‘Purrrrfect’ compliment!

Similarly to Bejeweled, you will need to complete specific goals in every level in this game. Some levels will require you to reach a certain score, clear all obstacles (like breaking shells) on the board or get the runes to the bottom of the board within a limited number of moves. Some other levels (the timed levels) will, instead, require you to achieve a specific high score within the time given. If you have any extra turns or moves left by the end of a game, these extra moves will convert random gems on the board into super-gems and these super-gems will be activated in turns to earn you even more bonus points!

As you progress through Indy Cat, you will encounter new obstacles and challenges that will definitely make the game much tougher to play. If you are unsuccessful in clearing a level, you will lose a life. The game provides a maximum of 5 lives for you to use and these lives, when used, will regenerate slowly over time. If you cannot wait, you could always buy more lives at the shop using real money or you could ask your friends for lives.

Don’t worry though! If you failed at a level repeatedly, Indy Cat offers several ways to help you out from that tight spot! There are special items that you can use, such as whip, explosive balls of yarn, cats paw, time freeze, crystallization that converts your chosen gem into a bomb and even cancel-a-turn (an option to undo a move). These items will, however, cost you bows which require real money to buy. There is also another option – you can purchase infinite lives for 7 or 30 days with real money and you can try cracking that super-difficult puzzle repeatedly without needing to wait!

As you complete stage after stage in Indy Cat, the journey will take you across a rich variety of terrains – from Ancient Greece (the place you started in) to medieval England and from there, to the hot and dry desert of Egypt and so on and so forth! There are a total of 21 differently-themed stages in the game and a grand total of 1216 levels for you to play to your heart’s content! There is even a bonus level, called Indy Cat dreams that you can unlock at level 50. This adventure will expose you to varying board shapes and obstacles, so each game is a different experience, making it extremely fun and exciting to play!

Not to forget, you can also compete with your friends in Indy Cat by beating their high scores and, of course, bragging about it on Facebook. There are also relics to be collected after you’ve completed each stage as well as a diary that details the brave Indy Cat’s adventures across time and space!


There is almost half a million likes on its Facebook fan page within a period of less than a year! This indeed speaks volumes for this game! The community at Indy Cat are often given treats like a surprise event on its Facebook page where players can win some really awesome items or even a limited time sale! Being a part of the community, you can also post friend requests just so you can find some fellow players to play Indy Cat with (and of course, send each other bonus lives).


The graphics in this game is very jaw-dropping for a Facebook game. It has plenty of cute characters and of course, the handsome Indy Cat! However, the main eye-candies in the game would probably be the shiny gems and the animated and hand-drawn maps. The music used in Indy Cat includes a somewhat Egyptian-themed music for its interface and catchy rock music for it levels. Although the music is looped, it does not sound boring or annoying in any way, even after long periods of time playing the game.


In a nutshell, Indy Cat is a solid match-3 game with an extremely engaging and somewhat humorous storyline. The game boasts of over a thousand levels with more being added with every update! The artwork in this game is stunning and the varying gameplay made it very addictive to play. It’s a great match-3 game that fans of casual games will definitely enjoy and is excellent to play during your free time. Are you ready to follow in the footsteps of the great Indy Cat and help him traverse the various landscapes with your awesome matching skills? Find out today!

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New Game Added: Indy Cat

by Aethyna Dec 30, 2014
Join Indy as he adventures through time trying to recover the Ball of Fate. On your journey you will find a huge range of fun Match 3 Games with new challenges, special gems and a lot of fun waiting for you. Indy Cat Shells Level Statues and Locks in Indy Cat Indy Cat Runes Level Read More

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