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by Adeaphon
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Hero of the Kingdom 10 rate The idyllic life lead comes to a scary end and you must step out into the world alone and face your fears. Find your father and try to save the kingdom from these mysterious attackers. Learn new skills and join an epic adventure in a brilliant game full of fun. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Hero of the Kingdom is a unique game that has elements from 3 different styles: Time Management, RPG and Hidden Object. Using your observation and management skills you are able to visit different parts of the world, complete quests and try to find out what is happening. This is a really interesting mix and it plays out in a cute and fun way.


When your father goes out to take the family goods to market you are left alone on your farm. But when the farm is attacked you must journey out to find out what happened, and try to save your father. And so begins your epic adventure in a beautiful kingdom, full of friends and enemies alike.


Opening the game takes you straight to the action, when you are saying bye to your father and helping him to find the last things he needs. There is a brief tutorial showing you how to control the game and giving you an idea of what to expect. Each time you find a new skill or feature the game will show you how to use it or do what you need.

In most cases it will be to buy or find items that you can use to rebuild things or help people. There are also other things you can do like hunt animals and even towards the end fight bandits and worse. The entire game is controlled with your mouse, you just click where you want to go and you will head in that direction.

Each action that you take will cost some of your energy, more complex actions will require more. As you progress through the game your energy levels will get higher. To replace it you will need to sleep. Sleeping takes about 10 seconds and will refresh your energy. To sleep you will often need to have food, and go to a specific area.

There are many different shops that have goods or services for sale. You can buy food, items for mining or hunting. You can also hire workers to help you complete certain tasks. Each of these items is purchased for gold and many quests have this as a reward so it is relatively easy to come by. You can also trade or sell items you find or hunt.

Many of the characters you meet will have quests for you, these may involve healing them, or fixing up their buildings. Quests will reward you with either items or gold and they will also give you Fame.

Fame is a resource that you don’t spend but it is needed in a variety of places in the game. The more you do the higher your Fame. Some quests require you to have a certain amount, and some people will not talk to you unless they have heard of you. The higher your this is the better for you in the long run.

After a short time you will gain access to a map, this will allow you to travel between different areas you have explored instantly, and without costing any of you energy. This is one of the better features of the game as it saves a lot of running around and trying to navigate the larger map areas.

If you find yourself stuck or not knowing where to go there is a helpful hint at the bottom right of the screen. This will give you a short guide on where to go, whether it is to a different area or what you need to buy. This is also very useful as sometimes there are lots of different things to do, or the area you're in is not the one you need.

The game is not free to play, it is available for a small amount through both Steam and BigFish Games. If you go through BigFish you are also able to download and play the game for free for 1 hour. After that if you wish you can buy the game, once you do you have everything and there are no further costs involved.

Gameplay itself is where you see the different styles of game. The story is very much one of character development and adventure like an MMO. There are items you need hidden on every map, from piles of gold to stacks of mushrooms. So keep an eye out for those as you are running around, all you need to do is click on it and you can collect it.

The time management style of game is the main component, though there is no official timer, it makes the game interesting to play. Much of the game is go here, collect this to do this and go back to a certain place for something. It goes at a pretty gentle pace and has a lot of different things for you to accomplish as you go.

This makes for an interesting, if somewhat slow paced game where you can take your time and enjoy the huge maps and story as it unfolds. The world setting is very idyllic and some of the characters can be quite interesting, though it is very far from grounded in reality it has a charm all of its own.


As this is available on both Steam and BigFish there is a pretty active community of players that surround it. There is a lot of feedback on the forums and you can communicate with other players there. As the actual game is only a solo play, when you are inside you are able to explore and play but you will not see other people there.


Hero of the Kingdom has a really elegant style to it, though it is only presented in 2D it feels and plays really easily. The controls are simple and you can clearly see what you need to do (unless is is a specific harder to find object). There is a background music that adds to the flavour of the game and it is an enjoyable place to be.


Considering there are different styles of games here it actually blends and plays quite well. The slow pace is not suited to everyone but it is a relaxing game when you get into it. Though the story feels forced and the world it is set in is very stylized it feels right when you take everything together. Overall it is a fun game, though not suited to everyone it can be pretty enjoyable.

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New Game Added: Hero of the Kingdom

by Adeaphon Jun 30, 2017
The idyllic life lead comes to a scary end and you must step out into the world alone and face your fears. Find your father and try to save the kingdom from these mysterious attackers. Learn new skills and join an epic adventure in a brilliant game full of fun. Large Farm in Hero of the Kingdom Stable in Hero of the Kingdom City in Hero of the Kingdom Read More
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