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Hay Bay Farm 10 rate Hay Bay Farm, a.k.a. SuperFarm, is a classic farm simulation game that has a really unique superhero theme. In this game, you will not only manage your farm and try to earn as much profit as you can, but also meet the quirky cast of superheroes whose storyline you can gradually reveal. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Hay Bay Farm, a.k.a. SuperFarm, is a farm simulation game that has a really unique superhero theme. The gameplay, on the other hand, is very similar to the older versions of farm games, much like the original Farmville, where you have to spend money to buy seeds to plant your crops. You can raise animals and grow trees as well. All your farm produce can be processed to produce goods and then sold for cash. Most interestingly, you can unlock new superheroes and their associated storylines as you fulfill their orders.


Set in a world where superheroes are pretty commonplace, you set off to set up a farm that produces the freshest farm produce – the sort of superfoods that superheroes need for them to get the energy for their day-to-day routine of kicking villains’ butts and saving people. There are plenty of quirky superheroes in this game, ranging from Steel Man (Hint: Superman) and Captain Typhoon.

As you fulfill the orders of specific superheroes, you’ll build rapport with them respectively and eventually unlock new storylines. You can also unlock new superheroes by fulfilling special orders at the order center.


As mentioned, Hay Bay Farm employs many of the game mechanics that older virtual farmers might be very familiar with, such as the need to spend coins to buy seeds before you can plant it – there is no need to “replant" your harvest here. There are many types of crops you can grow in this game, but among them, only wheat is free to plant. The others will cost you coins, so make sure to manage your coins properly so you’d have enough to grow more crops and generate more profit.

However, I’ve noticed that the game also added in some sort of a Diner Dash-style action-queuing system which allows you to queue up a ton of actions and you simply need to wait for your character to complete the tasks you’ve assigned. But unlike most Diner Dash games, you can actually cancel your queued actions if you want to reassign some work. Simply click on the little “stop” icon on the right side of the screen.

In addition to crops, you can grow fruit trees (level 17) and raise animals too. Like crops, however, there are many types of animals and trees in this game. It’s also interesting to note that the game allows you to speed things up for free if the duration is less than a minute. This is something you might want to make use of while playing the game. Any duration that’s over a minute will cost you crystals to speed up.

In Hay Bay Farm, you can build factories which will help you turn your raw farm produce into products that you can sell at much higher prices. There are many types of factories too, and they do provide you with 2 to 3 queue slots so you can process more products at a time. However, please note that building a factory isn’t as easy as having enough money to buy it – you actually need to have enough building materials as well (this is true for factories you build after level 5). These materials can be obtained by completing orders at the Boat Station.

Now that the materials are taken care of, it’s time to get the cash! There is currently one way for you to earn some money in this game, especially if you’re just starting off, that is by fulfilling orders listed at the Order Center. These orders are requested by specific superheroes and hence, by fulfilling their requests, you will also be improving your relationship with these quirky heroes. As you complete more orders, you’ll get to find out more about their exciting adventures and stories.

You can unlock new superheroes at the Order Center too. How? Well, at one point (level 7 I think), special purple-colored orders will appear at the Center. These orders will require special items; items that can only be obtained if you fulfill normal orders that have an exclamation mark beside them.

Every item you produce at your farm is collectively stored at the barn. As such, there’s a filter on the barn interface where you can switch between viewing only crops or only products. There is naturally a limit to your storage capacity as well, but you can use the same building materials you need for factories to expand the limit.

From time to time, take a break from the backbreaking work of managing your virtual farm and have some fun decorating it instead. What I really like about this game is that it provides some common décor, such as paths and hedges, for free while you can still spend game currency to buy some of the more interesting stuff. Decorations don’t really cost a lot, and so far (at level 7), I have yet to see a premium item in the shop.

As your farm becomes more crowded, you might want to consider investing some of your profits into buying up the surrounding land. Unlike most farm games where they will ask you to have certain “gateway material” like land deeds or tools before you can buy a land, this game has none of these restrictions – as long as you have the cash, you can buy more land.

However, most of the land you buy will be overgrown with trees and shrubs, and even have the occasional rocks. You will need to clear these obstacles prior to using your land. Tools you’ll need to do so can be crafted at the Smithy using the same materials you used for building stuff. You will also eventually unlock new “buildings” in the game including the Scout Charity Stand.

Of course, there are achievements you can complete in exchange for rewards as well as daily bonuses that get increasingly more lucrative the longer you stick around the game.


Hay Bay Farm is a social game and as such, you can add your friends as neighbors in this game and visit them whenever you like. You can also help your neighbors by heading over to their boat stations and helping them fulfill an item in their order. You will get tickets in return for your help, which can then be spent on the Lottery. Note that you’ll need to build the Lottery tent – it’s listed under the Factories tab – before you can spend the tickets.

Aside from helping others, you can give others the opportunity to help you as well. You can do so by heading over to your boat station and clicking on an order that you have not yet fulfilled. It should give you the option to “ask for help”.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in this game are pretty good. The colors used are bright and cheerful but not so much so until it goes from “beautiful” to “disgusting”. I particularly enjoy the music in Hay Bay Farm. The tune is catchy and it is supplemented with plenty of ambiance (mainly birds chirruping in the background). Oh, did you know you can change the music you listen to via the little radio-like icon in the settings? If you don’t, make sure you check that out.


Hay Bay Farm is a pretty outstanding farm simulation game not only because of its really unique theme, but also the slight differences in its classic-style gameplay. However, I do have a bit of a gripe with the game. It’s obvious that this game used to be called “SuperFarm” and was recently changed to “Hay Bay Farm”, but it’s just weird to see the game refer to itself as “SuperFarm” in several instances as you play.

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New Game Added: Hay Bay Farm

by Aethyna Mar 17, 2018
Hay Bay Farm, a.k.a. SuperFarm, is a classic farm simulation game that has a really unique superhero theme. In this game, you will not only manage your farm and try to earn as much profit as you can, but also meet the quirky cast of superheroes whose storyline you can gradually reveal. Hay Bay Farm: Harvest crops Producing burgers in Hay Bay Farm Hay Bay Farm: Scout Charity Stand Read More

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Hay Bay Farm (Previously known as Super Farm)

Very Fun and relaxing. I never get tired of playing it.
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