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Habbo 8.5 rate If you ever wanted to create your own hotel now is the perfect chance. Make any theme and style you want as you build a hotel full of rooms. Meet new people and check out other hotels as you enjoy a brilliant and massive virtual world. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Express yourself and make friends in this hugely popular teen social game, Habbo Hotel! This virtual hotel is filled with plenty of marvelous rooms for you to explore! There is a huge chunk of rooms that encourage role-playing while a few of them have mazes in them for the entertainment of other players. You are given the opportunity to create your own rooms as well… as many as you want. This hotel is indeed a strange place with some really awesome people. If you’re looking for a place to relax and make new friends, Habbo Hotel is the perfect destination for you! Check-in the hotel today!


After signing up, you’ll be allowed to create your Habbo Hotel avatar. Although there are not many customization provided – you are only given around 4 different hairstyles, outfits and shoes to choose from, the game has quite a huge range of skin color available! Don’t worry about your appearance; you can easily change them for free when you’re inside the game.

Next, you’ll be given your very first pre-decorated room! You get to choose your favorite from among the 3 choices presented. If there aren’t any room designs that interest you, no worries! You can easily create more rooms for free later as well! Once everything is set and done, your avatar will be dropped into the world of Habbo to start his or her day!

The controls in this game is very simple and if you need help with the controls, Frank the hotel manager is here to guide you! He will also give you a free refrigerator as a welcome gift. Why don’t you just place it in your room first? You can place items by dragging them from your inventory to your room. You can also rotate the objects in certain directions only and can move the objects wherever you like. If you want to, let’s say stack a book on top of a table, you can do that as well!

While you are at it, you might want to check out the builder’s club. As a new player, you are given a free trial membership in the builders’ club, allowing you to place whichever items you want from the shop at zero cost for up to 50 items! If you love decorating rooms, you may want to consider getting the full builders’ club membership that will allow you to build rooms without worrying about the cost needed for the items! Building rooms will become as easy as 1-2-free!

Furthermore, most usable objects, such as chairs or beds (decorative objects are not usable), in Habbo Hotel are interactive. For instance, you can double-click the fridge to get yourself chilled refreshments. However, the items that are currently in your pre-decorated room are only rentables. This means that the furniture in your room, excluding the ones from builders’ club, will expire after 90 days. Although this is rather a huge let-down, on the bright side, you are given the chance to extend the duration of all your items (you’ll have to extend the duration of the items one by one) by 7 days for a small in-game fee.

You could just go ahead and create a new room for free! You will have to give your room a title and a description, as well as determining which room dimensions you need. Rooms can also be categorized into groups, such as games and mazes, food and drinks (café, restaurants and bars), trade and party. There are also group (a.k.a. guild) rooms which function like the group’s headquarters. Every potential member who wants to join will have to go through a series of tests and interviews before being admitted to the exclusive groups. There is even a Habbo lounge which functions as a help desk for new players to ask for help if they needed any and a ‘beach’ room for people to wind down.

The most popular rooms in this game, however, are the role-playing (RP)/ shop and services ones. In fact, the top 5 rooms from this category include the recruitment centers and offices of the ‘United Nations’, the ‘Secret Service’, the ‘Interpol’ and ‘Victoria Secret’, as well as the Habbo Public High School! There are a large number of Habbo players, who hire other players to staff their RP rooms. These staffers will earn pay points by manning various posts in the room, such as receptionists or, in the case of ‘Victoria Secret’, fashion critics and walkway models. These pay points can then be exchanged for Habbo credits (real money currency). There are plenty of other role-playing (RP)/ shop and services rooms too, like hospitals, daycare centers, wedding chapels, and saloons. You can also find rooms that you like on your own by using the navigator. There are thousands of rooms in Habbo Hotel and it is possible to explore them all by visiting one room at a time.

Wanting to have some quiet time on your own, away from any other players in the game? Well, you can do so by heading back to your room and enjoy some peaceful time playing with your adorable pets! Yes, you didn’t read wrongly – you can purchase pets in Habbo Hotel! Your first pet will be given for free by Frank (the hotel manager) on the second day you logged into the game.

There are a huge variety of pets in this game, ranging from the common, such as dogs and cats to the more exotic, lions and crocodiles. There are even dragons that you can tame as pets! These pets will cost you credits though, which you can earn by working for other players in their rooms. You are, unfortunately, not allowed to trade pets.

You can place up to 50 pets in your room – just make sure they are not all cats or you’ll be famous in Habbo as being the crazy cat lady (or guy)! Nonetheless, you are only allowed to take one out to walk with you. With a pet, or 50 of them, under your care, you will need to take the responsibility to look after them properly. Remember to feed them food, water and occasionally treats to keep them happy. You can train your pets to perform awesome tricks too!

Not to forget, Habbo Hotel will reward you with achievements once you’ve completed certain criteria or milestones. Most of these achievements are rather easy to earn, such as by spending a certain amount of time in a room or by changing your look for the very first time. Completed achievements will give you badges which you can then wear with pride! You can also give respects to fellow Habbo citizens if you think they are cool and awesome enough to deserve it. It’s something like the ‘like’ button on Facebook, but you shouldn’t give your respect away too easily in Habbo Hotel.

One of the downsides to this social networking game is that your character can perform very limited actions in the game, even if you’re a Habbo club citizen (a VIP). Basically, there are 5 actions, out of which 3 of them (sit, wave and idle) are free to use while ‘laugh’ and ‘blow kiss’ actions are only available to VIPs. There is also 1 dance style which will make your avatar look like he or she is running on the same spot while turning his or her head rapidly from side to side. It’s pretty awkward and may choke a laugh out of you when you first saw it in action. There are signs, such as score cards that your avatar can hold up too.

The other aspect of Habbo Hotel that isn’t very well done is the pricing for items (this includes clothes) at the store. As a free-to-play player, you are only given limited items; all of them are rentals-only items, to choose from. Since they are rentals, if you buy them using the in-game currency, Duckets, you will need to keep paying money to ensure that they do not expire. For clothes, you are given large sets of clothes to wear for free. However, if you do not like the choices given, you will need to spend Habbo credits to buy new clothes from the store.


By taking a quick look at its Facebook fan page, Habbo Hotel has more than 2.7 million likes since its release in 2001. This social networking game is designed with older teens in mind. Thus, the community in Habbo Hotel mainly consists of high school teens. The players in this game like to group together into event groups (something like guilds in MMORPGs), with their own group initiation process (which usually include a short interview) as well as their respective room-turned-group headquarters.


The 2D blocky graphics in Habbo Hotel are very colorful and can be rather attractive in its simplistic, pixelated way. The objects in this game are very intricately designed as well. The cartoony-type effect the visuals have is possibly the reason why this game is so successful despite being around for more than 14 years!

The game does not provide any background music. However, you can add some of the tracks available at the store in your room for a price. This is most evident in rooms that are designed to be nightclubs. After all, you’ll need music to dance, right?


Habbo Hotel is a great place for older teens to meet new friends or to meet up with old ones! This amazing hotel has so many uniquely designed rooms that you can explore to your heart’s content! These rooms serve different functions as well – some have mazes or games in them for you to enjoy, while some other rooms will pay you Habbo Credits to work for them for a couple of hours. Fancy creating a room or two of your own? You can! And considering that room creations are free, you can create as many rooms as you like! You can even collect pets and earn achievements in this game! If you enjoy the game, you may want to consider getting the Habbo club and the builders’ club membership too. So, go book yourself a room and put your feet up for the night at the luxurious Habbo Hotel!

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