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by Aethyna
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Horse Paradise 8 rate Play as a wild and carefree horse in this pretty impressive horse simulation game, Horse Paradise. Collect a wide variety of horse breeds, grow food at your farms to feed your horses, level them up by participating in exciting races both against AIs or actual players in real-time, and have fun exploring the huge fantasy world! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Set in a fantastical world where horses get to live wild and free, Horse Paradise is a rather fun, kid-friendly horse game that’s literally just fresh out of the oven. In this game, you’ll get plenty of horse breeds for you to buy and play as including foals, and magical horses like Pegai and Unicorns, along with a beautiful world to explore and races to participate in. Sounds interesting? Well, let’s dive in and have a look!


Before you start though, you’ll be asked if you’re under or over the age of 13. This is in accordance to the game’s child-friendly feature that will have certain restrictions, mainly chat-based, in place to prevent young players from being exposed to rude words if other players do choose to use them in chat.

Following that, you’ll get to choose a name for your avatar. This part of the game, along with a couple more aspects, is very similar to Star Stable in the sense that you can’t simply type in the name you want. Instead, you will get 3 lists of random words which you can then use to construct your own name. Sometimes, you can come up with some really hilarious ones as well. Though, unlike Star Stable where you’d play as a rider, in this game, you’ll be playing as the horse itself!

The game begins with the hint of a storyline where apparently a horse called Wild Ruby is supposed to be showing you around the Crystal Oak Forest. In the tutorial, you’ll generally learn how to move your horse around, in addition to buying a horse for your stable, growing food at your farm, feeding the said food to your horse, and of course, the highlight of the game – how to play the game’s challenging steeplechase-like races.

The controls in this game are rather straightforward. Unlike other games that will have you controlling your horse through joystick-like controls, you simply need to tap on the ground to move your horse. Not to mention, there are multiple buttons on the bottom right side of the screen which you can use to make your horse rear up, bow down, eat something off the ground, or just lay down. You can even change your horse’s movement type, from say a trot to a gallop or a walk to a canter.

Being a horse game, Horse Paradise has plenty of horse breeds for you to play as, ranging from Mustangs to Clydesdales and to even Shires and Friesians. But the most interesting part about this game though is that you can play as adorable foals or as magical horses like Pegai and Unicorns. New players get 2 stable slots for free, so you can own 2 horses at least, but if you’d like to have more, you can always spend gems, the game’s premium currency, to buy more slots. You may also need to upgrade your stable before you can house a higher tiered horse as well. To view the other horses in your stable, you just need to swipe left, by the way.

Each horse you own is leveled up independently, and to do so, you currently have only 1 method that is through races. The races in this game is mainly steeplechase races where you need to tap on the action balls above each obstacle when your horse is close enough (the ball will turn from red to green) so your horse can clear the jump. There are also plenty of horseshoes (game currency) and power-ups, like speed increase or a purple potion which does something that I’m not sure of, to collect along the way. However, to use these power-ups, you’ll actually need to hold down the power-up buttons as opposed to simply tapping on them.

The game also offers you 3 different steeplechase game modes to enjoy, namely Free Run, which is basically a solo, endless running mode where you get 2 chances at failing a jump; offline race where you’ll be competing with AIs for the top 3 spots in the race; and an online version of the offline race in which you’ll race against actual players in real time.

Your horse will need to have the required amount of energy to play though, and if your horse doesn't have enough energy, then you’ll need to feed it some food – the ehergy won’t auto-regenerate, unfortunately. There are several types of food that you can grow at any of the 4 farms in this game. Once done, you simply need to go into “Feed mode”, and drag and drop the food onto your horse. Growing food, of course, will cost you some horseshoes. Farms can be upgraded so you’ll be able to grow more nutritious – hint: more energy-replenishing – food as well.

That said, note that although the races asked for 13 energy while your horse has a maximum of 10 energy, you can still play races with only 10 energy. However, once your horse’s max energy is increased to 13, you will then need to make sure your horse has a full bar of energy before you can participate in races.

There are quests in the game that you can complete too, but they are generally the sort that asks you to grow X number of crops, feed X amount of food to your horse or to play an X number of races. You’ve basically seen most of the quest types by the time you reached level 2. The experience points gained from quests don’t go towards your horses’ levels though. Instead, they level your account up, often granting you some nice freebies in the process.

Horses that level up, on the other hand, will grant you freebies in terms of a random horse accessory which you can claim via the Prize Center (It’s under Menu). Unfortunately, the accessory you get cannot be shared between horses even both of them are of the same level.

Now, being a freemium game, Horse Paradise does have an in-game shop where you can purchase Coin Doublers for races or Starter Bundles where you can get a level 2 Friesian, a level 3 Clydesdale, 2000 horseshoes and 500 gems. Aside from getting free currency every 5 hours, you can purchase more horseshoes and gems too. But generally, the game’s not at all a pay-to-win – you can’t, for example, buy power-ups for races.


The game has recently been launched on GooglePlay, and considering that it appeals to a rather niche genre, there probably won’t be too many players as of now. However, if you really like horse games, you should really check the game out, leave some feedback for the developers and of course, introduce the game to your other friends so they can check it out too!

Graphics/ Sound

Graphics-wise, I think Horse Paradise still needs a lot more improvement despite having really nice horse models and a beautiful game environment. I’ve noticed plenty of glitches here and there in the game and textures appearing and disappearing depending on where your horse is standing at. Collision doesn’t work for some objects on land, such as huge boulders and tree stumps, and due to the game’s somewhat open world-type gameplay, it might be best to add in a minimap so players can, for example, easily find where the farms are at.

There should also be a button that will help you snap the camera back to your horse since in this game, the camera is not fixed and will not follow your horse around. However, I really liked the camera angle for the races mainly because it looks a whole lot nicer than having a flat 2D race like in Horse Haven: World Adventures; and partly because it’s just different. The sound in this game is pretty all right too.


So, to sum up, although Horse Paradise may sorely lack content at the moment and has plenty of area in which it can improve on, the game does seem to be a rather promising one. Hopefully, the game will eventually add in more varied quests, preferably some that will reveal an epic storyline, a bigger and more detailed world/s to explore... generally, more things to do rather than just playing races and growing food for your horses. Who knows? It may eventually end up being one of the most Star Stable-like game on mobile one day! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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New Game Added: Horse Paradise

by Aethyna Nov 11, 2017
Play as a wild and carefree horse in this pretty impressive horse simulation game, Horse Paradise. Collect a wide variety of horse breeds, grow food at your farms to feed your horses, level them up by participating in exciting races both against AIs or actual players in real-time, and have fun exploring the huge fantasy world! Horse Paradise: Leaping over obstacles Play as a Pegasus or unicorn in Horse Paradise Horse Paradise: Feeding your horse Read More
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