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Indoorlands 9 rate Similar to Parkitect, Indoorlands is an indoor theme park simulation game where you can build your theme park from the ground up, decorate the place, customize each ride, and make as much money as you can by fulfilling your visitors’ needs. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Similar to Parkitect, Indoorlands is an indoor theme park simulation game where you can build your theme park from the ground up, decorate the place, customize each ride, and make as much money as you can by fulfilling your visitors’ needs. There’s also a research tree where you can unlock new ride and décor halls to build, thematic decor to place, and increase the number of visitors your park can support.


If you’ve played Parkitect before, Indoorlands will feel somewhat similar, albeit a simpler version of it and indoors. Rides, for instance, are placed in specialized “ride halls” while décor can be placed either in ride halls or special décor halls. The halls all come with solar panels on their roofs so as to power the rides or décor within. There are many plots of land that you can purchase as you expand your theme park as well.

There are many different themed décor items that you can unlock and then use to decorate your halls. However, if you’re lazy like me, the game does offer premade themes, known as Blueprints, for each type of hall, allowing you to quickly set up themed rides or décor halls with a few rapid clicks of the mouse button.

If you’re NOT like me and you actually love spending time, lovingly decorating your own halls, know that the game allows you to save your lovely creations. You can’t share your themed creations yet but maybe this you can later down the road as the game develops.

Similar to décor, the range of customization made available to the player for the many different rides in Indoorlands is pretty impressive too. You can color almost every part of the ride from the seats to the beams. There are also 8 rides in total at the moment, with fan-favorites like the Swing and the Crown. There are, unfortunately, no rollercoasters here though. For that, you’d have to play Planet Coaster instead!

If you fancy operating a ride yourself, in Indoorlands, you can! The game will hold your hand throughout so you’ll know when you can say… open the restraints or when you should turn off the platform. This also means that you can’t cause disastrous incidences such as opening the restraints while the ride is in motion… oh, and that’s just me devilishly crackling!

There’s also the option to set your own ride program but of course, the game doesn’t allow you to say… turn a ride into a literal death machine.

In terms of its management-style gameplay, there are usual stuff like raising the ticket price just so that you can maximize profits without reducing your visitor count too much, and placing enough utility facilities for the visitors and your staff. This includes buildings like restaurants and gift shops, toilets, as well as cleaning rooms. Similar to other park simulation games, forward-facing shops should be placed in high footfall areas to maximize profits, while “ugly” utility rooms should be hidden away from the public eye since they can tank the attraction points of any nearby ride or décor halls.

How can you see these “attraction points” though? The game does make it easier on you by providing various heat maps. There are maps for cleanliness and capacity, in addition to attractiveness. If you really want to get into the nitty-gritty of managing you theme park, you can also view feedback from individual visitor and see what needs they have that aren’t being met… or you could do it like me and just view the summary provided.

There are tons of new rides, facilities and halls for you to unlock as you gain enough research points via your research centers. However, I’ve noticed that these points don’t seem to be generating fast enough to keep up with my park’s progress, despite already building the maximum number of centers allowed.

At a few points in time during my review, I was just speeding up time, waiting for my research points to accumulate enough so I can allow more visitors to my park by upgrading my “Transportation”. Some of the unlocks can cost a bit much too. Considering that the game’s 3 park milestones consisted of visitor number, besides visitor needs and park attractiveness, I feel like I’m being intentionally hampered by the game the more time I spend on my theme park. Note that every milestone you level up will make the game harder as the visitors get more demanding.

Now, Indoorlands is currently in early access and hence, there are some other issues, like the game getting stuck while loading a new game, as well. There are also some features that I think players would love if they are added into the game, such as the ability to customize the costs gifts at the gift shops and food at the restaurants. We should also be able to charge visitors per use of the toilet as well.

Of course, content-wise, the game could use some more stuff, like more rides and entertainment options – indoor roller coasters, skydiving, and skiing, please? – and definitely more themes!

I should also point out that Indoorlands is a solely sandbox game at the moment and hence, doesn’t have “career mode” or “challenge mode” with specific “objectives” that you can complete. However, keeping your visitors happy enough to keep returning to your park is quite the challenge enough I reckon!


Indoorlands currently doesn’t offer much in terms of support for user created content, specifically blueprints created by its players. You should be able to share the blueprints of rides and décor that you’ve created, for instance. That said, maybe this is a feature that’ll be introduced as the game develops.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics here is somewhat similar to Parkitect due to its isometric top-down view. The game also features vibrant colors, something that’s prevalent in theme parks in general. The “elevator music” soundtrack here is pleasant to listen to without being overtly annoying. That said, you can easily mute the sound and put some of your own music on as you build your theme park.


Despite currently being in early access, Indoorlands already has enough content for tens of hours of play, especially if you are simply obsessed over creating the best possible theme park with a high visitor approval rating. The game is also completely sandbox-based so you’re given free rein to create your park as you like. You can even take over the controls of a ride, have fun operating it or even set your own ride program. However, that is not to say that the game’s a perfect early access title. It does have some hiccups and some room for improvement, especially when it comes to the depth of some of its features. Still, the game’s definitely worth its asking price even now and if you love theme park sims in general, you’ll definitely enjoy playing Indoorlands!

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