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Hammerting 8 rate Hammerting is an incredibly addictive and fun colony management game where you’ll get to order a bunch of dwarfs to set up shop in the mountains and start producing a variety of warfare essentials, like weapons, armor, and supplies, to the two warring factions in the Overworld. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Plotline Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion Disclaimer: This is an Early Access look at the game and that it's still a work-in-progress.


Hammerting is an incredibly addictive and fun colony management game where you’ll get to order a bunch of dwarfs to set up shop in the mountains and start producing a variety of warfare essentials, like weapons, armor, and supplies, to the two warring factions in the Overworld, namely the League of Methis and the Dread Horde. Similar to Fallout Shelter, the game is huge on building functional rooms and staffing those rooms just so you can produce the materials or items you need. There are plenty of quests, lots of underground secrets to discover, and a colony that you can grow and tweak to your liking!


The game doesn’t really emphasize on its storyline and hence, doesn’t offer an introduction to lay down the brickwork as to the background of the dwarfs you control. That said, you are free to speculate based on what little information you have. I reckon the devs would eventually add in some sort of story that spans its campaign though.


Hammerting is very similar to two games that I personally hold dear to my heart, Craft the World and Fallout Shelter. Unlike the more rigid, grid-based format of room-building that Fallout Shelter uses, Hammerting retains the need and purposes of rooms in this game while adding in some sandbox element to it, allowing you to space the rooms out as you wish and ultimately, design your colony as you’d like!

Mining is also a major aspect of the game since you’ll naturally need to hollow out and expand on the existing cave system to allow for a bigger and much more efficient colony. Mining will also net you many valuable resources, namely metal ores, that your dwarves can then, with access to the necessary tools and rooms, turn into weapons, tools, and other items.

Dwarves will need to defend themselves against the more hostile dwellers of the underground as well. There are POIs like rat nets and graveyards that will spawn waves of enemies that your dwarves will need to defeat so as to not be overrun. Eventually, once you have enough military strength mustered up, you can get those pesky places destroyed. Many of these creatures also drop rare materials that you’ll need to produce other items.

The goal of mining and producing goods in Hammerting all boils down to providing crucial wartime essentials to the warring factions, the League of Methis and the Dread Horde, on the surface, a.k.a. the Overworld. It seems rather odd to me at first, to be able to complete supply orders for both sides, but eventually, you’ll want to stick to one side and help your side win the war. Even once your side won the war, you can still continue playing the game if you want – it’s not game over until you say it is!

As your dwarves do their jobs around the colony, they will gain experience points and eventually level up. In the past, leveling up would give you some attribute points that allows you to custom-build each dwarf to your liking.

However, in a recent update, they have greatly simplified this process, while taking into consideration that some players have up to 50 dwarves running around in their colony at one point, and made it so that each dwarf has access to the same “talent tree” and that every dwarf has the opportunity to “max out” their trees. The change got a somewhat “on the fence” response with some players liking the change but some pointing out the more prominent issues with the way-too-simplified talent tree.

Besides the current single-level campaign, Hammerting provides weekly challenges for players who are eager for a challenge.

However, being in early access, the game still has some glaring flaws that thankfully, the developers are working hard to fix. From having dwarves getting stuck in elevators to having dwarves stuck anywhere else can really mess up your playthrough, especially when every single dwarf is “MIA”, putting your entire colony at a standstill that you can’t get out of.

Currently, the game also lacks features, many of which are in the dev team’s Early Access Roadmap of things to do, such as automation, fishing and farming, more dynamic trading missions, diplomatic dwarven relations, and more. Hopefully, they will be able to implement many of these features as the game is further developed.


Hammerting has a passionate and helpful community of players on Steam and they would definitely be more than happy to lend you a hand if you encounter any issues. The devs themselves are pretty active on-site as well so if you do spot a bug and reported it, it’s likely it'll get fixed in the next update.

The game has recently released a patch that allows co-op. You might be wondering at this point, "How can a colony management game be co-op-able? How is that possible?" These were the exact same questions we had before we checked out the co-op mode ourselves.

The idea behind this game mode, I think, is for you and your partner to each handle one side of the world, whether the underworld or the surface. Unfortunately, it still feels like a lot of the gameplay still occurs below ground, and, frankly speaking, there were lots of unintentional clashes so to speak since there's no good way to communicate with each other in-game. This made me feel like the co-op mode was added as an afterthought rather than a new fleshed-out game mode.

You see, there are no other features you'd expect to come with the game mode, for instance, such as the ability to communicate with your co-op partner in-game. A minimum, such as having a chatbox, would definitely make it a lot better. In our case though, we resort to using Discord/ Steam voice chat instead, but still, that wasn't enough.

Another important feature that the devs need to consider if they want this mode to be better overall is to add a colored ping-based system and a minimap. There was a time when my partner and I built the same Infirmary twice in our colony and didn't realize it until the Infirmaries were built, wasting precious resources. There was also a time when my co-op partner said that he's building this room "here" and I wasn't sure where "here" is. A ping-based system where we can differentiate between my pings and his pings would solve this issue.

Graphics/ Sound

The design and art direction Hammerting used are absolutely perfect for the game. The immersion, especially the cavernous echoes and dripping water from stalagmites, is simply top-notch. The game also supports some pretty high resolutions, which for me, an owner of a 4k-res-compatible rig, is very happy for. You just need to remember to adjust the UI size so you don't have to squint to read the tooltips or see the buttons.


As a massive fan of both Craft the World, Oxygen Not Included, and Fallout Shelter, I truly can’t recommend Hammerting enough! Yes, it may not be the most polished game at the moment due to it being a work-in-progress but the game already can offer tens of hours of gameplay, and it has a very active and responsive development team that listens to their players, as well as a community of helpful and avid players who are generous with their feedback – the two main components of success for any Early Access game, in addition to having the funds of course.

So, if you’re a huge fan of such colony management games like I do, Hammerting is definitely a game you would want to keep an eye on or even buy outright. The game comes with a demo too so you can safely try and then decide whether or not the game is worth your cash.

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