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Heroes of the Banner 8 rate The evil Loki has waged war against the mortal realm and he has roused huge demon and orc armies to help him conquer the world! It is up to you to recruit a team of capable heroes to stop Loki’s army in their tracks and save the citizens from harm! Don't forget to upgrade your heroes, their equipments and skills too! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Heroes of the Banner is a tower defense game with a nice little twist. Unlike Kingdom Rush’s barracks, the towers in this game can only house 1 hero each and can be categorized into 3 main tower types (arrow, cannon and magic). You can also recruit more and better heroes at the tavern by various means of summoning. Each of your heroes will have their own special skill that you can use during combat at the cost of mana. The game even gets gradually more difficult with the introduction of boss waves as well as the many different types of creeps. However, with medals and forgestones obtained from completed matches, you can upgrade your hero’s skills and forge your heroes’ equipments to boost their stats up to handle the much tougher creeps. If you like games like Pockie Defense, Heroes of the Banner is definitely suitable for you! So, go and try it out now!


The evil Loki has waged war against the mortal realm and he has roused huge demon and orc armies to help him conquer the world! It is up to you to recruit a team of capable heroes to stop Loki’s army horde in their tracks and save the innocent citizens from harm! Slowly advance your team through various landscapes in an attempt to bring the fight to Loki himself and to end this brutal war once and for all!


The gameplay of the game, Heroes of the Banner, has so many striking resemblances to Pockie Defense. However, if you have never played the game before, it’s generally similar to your average tower defense game, whereby you place your towers on the provided locations on the map.

There are also 3 different tower types in this game, namely arrow, cannon and magic towers. Arrow towers are useful for the takedown of weak and fast-moving creeps while the magic tower is more suitable against strong-armored mobs. Cannon towers, on the other hand, are excellent against clusters of mobs due to its area of effect. Each tower is built by their respective heroes. For example, heroes from the archer class will build arrow towers when placed on the map. The same goes to the heroes from the mage class. These heroes will build magic towers when placed on the map instead! Each hero can only build 1 tower since they will be inside or on top of the tower attacking the creeps and these towers can be upgraded to unleash more damage on the creep for free, if you have the required criteria, of course!

In Heroes of the Banner, there are different grades of heroes and these heroes are graded by the number of stars they have (from 1 up to 6 stars, max). You should always get better heroes because the damage your heroes can deal is the damage that your towers will deal too. How? Well, the easiest way is by summoning better heroes at the tavern! There are 3 main methods of summoning – beginner summon, advanced summon and expert summon. You are given 5 free summons per day for beginner summon and will cost you a beginner summon tome for every subsequent summon after your free summons are used up. This summons will have a chance of getting you heroes between 1 to 3 stars.

Advanced summons can get you better grade heroes (between 4 to 5 stars, max) and you are given 1 free summon per day. Subsequent summons will cost you an advanced summon tome as well as gems (real money currency). Expert summoning can only be unlocked at level 30 and will give you the opportunity to recruit a 6 star hero from the tavern! Although the summoning will at times cost you something (tomes or gems), the recruiting process is free of charge! By equipping your heroes with gear forged with forgestones, you can even up the stats of your heroes and boost their damage even further!

Each hero in Heroes of the Banner will have their respective hero skills (only 1 though), which you can use during battle. The skills will require mana to use and mana can, in turn, be easily earned by killing creeps. These skills are very important for you to take care of any stray creeps that had managed to get pass your defenses and is heading towards the group of cowering villagers at the end of the lane. You can also upgrade your heroes’ skills by spending medals that you can obtain by playing the game. However, don’t worry that you’ll lose the game even if you did not manage to kill the stray creeps. Thankfully, the game provides you with 10 lives per match to buffer any of your losses.

There are many waves that you will have to clear before moving on to the next stage, and each level you play will consume 1 banner. You are given a maximum of 25 banners, with more banners being regenerated over time. Furthermore, at every 5th wave, you will encounter a ‘boss level’, whereby you will be taking on an enemy hero. Enemy heroes are much tougher than the usual creep, but they move much slower. After killing the boss, the map will be altered -New lanes and tower placement slots will pop up- to ramp up the challenge in the game.

You will also earn stars according to your performance in the game. Every 10, 20 or 30 accumulated stars will reward you with some pretty sweet goodies! Thus, it’s always best to try to get 3 stars for each level. If you can’t get it the first time around, feel free to revisit the level and try again!

The game also has a PvP element to it – you can pit your heroes against other people’s team! However, considering that VIPs in Heroes of the Banner has a huge advantage over non-paying players, PvP may not be an aspect that you will want to focus in, especially if you can’t stand getting own by a VIP lowbie.


Considering that this game is only launched last month, Heroes of the Banner is a relatively new game to hit the Facebook market. Its community is still growing, albeit at a slower pace due to lack of promoting or advertising. However, this means that if you join the game community now, you will have a head start over the other players when this game grows into the next ‘Pockie Defense’!

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoony and very detailed graphics in Heroes of the Banner look so cute! You can also see citizens randomly roaming the lane/s on the game map and talking about some funny stuff in the game. The background image looks acceptable for a Facebook game as well. The music used in Heroes of the Banner, on the other hand, is rather old-school, but the battle music seems upbeat enough to warrant a mention here. The sound effects for your heroes’ skills are pretty well-done too.


In a nutshell, Heroes of the Banner is an extremely entertaining and perhaps addictive tower defense game on Facebook that is very similar to Pockie Defense. The game isn’t very difficult, but the challenge in the game picks up during boss levels and in levels with much tougher creeps. The game provides 3 different tower/hero types, all of which are upgradable. The game’s heroes are also given special skills, which are upgradable as well, that you can use while staunching the waves of orcs and demons at the cost of mana. Don’t forget to equip your heroes with better forged gear too! Despite being a somewhat pay-to-win game, Heroes of the Banner is rather fun to play casually, particularly if you’re a huge fan of tower defense games.

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New Game Added: Heroes of the Banner

by Aethyna Jul 14, 2015
The evil Loki has waged war against the mortal realm and he has roused huge demon and orc armies to help him conquer the world! It is up to you to recruit a team of capable heroes to stop Loki’s army in their tracks and save the citizens from harm! Don't forget to upgrade your heroes, their equipments and skills too! Machine gun in Heroes of the Banner Heroes of the Banner: Demon Magic towers in Heroes of the Banner Read More
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