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Horizon Chase Turbo 10 rate Horizon Chase Turbo is an arcade-style retro-racer that provides an easy-to-dive in but hard-to-get-out-of gaming experience. Get behind the wheel and race against your foes. Try to finish as high as you can to gain rewards while collecting various collectibles around the racetrack. Unlock new cars and upgrades and rise above the leaderboards. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Horizon Chase Turbo was announced as one of PlayStation Plus’ free games this July 2019 and at first, people thought it was a letdown. Fortunately for everyone, it turns out that this arcade retro-style racer drives everybody’s gaming experience up a notch. Its races provide an addictive adrenaline rush, and winning requires a lot of skill: you need to time your turns and overtake your opponents at the right time. It is not as deep as other racing franchises like Need for Speed and Gran Turismo, yet it is exhilarating to play and is a fitting addition to anyone’s backlog.

Though it provides a lot of fun and replayability, it is hampered by what it lacks: a decent multiplayer. Nevertheless, it’s one of those games you’d want to grab after a long day and is definitely something you’d play with your friends if only it existed in arcades back in the 90 and early 2000s. Before you download it though, let’s take a look at the experience it dishes out:


Horizon Chase Turbo is solely focused on racing. There’s no story mode to concern yourself with. Apart from focusing on trying to unlock all the tracks and world tours, you have to try and beat your friends’ times on individual tracks and rise to the top of the leaderboards. In a nutshell, this will be your own Horizon Chase Turbo career and story.


In terms of gameplay, the closes you can compare to Horizon Chase Turbo are those racing games you can play in your neighborhood arcade. The gameplay is essentially an improved version of those arcade games. Though it is lacking in terms of realism (because it’s essentially an arcade title), it provides the same experience as games that provide such. It does not fail in the fun department and can keep you entertained even if it’s not exactly a game that provides a lot of depth.

Horizon Chase Turbo is a game that is easy to dive into and learn. On the PlayStation 4, the controls are fairly intuitive. You have the option to use either R2 and the X button to accelerate, while L2 activates the brakes. In addition, there’s also a turbo mechanic, while steering is controlled using the right analog stick. Its simple controls and gameplay make it easy to pick up and play, enabling it to be a go-to game if you’re looking for anything entertaining.

The races themselves are fast-paced. Winning requires you to steer and overtake opponents flawlessly which should always be the case since you always start at the back of the pack. You’ll need to gather fuel, coins, and other things along the way - like an additional burst of nitrous - in order to unlock more points, rewards, and of course, to help your car running and win. Apart from speeding up and overtaking, you need to stay on track to avoid hitting the roadside obstacles which will lessen your speed. In addition, you have to avoid bumping your opponents from behind and instead, do so at the sides to get them out of the picture.

The bulk of the game is played in the World Tour mode where you can race in various tracks in locations around the world, starting in California. The goal is to collect enough points and trophies to unlock the next location, as well as other unlockables like car upgrades and new vehicles. There are numerous locations like Chile and Iceland, each consisting of various tracks and locales. Granted, there’s a lot of replayability in the game due to the irresistible urge of trying to beat your previous times (and those of your friends) and coupled with the many tracks, you’ll get at least 20-30 hours.

Apart from the main World Tour mode, you’ll also be treated to others like Tournament mode where you can compete against CPU opponents in four successive races. The higher you place in each race, the higher your points. After four races, the player with the highest points wins the entire tournament. In any case, you’ll have enough variety which will add flavor to the gameplay.


Horizon Chase Turbo is almost entirely a singleplayer experience. There are no multiplayer modes. Instead, you’ll have to be content with trying to beat your friends’ times and those of other players around the world. Thankfully, there’s a cool ghost mode which replicates how your friends fared in the track and make it feel as if you’re directly competing with them.


Horizon Chase Turbo has voxel and 16-bit graphics, though highly improved and refined. Though it looks far from Forza and Gran Turismo, it is a great-looking game and is a major upgrade from arcade racers you might have seen or played back in the day. The game runs at a smooth 60 FPS on a base PS4 and there are no noticeable framerate drops. The music is also fantastic, enabling you to immerse yourself further in the races.


Overall, Horizon Chase Turbo is a fantastic arcade racer that can exceed expectations. It’s extremely fun, easy-to-learn, and something you’d pick up and play after a long day. With its variety of tracks and game modes, you’re guaranteed to stay glued to the steering wheel for hours. So, put your pedal to the metal, download it, and rise to the top of the leaderboards!

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New Game Added: Horizon Chase Turbo

by Mikhail Jul 27, 2019
Horizon Chase Turbo is an arcade-style retro-racer that provides an easy-to-dive in but hard-to-get-out-of gaming experience. Get behind the wheel and race against your foes. Try to finish as high as you can to gain rewards while collecting various collectibles around the racetrack. Unlock new cars and upgrades and rise above the leaderboards. Racing at night in Los Angeles in Horizon Chase Turbo Starting line in Horizon Chase Turbo Chasing opponents in Horizon Chase Turbo Read More
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