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Imperia Online 9 rate Immerse yourself in the medieval yet beautiful world of Imperia Online, a free-to-play MMO strategy game, where wars and battles are rife! Build a strong economy and research new technologies to grow your empire or even amass an invincible army and march upon those who would defy you! Sounds like fun? Play now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Immerse yourself in the medieval yet beautiful world of Imperia Online, a free-to-play MMO strategy game, where wars and battles are rife! Every decisions count in this game – from building a strong economy, selecting nobles to positions of power and researching new technologies to grow your empire, to even amassing an invincible army and marching upon those who would defy you! And if your hunger for power still remains unappeased join an Alliance and prove you have what it takes to be the ultimate Lord of the Realm! Do you think you have what it takes to govern an empire in these warring lands? Play Imperia Online now and find out!


To start building anything in this game, you’ll need to learn a couple of things that are, thankfully, provided by the game itself vie the pretty comprehensive tutorial. One example of such important knowledge is that in order to access your build menu, you will have to click on the town hall first. There are a long list of buildings that you can build and they are all helpfully segregated into 2 categories – economy and military. Not to mention, each building type has their pre-assigned position on the map, so you just need to wait for the building duration to complete and voila, you’ve got your new building!

Right, now that you know how to build something, it’s time to start building things! After all, you wouldn’t want to lose out to your neighbors in this game right? As a small but growing empire, you will need to ensure that your empire has all the “nutrients” it needs... and in this game, these “nutrients” include wood, stone, iron, population and of course, gold. Wood, stone and iron can be obtained by building the lumber mill, stone quarry and iron mine respectively. For resource producing buildings, you’ll need to assign a substantial number of your population to work there or you won’t be getting any resources! Just click on the building and assign how many people you want to send there... of course the more people you place, more resources will be produced. You can also easily increase the population capacity by upgrading the buildings, so that you can assign more people to work there, and in turn, earn more resources!

For population, the game will slowly generate more people/ citizens for your empire, but you can speed things up by upgrading the farm, which increases the population growth of your empire, and the house to increase the population limit, so that there will be no homeless citizens. Also, whenever you get enough idle population, do remember to send them off to work!

Furthermore, the main way to earn gold, or in other words, money, in Imperia Online is by collecting taxes. You can decide how much tax to impose on your working population (idle population doesn’t count). However, the higher the tax you impose, the unhappier the population becomes and productivity will drop. You will need to find a balance in between productivity (resource production) and gold generation. There may be times when you’ll need to boost gold production. In these cases, you can build a town square and hold festivals there to temporarily boost happiness so that your resource production will not suffer. If you’re truly desperate, you can also take a loan from the bank you’ve built. The bigger the loan, the higher the interest would be.

Economy is most certainly important in Imperia Online, but you may want to work smart to improve it. The smart way is to build the university and research new technologies that will let you trade for more resources, for instance, or allow you to capture new cities to produce more resources for you! While all economic technologies that are necessary for your empire’s development can be researched at the university, all military technologies can, in turn, be researched in the military university. Via research, you can unlock new units as well as improve your troops. After all, light archers, for example, are certainly no match for elite archers. Unfortunately though, you are not allowed to queue up researches, so at any time, you can have only 1 research going on at the university and another 1 at the military university.

Now that you’ve unlocked several new units, it’s time to start churning out troops – you can never be too early to start recruiting soldiers for your army! To recruit new troops, you will use up your idle population and train them into soldiers. Furthermore, different units will have their respective barracks that you’ll need to build. For instance, archers are trained at the archery barracks while the spearman can be recruited from the infantry barracks. You can also build siege weapons in Imperia Online via the siege workshop. You can even level up your respective barracks to allow for training more archers simultaneously.

In addition, since army upkeep costs gold, it may be a heavy burden on your empire’s economy if you have a large army but without this large army, you may find it hard to successfully win battles. Luckily, there’s a catch here. You can avoid paying this by placing your army into a fortress. The fortress will also enhance your province’s defense and increases resource production. Upgrade the fortress to provide more space for more soldiers!

However, surely you’ve amass such as massive army not just so that you can keep them at home right? To get your army ready for battle, you have to mobilize your units first, but most importantly, you should definitely consider recruiting spies from the spy school. Besides keeping a couple spies around to defend your own empire from enemy espionages, you can, of course, send them out to do some spying of your own! With the spy reports, you will then be able to conduct more reliable battles, especially when you know how many troops the enemy has. There is even a combat simulator for you to predict the outcome of a battle prior to actually going into battle. Of course, the more information you have about your enemy, the more accurate this prediction will be.

To engage in battle, you just need to head over to the global map and select an enemy city that you want to attack... remember to spy first though! Oh and don’t forget to bring siege weapons to make things much easier and supply wagons that you can build at the siege workshop to substantially increase the amount of loot your army can pillage. If you’re at the receiving end of an attack in Imperia Online, it’s rather interesting to know that, in this game, you can capitulate (wave the white flag) to another player who is at war with you instead of retaliating. There is also an anti-player harassment system in place that causes the attacker to sustain an honor penalty whenever he or she attacks a particular city multiple times within, let’s say, a day or so.

The best part in Imperia Online is that you can create your own imperial lineage of royals to lead your empire – but of course, you’ll be the one behind them pulling all the strings! Each imperial individual or “great person” as the game calls them has their own unique inborn talents. As your royals level up, you can choose new skills for them. You can also train and assign them to be generals or governors, depending on which favorable talents they have that you want! You could even marry off your imperial daughters away to secure alliances with other empires and accept new nobles in court. Of course, if you want to recruit more nobles, you’ll need to upgrade your palace.

There are plenty more features that you can discover in Imperia Online, such as quests, achievements, alliances and their alliance wars. Play the game now and experience the game for yourself!


Starting off as a small city, you’re going to need help in the form of military support and trades as you expand and grow your empire. Therefore, it’s is wise to befriend fellow players in your area and sign up to join a powerful Alliance. Alliances play a huge role in Imperia Online as alliance members can donate any excess resources to the alliance vault which the alliance leader can use to upgrade various alliance tech. These techs, similar to your economy and military techs, will provide significant benefits to all members of the same alliance. So, by donating, you’ll get something beneficial in return.

Graphics/ Sound

The sound option in Imperia Online is muted by default, thus, if you want to listen to a melodious and inspirational medieval-themed music you will have to turn it on! There are quite a range of music that you can listen to, all of which are high quality music and very nice to listen to. The music is also interspersed with sounds of birds’ calling to one another, dogs barking, someone hammering and wagons travelling down a bumpy road. The graphics in this game are fantastic as well! The buildings look so well-designed and the scenery is as picturesque as a browser-based strategy game can get it to be!


In short, Imperia Online is a pretty unique MMO strategy game that allows you to create your own lineage of imperials, who are not mere puppet figures - they do contribute to your empire and can be elected to positions of power or be married off (female nobles only) to forge alliances as it grows! Build a strong and rich empire by improving your resource-producing buildings and regularly pillaging nearby enemy cities. With an abundance of resources at hand, you can then amass a force to be reckoned with to lay your claim on cities and lands! Don’t forget to keep improving your techs, both economy and military techs, so that you’ll always be one step more advanced than your opponents. Rise up to power in Imperia Online and bring the realm under your rule today!

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Immerse yourself in the medieval yet beautiful world of Imperia Online, a free-to-play MMO strategy game, where wars and battles are rife! Build a strong economy and research new technologies to grow your empire or even amass an invincible army and march upon those who would defy you! Sounds like fun? Play now! Your empire in Imperia Online Imperia Online: Elite archer Start off small in Imperia Online Read More
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