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High School Story 9 rate Experience a wide range of relatable high school drama through engaging, story-rich quests... you can even link your friends on Facebook to characters in the game, set them up in relationships or throw a fun party to attract more students. Set up your own high school now in High School Story! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Set up your very own high school and invite your friends to join you in High School Story! Enroll a variety of students from various cliques and provide them with their respective hangouts. Order books at classrooms and use them to level up your fellow classmates. Experience a wide range of relatable high school drama through engaging, story-rich quests... you can even link your friends on Facebook to characters in the game, set them up in relationships or throw a fun party to attract more students! Will you be able to build a high school that’s miles better than the local rival school, Hearst High?


The town isn’t big enough for 2 high schools and this is exactly the case between the high school you’ve just founded and the local school of Hearst High. However, unlike your new school, Hearst High is rift with a lot of problems ranging from jerks, namely their head cheerleader, Kara, and her boyfriend/headmaster’s son, Max, to cronyism.

Autumn, the new friend you’ve made, is from Hearst High and she can’t wait to transfer to your school, but the thing is her father will only let her attend a prestigious school and at the moment, your school is – for the lack of a more succinctly-put word – crap. You’ll need to turn your new high school into the best school in the district, beating out your main competitor, Hearst High.


Before you start playing, you’ll get to choose to play as a guest (your progress will be saved locally on your device) or to log in using your Google account which will allow you to play the same saved game from multiple devices. Once you’re in the game, you are also given the choice to link your game account with your Facebook just so it’ll be easier for you to add your friends. Why this is important though? We’ll find out pretty soon, do read on!

Now, you’ll need an avatar to play as. You can choose between 3 preset clique groups, namely sporty, nerdy or preppy, after choosing a gender. You can then customize your avatar by picking a hairstyle, hair color, and facial expressions and features (presets). The options provided are quite sufficient for a game like High School Story but after a while all the faces kind of start to blend together. It would have been nice to have more options though.

However, when it comes to clothes and outfits, the game has a wide range of them. Aside from the ones you can buy from the shop, you can also unlock more clothes over time or by leveling up.

Starting a high school isn’t too hard in this game. You’ll mainly need to have various hangouts to cater to each clique of students that you’ll be attracting, an Admissions Office to enroll new students, Classrooms to buy books and decorations to make the entire place look a lot more cheerful. Hangouts don’t only function to house your school’s students but also to help you generate money. Naturally, the more students you have per hangout, the more cash you can earn over time.

To enroll new students will cost you coins and thankfully, you can use the coins you’ve collected from your hangouts. The game also has plenty of fun quests that you can complete to (usually) earn a ton of game cash too. The quests in High School Story is also very different than the duller versions in any other game you might have played before. Instead, it is very story-rich (a lot like Suburbia, actually), with a narrative that will feel relatable to anyone who has been through high school or a school in general. Sometimes, you will even need to get a couple more students to help you with the quests. At times, you will get some choice-based scenarios for you to decide as well. It’s uncertain if picking a different choice will result in a different outcome though.

Since the other students play such a huge role in the game, you’ll definitely need to spend a bit more time leveling them up... and this is where the books from the Classroom comes in! Books can be purchased through classrooms and you can then use them to “level up” your fellow classmates. Your classmates can also be customized during (name, facial features, etc) and after (clothes, hair styles, etc) enrolment. Best yet, you can even link each student you have in your school with a real-life friend via Facebook. So, instead of playing out various stories with random characters, you will be able to enjoy some virtual drama between your friends in High School Story!

The classmates you can enroll using game coins are usually the most common variation of students. If you want to get someone better – one of the All-Stars such as the Harry Styles’ lookalike, Beckett, for example – then you’ll need to spend premium currency, Rings. Rings can be bought using real money or earned (2 Rings at a time) by watching video ads.

High School Story also has a partying feature which will be unlocked once you built the Party Central. Here, you can send 2 classmates of different cliques to party that will potentially attract a new enrollee that is a mixture of both cliques. As you play, you’ll also unlock the dating feature where you can date the hottest guy or girl around or you could play matchmaker and set your classmates up in various relationships too.


High School Story is a game that’s aimed towards teens and tweens and as such you can expect to find the bulk of the game’s community to be consisted of players within these age ranges. That said, the game is surprisingly social in the case where you can link a real friend you know to a character in the game via Facebook.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in High School Story is pretty good, though I find that the visuals for the characters are a lot more attractive than the buildings. In terms of sound, the game does have a pretty catchy tune that unfortunately is composed along with loud snapping sounds. I really like that the game included an actual song (as opposed to just music) in this game.


In short, High School Story is a pretty unique sort of simulation game that may bring to mind the only other type of somewhat similar game that I’ve encountered, Suburbia. Being story-heavy, the game entertains its players through a variety of relatable stories and high school dilemmas as well as a host of interesting characters that actually have some personality to them. The school-building part of the game does seem to pale in comparison though, but it’s functional enough to keep the game going. So, if you love putting your friends into various (virtual) high school drama, High School Story is the game to play! Try it now!

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New Game Added: High School Story

by Aethyna Aug 20, 2017
Experience a wide range of relatable high school drama through engaging, story-rich quests... you can even link your friends on Facebook to characters in the game, set them up in relationships or throw a fun party to attract more students. Set up your own high school now in High School Story! High School Story: Building a high school Creating an avatar in High School Story High School Story: Partying Read More
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