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GUNS UP! 9 rate For your new army, there’s a lot to pick and choose from to make the ideal force against any future opponents, but with how much an opponent’s strategy can change on the fly, you’re going to need to be flexible with your strategy as well as your tactics... and that’s just half of the fun in GUNS UP! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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GUNS UP! is a new F2P game from the developers over at Valkyrie Entertainment, and was released on Steam on the 20th September, 2017 into the Early Access scheme. Despite the game not quite being complete as of yet, the game as a whole is a rather solid side-scrolling strategy game from a developer that quite clearly knows what they’re doing, without making things too painful to learn for the player.


GUNS UP! manages to kick things off with its namesake being rather literal, as you’re thrust into a tutorial almost immediately and it honestly couldn’t have been simpler if it tried. When attacking, you’ve got a very slow-moving truck that encroaches towards the enemy’s base and from that truck you can spawn whatever units you have assigned at the time by simply pressing a button. After clicking on one of those buttons, the units will pop out of the back of the track and head towards the opponents base, shooting and destroying anything that gets in the way until you either win or they die.

To stop players from spamming units, they’ve implemented two different ways of slowing down the gameplay and making it a little fairer for everybody involved. First off, we’ve got the unit-cap that stops you having more than a certain amount of moving units on the field at any one time and then we also the resources it takes to spawn in a unit. Weaker units cost less and the more damaging ones will cost a little bit more and to prevent yourself from running out of resources there is a timer that disperses you more munitions (resource) over time.

To give the player a little more input into the game, as you fight throughout the battle, buildings and units will occasionally drop an item that can be used whenever you decide to use it and it can quickly change the tide of the battle. These abilities can be as simple as a decoy to distract enemy fire or as destructive as a directed airstrike on top of enemy forces. It isn’t overly complicated, but it’s a nice addition to keep things from getting too stale from time to time.

Before jumping into each attack, you’re given the option to pick and choose the type of units you’d like to have in your oncoming attack. These units can be upgraded with the same basic resource that funds pretty much everything else in this game (munitions) and that can also be spent to unlock new units. Depending on the base that you’re about to attack, having different units are definitely a needed change, so it’s nice to have the chance to pick and choose from the units you’d prefer to have on the battlefield before going in.

On the flipside of attacking, you’re going to need to defend your base regularly from other players, as the game does take some inspiration from the base-building genre of gaming that the mobile market popularised, except without the pesky addition of waiting for the buildings to be complete, as they do it immediately. Just to keep your base safe and to prevent them from stealing your resources, which are required to build more defences, as well as upgrade them, you’re going to need to put down different buildings that all have their own uses. Some are simply there to create a distraction or create a maze for their troops, and other buildings are designed to shoot at anything that seems to move.

The overall gameplay for the game is quite simple and very easy to learn, but with the increasing amount of time that’s been put into the game, it feels more and more like a game that was designed for mobile, due to just how unintuitive some of the controls are with the mouse. For instance, clicking and dragging along the screen to pan the camera across the battlefield shouldn’t nearly be as hard as this game makes it, and yet it only seems to work half of the time.

With the more experience, you end up having in this game, the more it seems like playing on a touchscreen would make the game considerably easier and that’s not a welcome feeling when the game is actually quite fun.


There are some nice levels of community in this one, as the developer has put the effort into making an official forum for the game, so that players can swap army builds and whatnot. On top of that, there’s also an in-game friends list which can be used to converse with other players; along with an “alliance” system that works like many other guild/clan systems, where a group of players can join an alliance to chat, have a laugh, and destroy other alliances when they feel like doing so.

Graphics/ Sound

Visually, the game is quite a visual treat for the player, no matter what kind of style you’re into. The game totes a rather colourful and vibrant cartoonish style that looks great for the game and makes every unit really stand out on their own and makes playing the game a real nice experience to just look at. Everything in this game has its own unique art style connected to it and that’s what makes it that much more impressive, as it’s the same quality all around.

Another nice surprise from the game was the great audio and soundtrack that came with it. Something that was noticed whilst playing the game was the loading screens were rather reminiscent of WW2 propaganda and thanks to the awesome soundtrack that sounds straight out of a WW2 documentary, it improved the feeling of the game as a whole and really cemented the decade the developer wanted this game to be set in. Not to mention how good the overall weapons sound when they’re being fired, because even though the game does look rather cartoonish, the weapons sound pretty realistic as a whole.


Overall, GUNS UP! has a couple of hit and miss features here and there, with its biggest problem being it doesn’t quite feel like it plays the best on PC, but everything else about the game is a great overall package. The gameplay is really fun, without being too complicated to jump into for the very first time. Visually and audibly, the game is developed really well and that visual style is a treat for the eyes, no matter how much you play the game and it only cements the fact it is one of the better base-building/strategy games on the market right now and it’s completely free!


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by Other Contributors Oct 4, 2017
For your new army, there’s a lot to pick and choose from to make the ideal force against any future opponents, but with how much an opponent’s strategy can change on the fly, you’re going to need to be flexible with your strategy as well as your tactics... and that’s just half of the fun in GUNS UP! GUNS UP: Gameplay Command cards in GUNS UP GUNS UP: Defending Read More
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