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Gwent 10 rate Ever wanted to wield the power of Geralt or Triss, now is your chance in the stunning new MMOCCG set in the world of the Witcher. Build a deck using some of the most well known characters from the games, bring devastating magics to bear or powerful monsters and see if you can be crowned champion of the table. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Gwent is a card game set in the world of the Witcher games. First appearing as a mini game inside a game it has become increasingly popular. So much so that CD Projekt Red have made a brand new version, for anyone to play. Here you can play the heroes you know, monsters you love and dominate the battlefield. Build your collection of cards and take to the arena to prove you are the best.


While you may think there is nothing to write here you would be wrong. Introducing a story adventure mode this game will have a lot of story driven material. Not only that but you are immersing yourself into the war between varied factions. Some fighting for power others just to survive. There is a lot for those interested in the Lore here as well as a fun place for new players to come in and enjoy the world if they never played the Witcher series.


Please be aware that at the time of writing the game is still in open beta. Updates will follow when the game is more fleshed out and all of the aspects are included in the final version.

Upon entering this amazing game you are met with a fun cutscene and then an introduction series of quests/games. These will show you how to play the game. There is a lot that is familiar if you enjoyed the Witcher version, though no experience is necessary and of course there are many changes too. You can always return to the tutorial if you need and there is the option for practice games.

Once you complete these you are off and running, with a starting collection of cards and a premade 25 card deck for each faction. From here you can begin to build up your range of monsters and spells as you go. There are several different parts of the game that all give you rewards and you can quickly get yourself some good cards.

One of the first things to do is to go into the challenges. Here you can play against the computer and follow a little bit of a story. Each challenge has 6 parts, which combined will reward you with 150 ore and 2 Champions. There is a set for each of the factions and you can use the ore to buy packs. Collecting all of the Champions allows you to change your deck style and build a deck around their special abilities. There will also be a more rewarding story mode, but that has yet to be released in the beta.

Once you build a deck, or to take a look at what you can do with the started decks you can play against the game in a practice mode. Here the game is actually pretty merciless, the ai that is used is pretty fast and can be rough to beat with a basic deck. On the other hand, it’s a great practice if you are going to be facing other players and it does give you a lot of useful information on combos and how to play.

The gameplay follows a fun format of 3 rounds with a player needing to win 2 of them. The aim is to have the highest attack value in each round. Each character cars you play has a strength and this is added to the total. The board is divided into 3 lines, Melee, Ranged and Siege with cards going into a specific slot. Gold cards and special characters can also choose where they deploy.

There are also many “special cards” these are where the spells and boosts are kept and these can be very powerful and turn the tide of a game much more than a character. There are weather effects that persist on the board as well as aoe effects.

Then there are the pvp sides to the game where you will take on other players in either casual or ranked games. You have the option to play your friends too if you want. The casual games are where you can practice your deck against players and see how it works out. There are also rewards in there for playing too, as you gain experience towards your player rank.

The ranked matches are available when you reach level 10. This is where the serious players are and here you are tracked on the leaderboards. There are rewards for each level that you achieve and the top players get special items, portraits and other rewards. In any CCG this is where the game is made or broken and in Gwent, it makes the game epic.

As mentioned there is also a player rank, you earn experience from playing games, and each time you earn a new rank you will get a reward. The maximum level at the moment is 100, and the rewards get better the higher you go. From ore and packs to special unique cards there are a lot of things to earn here, so leveling up is very much worth doing.

To build your collection of cards you can buy Kegs from the troll, each Keg contains 5 cards at least one of which will be Rare, Epic or Legendary. 4 cards are presented, and the 5th is the guaranteed higher value. Here you have a selection of 3 and can pick the one you want. Once you choose the cards join your collection. 1 Keg will cost 100 ore, and you can buy them in multiples for real money with more Kegs costing higher amounts.

There is also a crafting system built into the game, where you can make any of the cards. You earn Scraps from leveling or disenchanting cards you do not need. These can then be spent on making cards, with the rarer cards being more expensive. A Legendary will cost you 1600 Scraps for example. This allows you to target the cards you can use the most or that you need in your deck.

The UI is really easy to use, and much of the game follows the artistic styling of the Witcher games, particularly the 3rd game Wild Hunt. Many of the characters are here as cards and you can also use some of the more potent spells from the game too. With a really simple navigation and controls it is very easy to play and it leaves you free to concentrate on the actual games.

Frankly, the depth of the game is outstanding. There are some cards that untill need tuning and balance, but overall there are so many abilities and fun tricks you can do that the game remains very interesting. The factions each have independent characters that define them really well, and the themes you can play with make for interesting games. Overall there is a huge range of options and many of them work so that really keeps the game going.


For a game that is only just hitting open Beta, there is a huge following. From Reddit to Wiki’s there is a whole host of information and active forms available. In the game there are a lot of players. Finding a game is quick and there are lots of simple ways to stay in touch with players. The community will only grow as the beta and then final game are released and it is really exciting.


In short, Gwent is stunning. Using 3D artwork and videos, a truly beautiful art style and some amazingly detailed cards it looks great. A whole host of talented artists have come together to make the cards, and the animations in the cards are brilliant. Let alone the other aspects of the game.

The music available is dramatic, and the fully voiced cards and characters add a huge amount to the game. You can know what your opponent has done by the unique sounds as well as seeing the cards. This depth just amazes while you play. The whole package is, to reuse the word: Stunning.


Gwent is amazing, it comes from one of the most popular gaming worlds in recent history, from a developer that produces quality games. Blend that with a great looking game full of depth and lots of things for casual and serious players alike and you have a winning combination. And this is before the full game is out and all of the cards are released. Put it all together and what you have is an MMOCCG full of promise and one that is very much worth playing.

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by Adeaphon May 31, 2017
Ever wanted to wield the power of Geralt or Triss, now is your chance in the stunning new MMOCCG set in the world of the Witcher. Build a deck using some of the most well known characters from the games, bring devastating magics to bear or powerful monsters and see if you can be crowned champion of the table. Champions in Gwent Card Table in Gwent Ciri in Gwent Read More
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