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Horzer 8 rate In Horzer you are able to create a whole stable full of horses and ponies for you to look after. From your first horse you can create a bloodline of champions and competition horses, or just look after and care for over 40 different breeds. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Looking for the ultimate browser-based horse simulation experience, well, you should definitely give Horzer a go! It is a game that focuses more on taking care of your horses, ponies or donkeys (up to 27 different breeds), though there are still competitions in this game that you can sign your horses up for! You can also buy or sell horses at the market, breed new foals and even adopt the abandoned horses at the sanctuary. There are fun mini-games for you to play and earn coinz from or if you prefer, you can take up a profession for a more steady income too! Like what you read? Well, what you are waiting for then! Sign up for Horzer and start taking care of your own virtual horses today!


After registering, you’ll be allowed to select the breed, the gender and the name of your very first foal! There are 27 different horse breeds for you to choose from, including standardbreds, Andalusian horse, Lipizzan, Mustang, as well as donkeys and ponies. Some of these breeds are Horzer Club member-exclusive only, such as French Trotter and Mustang, as these breeds will cost you Premz (real money currency) instead of coinz.

Your foal has just been born and you are responsible for it now. Are you up to it? Well, first things first, you should let it get milk from its mother. You can also groom your horse by brushing its coat or pick its hooves for dirt, but you will need to head over to the shop to buy the brushes, hoof pick and other grooming items before you can start grooming your horse. At the shop in Horzer, you can buy riding equipments, horse treats, feed and many other decorative items as well! Since you are started off with quite an inheritance, you can spend your money to your heart’s content at the shop. However, the shop has a non-existent ‘filter item’ system, making browsing for goods rather difficult.

After a couple of days, your foal will gradually grow into a youngster. At 6 months, it will be able to eat hay. At 10 month-old, you can register your horse at an equestrian center and hire a horse-walker. In order to participate in competitions though, your horse will need to be at least 1 year and 6 months old! This is the time when it is considered as an adult and can start training for equestrian activities, such as dressage, jumping and trotting, in preparation for equestrian competitions. To breed your horse, you will need to wait until it is 3 year-old.

In Horzer, there are 6 different types of competition that you can enlist your horse in and each of these competitions will put to test one of your horse’s specialties. For example, in the galloping race, the specialty that is put to test is the galloping stat of your horse, while for polo competitions; your horse’s personality is put to the test. There is also a rather special competition, called horse-ball, which will be testing your horse’s strength. These competitions require horseshoes that you can buy at the shop to sign up for. If you win in any of the competitions, you will win some coinz.

You can also breed your horses, as aforementioned, but you are not allowed to mix purebreds with non-purebreds. Getting your horse into breeding is like signing a pretty permanent marriage contract between your horse and its partner. Your horse can’t ‘sleep around’ after being ‘married’. However, you can break the contract anytime if you would like to swap breeding partners for your horse. You can have 1 breeding program going on at any time, but with every 10 consecutive logged days, you will earn yourself another free slot for breeding your other horses.

If you fancy creating a traceable lineage of horses, you may want to buy affixes for your horses. Affixes are like ‘family names’ for your horses. Once it is set for a particular horse, it is very hard to change, so you will need to make sure your affixes are spelt correctly before submitting.

If you would like to bypass all the hassle of breeding and growing your horse, you can get new and well-breed horses at the market! If you have any horses that you no longer want, you can sell them at the market too. However, if the horse you’re looking for is not intended for competitive stuff, you may want to try looking for horses at the sanctuary. The sanctuary houses horses that are abandoned by their owners due to inactivity in Horzer. Do take them into your stable and give them a new chance! The game even has an anti-horse trafficking system in place that prevents you from selling any adopted horses within 7 days.

Furthermore, Horzer offers a huge variety of horse mini-games for you to play, such as The Princess and Her Magic Horse, Pony Farmer and Snowy Pony. All of these mini-games add more fun and value to the game, and you can also earn some coinz from winning these games. There are quests that you can complete for some extra coinz too!

To earn more money, you can even take up a profession, such as horse enthusiast, vet, horse groom and riding instructor, in Horzer. However, before you get the job, you will need to corresponding certificate first. Certificates can be obtained by passing quizzes that will only be unlocked after you’ve reached the necessary number of presence days. You will need to answer all the questions on the quiz correctly. Even if you get 1 answer wrong, you will have to redo the test tomorrow.


The community in Horzer that share similar passions (no matter if it’s horse-related or not) or support the same causes tend to gather together into community groups to exchange ideas and meet new people! The community group page is something like a message board whereby players in the same group can chat to each other using the comments system at the bottom. There is also a forum where players can interact with other players who are not in the same community groups, as well as a photo album where players can upload photos of their pets, horses and other animals in real life!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in this game is pretty much average and is acceptable for a text-based horse game. The horses are all well-drawn and look realistic enough. The different types of backgrounds that you can choose from at your stable look nice as well. The game has no sound, so you can play your own tunes in the background as you play the game!


Horzer is a browser-based horse simulation game that emphasizes more on the horse care aspect rather than racing or competitions (though these are still important sources of in-game money, of course). The game boasts of having 27 horse breeds that are definitely to have a horse that suit you! You can also trade your horses, shop for items, complete quests, sign your horse into breeding programs or even adopt poor abandoned horses at the sanctuary! There are also mini-games that you can play as well as professions that you can pick up. So, sign up today at Horzer and check out the game out! It’s free after all!

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In Horzer you are able to create a whole stable full of horses and ponies for you to look after. From your first horse you can create a bloodline of champions and competition horses, or just look after and care for over 40 different breeds. Horzer Horse Family Player Art in Horzer Horzer Beautiful Horses Read More
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