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Hocus Puzzle 10 rate With your arsenal of spells, special potions, bombs and boosters, you’ll need to strategically chain up as many potions of the same color as you can and complete various level goals in order to proceed to the next level. Go head-to-head with a plethora of magical creatures or even challenge the witch Circe herself! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Join Serena in her spellbinding quest to restore magic to the world and stop the evil witch, Circe, in this amazing and unique casual puzzle game, Hocus Puzzle! Strategically chain up as many potions of the same color as you can and complete various level goals in order to proceed to the next level. Go head-to-head with a plethora of magical creatures or even challenge the witch Circe herself! With your arsenal of spells, special potions, bombs and boosters, you’ll need to rack up as high a score as you can to get that coveted 3 star rating and to defeat your friends’ high scores on the leaderboard. If you’re game for an enchanted time, you’ll definitely want to give Hocus Puzzle a try. It’s simply magical!


Hocus Puzzle contains a pretty intriguing storyline that is only revealed in the form of story snippets that you get from conversation with various enemies along the way as you play the game. The game doesn’t start you off with an introduction of any sort, but somehow, you are still able to follow the flow of the story as you advance through the levels.

From the story fragments, it seems that Hocus Puzzle has a story about 2 old friends and fellow powerful witches, Circe and Serena. However, one of them, Circe, turned evil and greedy, and has decided to drain the magical river of its magic with the help of her various minions like Raspoutov and Jack-o’-lanterns so she could keep all of it for herself. Thankfully, Serena decided to restore the river’s magical waters and stop her friend from going down the path of darkness. Will you help her?


Ever since the ballooning of casual games especially on various mobile platforms, there hasn’t been a lot of innovation in that genre. Most games are simply “somewhat similar” copies of existing and successful games, like Candy Crush Saga or Bejeweled. However, if you’re looking for a game that is special among all these “copies”, Hocus Puzzle is definitely a game you should check out.

Unlike traditional casual games, which mainly consist of match-3 games, in Hocus Puzzle, you’ll need to draw a path for Serena the witch so she can zoom around on the board on her broom while collecting all the potions she needs. The starting point of this path you draw is pretty much fixed – you’ll need to start linking up potions from Serena’s position. However, you are free to draw the path whichever way you want, be it horizontally, vertically or even diagonally, as long as the potions you chain up are of the same color. You can even do crossover if it’s needed.

This flexibility in linking up the potions is a very important aspect in this game. Why? Well, once you start encountering enemies like Jack-o’-Lanterns, the wizard Raspoutov, goblins or even Circe herself, you’ll need all the flexibility you can get. This is because these creatures and characters will steal the points you’ll get for a chain of potions, generate new enchanted stones that you’ll need to clear, or even stun you for a turn if your chain ends within their vicinity. This “vicinity” of theirs is helpfully highlighted in red when you start linking up potions in the game.

That being said, you can go through the highlighted area without harm, as long as you don’t end your chain within that zone. Some of the characters like Raspoutov and Circe can even teleport around the playing field whenever you’ve made a move. Couple this with the limited number of moves you get for every level, you can definitely agree that Hocus Puzzle is not a “pushover” type of game. It’ll require sufficient amount of strategic thinking and planning ahead in order to make the most of the moves you get.

Thankfully, the game offers you various ways to circumvent these magical creatures with, hopefully, a minimal amount of moves needed. One of these ways is by linking up 10 potions to get a bomb. When chained up, the bomb will detonate destroying all potions within its immediate area as well as stunning any magical creatures or characters for 2 turns. You could also collect a protection potion, which will give Serena 2 turns’ worth of immunity to the effects of any magical creature she happen upon. There are many other helpful potions that you can collect to achieve your goals in a level as well. They include golden potions, rainbow potions, and spell runes. As these special items don’t have any color restrictions, you can even combine them together to get a much powerful effect!

In addition to special potions and bombs, there are also in-game spells you can buy, using premium gems, to stun all the enemies on the board for 2 turns, or to teleport Serena to a location of your choice on the board. Besides the stun and teleport spells, there are also other spells that can collect all potions of the same color on the board or destroy 10 random enchanted stones.

