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by Aethyna
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Horse Riding Tales 6 rate Featuring a fun gameplay, beautiful graphics by mobile standards, and plenty of friendly players to play with, Horse Riding Tales is an impressive, full-blown horse-themed MMORPG that many horse lovers have wanted for ages – an actual horse MMO that they can play even while on the go! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Horse Riding Tales is an impressive, full-blown horse-themed MMORPG that you can play on your mobile devices. Featuring a fun gameplay, beautiful graphics by mobile standards, and plenty of friendly players to play with, this game is what many horse lovers have wanted for ages – an actual horse MMO that they can play even while on the go!


Unlike many other horse games currently in the mobile market, Horse Riding Tales has its own story to tell. In this game, your virtual dad has always opposed your dream of riding a horse and perhaps one day, enrolling in the prestigious Meadowcroft Riding Academy and participating in the Meadowcroft Invitational.

Thankfully, not everyone thinks riding horses is a waste of time. Your friend called Nathan, who’s a stablehand at the Academy, gave you the encouragement you needed to finally try your hand at taming one of the wild horses around the area.


To begin, you’ll need to first create your character. There are numerous customization options for you to choose from, but most of them are locked for now… that is until you get into the actual game. There will be ways for you to obtain new outfits for your avatar as you play the game. You can choose your own character name too, but as the game's kids-friendly, you won't be able to just put any name you want.

Taming horses, at least common ones, in this game can be pretty straightforward and simple. All you need to do is to have the required number of “taming orbs” (you can craft them using resources you’ve gathered in the game) before you can start approaching the wild horse without spooking it via a fun mini-game.

While keeping an eye on the horse’s fear level and the joystick on the left, you must make your way slowly towards the horse. Don’t let the red bar reaches the top of the joystick – you can do so by releasing the joystick and let the red bar drops down by itself. Don’t let the fear level becomes filled either, or you may risk losing the wild horse altogether.

If you managed to tame a horse, you can then decide to stable it or send it to the pen. Horses in the pen will run away after 15 minutes while horses in stables will usually stick around… unless they are unhappy with the stable’s conditions and decided to flee, that is. There are many different types of horses that you can tame and in order to house them all, you can build multiple stables provided that you have enough Gold.

Gold is the game currency that you’ll need the most in this game. Aside from building stables, Gold is needed to participate in competitions where you can earn yourself some fruits/treats for your horses. However, at the moment, the only way you can get more Gold is by selling off horses you’ve tamed, namely duplicate ones. It’d be nice if you could do chores for other players or even for the NPCs at the Academy to earn more Gold. Even watching a video ad for some Gold would help as well.

Horse Riding Tales offers 3 different types of horse competitions for you to enjoy. They are horse jumping, dressage and air show (where you’ll be flying your rare and magical horses in races set in the skies). I didn’t manage to unlock the subsequent competitions yet but I’ve done my fair share of horse jumping so I’ll comment on that.

The horse jumping gameplay is quite different from what other horse games tend to offer. Instead of getting you to jump your horses whenever a barrier is fast approaching, you’ll need to tap and hold a button to allocate some of your horse’s available stamina to reach the minimum jumping threshold before releasing it. Basically, this allows you to “assign” a jump before your horse is anywhere near an obstacle.

Not to mention, note that your horse only has so much stamina available and although you can still clear the obstacles if you exceed the threshold by a lot, you’ll soon find that your horse won’t have enough stamina left to jump over the last few obstacles. This change in the usual horse jumping mechanics is very refreshing and provides players with something new to enjoy.

Like other horse games, you’ll need to take good care of your horses, be it bathing them; changing their horseshoes or mucking out their stalls. The items you need to ensure your horse’s well-being can also be crafted in this game. Making sure that your horse is happy is very important because its stamina will be reduced if not, and eventually, when it has had enough, it’ll run away.

Horse Riding Tales provides 3 different types of resources, namely metal, wood and wool, that you can gather from the wild. The gathering aspect of the game can be really grindy after a while since you actually have to tap repeatedly. It’d be nice if all that tapping can be changed to “tap and hold” instead. Resources in the game respawn pretty often and are not shared across all players in the MMO game, so you don’t need to worry about other players hogging all the resource nodes.

There are also many places for you to explore, and quests where you can complete to progress the storyline – and they double as an interactive tutorial too!

However, what truly makes this game stands out is its horse animations. In addition to running and walking, you can get your horse to perform various other actions such as nuzzle, (lie down and) rest, kick, rear and more. They look so realistic as well!

Now, Horse Riding Tales is a freemium game and as such, it has an in-game shop where you can purchase magical horses, gacha-like chests where you can get a chance to get the horse you want, consumables like horse food, and currency like Gold and Gems (premium currency). Gems, in turn, can be used to speed things up, such as the construction of your new stable or used to buy resources.

If you love to play the game by a lot, you might want to consider getting a special VIP pass. VIP comes in two forms – a monthly subscription that is a lot more affordable, or a one-off lifetime subscription which is more worthwhile in the long run. By being a VIP, you’ll have access to a ton of exclusive features such as the ability to hire a stable hand to help take care of your horses.


As an MMO, Horse Riding Tales is a very social game. There’s an in-game chat system that you can use to communicate with other players and a friends list to add friends. This is purely speculation at this point but maybe one day, the developers will add in a guild system of sorts.

Graphics/ Sound

Graphics-wise, Horse Riding Tales is quite the eye-candy for a mobile horse MMO. The map may look a bit sparse at times but the most important thing they got right is the horse models. Every one of the horses in the game looks amazing! The art style reminds me a lot of Star Stable as well, so if you’re a fan of the latter, you might also really enjoy playing this game. The soundtracks available in this game are as fantastic.


Overall, there’s currently no competition for a game like Horse Riding Tales on the mobile platform. This game snugly fulfills the one dream that many horse game fans have been asking for ages – an actual, full-blown horse MMO that they can play on their phones and tablets. So, granted that there are still things that the developers could work on and improve, if you love playing horse games/MMOs, Horse Riding Tales is definitely one game you wouldn’t want to miss out! Go give it a try – you can thank us later!

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New Game Added: Horse Riding Tales

by Aethyna Dec 27, 2018
Featuring a fun gameplay, beautiful graphics by mobile standards, and plenty of friendly players to play with, Horse Riding Tales is an impressive, full-blown horse-themed MMORPG that many horse lovers have wanted for ages – an actual horse MMO that they can play even while on the go! Horse Riding Tales: Wild Horse tamed Ride magical horses in Horse Riding Tales Horse Riding Tales: Showjumping Read More

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So, the only way to make money is to sell horses. So you go through the tedious process of finding resources, making orbs, and catching horses to sell. Then you build an uncommon stable for the black ...Full Review
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