Hidden Fears (Moonlight Edition)

by Aethyna
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Hidden Fears (Moonlight Edition) 6 rate A supposedly-fun honeymoon trip turned into a nightmare for the newly-wed couple, Tony and Faith, when they found themselves trapped in a haunted sanitarium filled with malicious ghosts and a psychopathic couple who are hellbent on putting the newly-wed's love for each other through grueling and twisted tests. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Hidden Fears (Moonlight Edition) is a horror/supernatural-themed hidden object game that features the newly-wed couple, Tony and Faith. They received a letter claiming that they have won a free honeymoon package at a “luxury hotel” out in the countryside, and like every newly-wed, they longed for a quiet moment together and this is just the sort of opportunity they have been waiting for. However, their supposedly fun trip turned into a nightmare when the hotel turned out to be a haunted ex-sanitarium and that Faith has been kidnapped by a psychopathic couple who are hellbent on putting Tony through grueling and twisted "tests of love".

Will Tony’s love for his wife help him persevere through all the challenges thrown his way?


Thinking they hit the jackpot with a free, all-expenses-paid honeymoon trip, the newly-wed couple, Tony and Faith, arrived at the “luxury hotel” they were promised only to encounter the psychopathic couple, Evan and Helen, who promptly kidnapped Faith and forced Tony to play their twisted games just so they won’t harm his wife. Of course, it also doesn’t help that the place Tony and Faith were trapped in is haunted with various malicious ghosts who would be more than happy to keep the couple with them… forever.


Hidden Fears may offer a pretty generic storyline where the hero saves the damsel-in-distress; I wouldn’t say that its gameplay is at all typical.

For instance, all of the hidden object scenes in this game don’t require you to find a bunch of random objects only to hand you the few that you actually need. Instead, you’ll be searching for parts of a single object that you’ll need to reassemble and then use in the correct place in order to advance the storyline.

Note that although this is a pretty uncommon feature in HOGs and thus, it’s worth mentioning in this review, it doesn’t mean that it’s a “plus point” for the game. Some may dislike this sort of HO scenes - It depends on your preference, really.

The game also has a pretty uniquely-linear and simple game design whereby your inventory won’t be filled with tons of objects to the point where you have no idea what should be used where. In contrast, you will definitely know, at any time, which door or item you should be unlocking next based on what you currently have in your inventory. However, there might be times when it can be a bit tough to spot an item that you can pick up in an environment. That’s where the hint can be of some assistance!

Hidden Fears is a HOG with a lot of backtracking but thanks to its map, you don’t need to go through every single room just so you can get from one place to another. However, I’d like to point out that the game does seem to be a bit poorly optimized, forcing you to wait longer than usual/you’d expect when transitioning from scene to scene. Due to this, it’s always best to make sure you are teleporting to the correct location just so you don’t have to spend too much time staring at the black loading screen.

Two of the most unique and hence, most interesting features which made Hidden Fears not so much a casual HOG but a more midcore/hardcore game are definitely its puzzles and ghost fights.

Puzzles in this game aren’t too hard to crack once you know the rules, but some of them can really put your reflexes as well as your hand-and-eye coordination to the test. There’s actually one puzzle that requires to you to click on rapidly-spinning circles (they are spinning so fast, they become quite blurry) that are fading in and out according to the color and indentation shown. There’s also another puzzle which requires you to match both color and shape… within mere seconds!

This is pretty much the case for the game’s ghost fights as well… and yes, you actually get to battle ghosts in this game. In a battle scene, action prompts will pop up pretty quickly and you’ll need to react within seconds and do whatever the game wants you to do, whether it is to click the circle once it turns green, to click the white hexagon as quickly as you can or to double click on the red circle to turn it green. You will also be asked to trace certain arrows quickly before the arrows are filled with red.

That being said, Hidden Fears does have its fair share of downsides, which range from minor stuff like glitches, typos and the sometimes overwhelming background music which covers certain parts of the voice acting; to major issues like the frustratingly-long loading screen when transitioning from one scene to another, poor and sometimes nonsensical writing (especially the dialogues), and terrible voice acting (Tony’s voice acting, for example. He sounds so unmotivated).


Hidden Fears (Moonlight Edition) is a single-player game and thus, it doesn’t have any in-game social features, but since the game is available on Steam, you can visit the Discussion forum of the game and provide suggestions or even discuss a plot point with your fellow players.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics and art here are simply amazing. I also particularly enjoyed the creepy atmosphere despite not being a huge fan of horror games. However, the game does have some audio glitches now and then, and you may hear sound effects that don’t really match with the location or the stuff you’re doing.


All in all, Hidden Fears (Moonlight Edition) isn’t exactly a perfect HOG per se, but it’s not particularly terrible either. Some of its more unique features are interesting enough to keep me engaged despite having to drag myself through the frustratingly-long loading screens or the occasional poor voice acting. This is definitely not the sort of HOG you’ll want to play if you’re looking for something more casual, but if you want a HOG that presents more of a challenge, then Hidden Fears might just be right up your alley!

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New Game Added: Hidden Fears (Moonlight Edition)

by Aethyna Aug 6, 2019
A supposedly-fun honeymoon trip turned into a nightmare for the newly-wed couple, Tony and Faith, when they found themselves trapped in a haunted sanitarium filled with malicious ghosts and a psychopathic couple who are hellbent on putting the newly-wed's love for each other through grueling and twisted tests. Hidden Fears (Moonlight Edition): Solving a reflex-based puzzle Searching for hidden parts with a flashlight Hidden Fears (Moonlight Edition): Ghostly fights Read More
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