Furthermore, there are up to 4 different boosters you can buy prior to playing a level. They include the golden potion booster where you can get 5 free golden potions at the start of every level, and the bomb booster that will grant you 4 free bombs at the beginning of a level. You can also purchase 5 extra moves if you need just a few more moves to win a level. All of these boosters will cost you gems. Of course, due to the many unique elements (spells, special potions, bombs, boosters, enemies, etc) in this game, Hocus Puzzle provides players with short tutorials whenever a new element is introduced.

Similar to most casual puzzle games, Hocus Puzzle provides a variety of game modes to keep its game fresh for its players. There are times when the game only require you to get the highest score (mainly during fights against Circe or Raspoutov) or to collect a specific number of potions of a certain color, but there are times when you’ll need to drop cauldrons to the bottom of the board or to clear enchanted stones from the playing field by linking up the potions on top of them.

Not to mention, if you do well in a level, you’ll get a chance of earning a 3 star rating. Anything less than a 3 star for a level will tinge the restored river water in the level map with a sickly green color. However, this is merely an aesthetic aspect of the game as you only need to get a star to unlock the next level.

Most levels in this game are pretty easy to get 3 stars... for the first 20 levels at least, but eventually, the levels will start to become quite difficult to complete. This is where your lives will come in. You are given a maximum of 5 lives to begin with. Every level you failed in will cost you a life. Naturally, lives will regenerate on their own after some time, but if you would like to skip all the hassle of waiting, you can buy more using real cash or ask for lives from your friends.

There are also certain levels in the game where you’ll be able to catch up to Serena’s magical pet owl. Once you’ve reached that level, you’ll be able to claim a random gift from it before it’ll flutter away to a level that’s ahead of you. There’s even a lottery (spin-the-wheel) where you can try your luck for more lives as well as free gems, boosters and outfit components. You can watch an ad video to get another shot at the wheel too. Hocus Puzzle currently offers up to 70 levels for you to play and it releases new levels every now and then. So, you’ll definitely have more than enough levels to play.

One of the most interesting aspects in Hocus Puzzle is the enchanted wardrobe that Serena has access to. Here, you can buy, using premium gems, or redeem, once you’ve collected all the components needed from the lottery, a new outfit. Outfits in this game are not merely for looks. Instead, most outfits provide Serena with additional “powers” such as bonus points at the start of every level. Considering that the later levels can be quite challenging to complete, you may need every advantage you can get!


The game is currently only available to citizens of North America, which includes the US and Canada. However, the game will be released to the international community within 2 days’ time. By then, the community in Hocus Puzzle will definitely surge and grow exponentially. That said, if you love playing the game, don’t forget to pause the game for awhile and recommend it to your friends. After all, a game’s always more fun with friends to compete with and well, you can get free lives from them too!

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoony graphics in Hocus Puzzle are colorful (not too much though) and beautiful. The art style is perfectly suited to the game’s magical/fantasy theme as well. In terms of sound, the game provides a nice soothing music that consists mainly of tunes played on a flute. The music is also well-suited to the game’s theme and it does manage to bring out the magical feeling of the game, much like how Pixar can bring out torrents of emotions that are close to our hearts with their amazingly animated movies.


Without a doubt, Hocus Puzzle is a casual puzzle game that will definitely capture many players’ hearts due to its uniqueness. Instead of matching potions, you’ll need to strategically link up potions to complete the level. To aid you in taking care of the enemies you’ll meet along the way, the game provides many special potions, bombs, spells and boosters for you to use. You can even buy new outfits for your witch Serena, while granting her new passive powers which will most certainly come in handy in her quest to restore magical river. So, in short, if you enjoy playing casual games that dared to be different from the usual match-3, block-busting or bubble-shooting games, Hocus Puzzle is definitely a game you won’t want to miss. Try it today!

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New Game Added: Hocus Puzzle

by Aethyna May 24, 2016
With your arsenal of spells, special potions, bombs and boosters, you’ll need to strategically chain up as many potions of the same color as you can and complete various level goals in order to proceed to the next level. Go head-to-head with a plethora of magical creatures or even challenge the witch Circe herself! Cauldrons in Hocus Puzzle Hocus Puzzle: Collecting potions Rainbow potion in Hocus Puzzle Read More
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