Guardians of Divinity

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Guardians of Divinity 8.5 rate Placed under your charge by Odin himself, Pandora was possessed by Hades and opened the Forbidden Box, releasing evil into the world. The price for failing Odin is, unfortunately, high. Stripped of your godhood, you now need to build up your strength as a mere mortal, and fight your way back into Odin’s good graces. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Embark on a perilous journey to defeat the evil that was unleashed from the Forbidden Box in this exciting and brand new MMORPG, Guardians of Divinity! Stop Hades and other villainous gods from trying to plunge the world into turmoil to the point of no recovery. Build up your strength by defeating countless bosses, raiding plenty of dungeons, and conquering other players at the arena to show Odin that you are worthy to regain your godhood and return to Arcadia!


Odin, the one-eyed god, has sent you to check out a disturbance with Pandora, the first human woman created by the gods. However, you not only failed the mission, you’ve unwittingly allowed Hades to possess Pandora long enough for her to opened the Forbidden Box, unleashing all the evil contained within into the world of both gods and men.

The price for failing Odin is, unfortunately, high. He has decided to punish you by striping you of your godhood. However, he is still willing to give you a chance to re-earn your honor and dignity. You are given one chance as a mortal to prove that you’re worthy to return to Arcadia. Thankfully, since evil is now running rampant across the lands, there are plenty of tasks for you to do, and other gods and goddesses whom you could help for a shot at regaining your immortality and power.


To start your journey, you’ll first need to select a character class. There are 3 archetype classes on offer in Guardians of Divinity, namely warrior, archer and mage. Like most browser-based MMORPGs, players aren’t given the option to customize their character and, not to mention, the characters are gender-locked. However, these are merely minor annoyances that will not affect the exciting gameplay available in this game. Each character class also has their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as skills and abilities. However, considering that you can only create 1 character per server, it might be wise to pick a character that you actually enjoy.

For the controls, they are pretty straightforward and simple in Guardian of Divinity. Basically, the game uses a point-and-click system, but there is also an automation option for questing (namely, auto-pathing) and fighting (auto-combat and auto-potion) that you can use. Interestingly, there is also an in-built damage meter that tracks your damage output and compares them with other players in your party. It doesn’t take up a whole lot of your screen space either and can be conveniently “minimized” when necessary. This feature is definitely a nice addition to the game!

In terms of combat, Guardians of Divinity feels a lot like the web-based MMORPGs that you might have played before. The game places a strong emphasis on your character’s CP as well as on your character’s level. So, it is very important for you to focus on improving on those 2 criteria while you’re playing the game. After all, you’d want to be ranked among the top 1% of players in Guardians of Divinity, right?

To increase your character level a whole lot faster, the game has a few features that you can use. One of which is the auto-combat option as well as the AFK feature. You can use auto-combat to farm an area of mobs repeatedly without needing to lift a finger. However, leveling using this method does take a much longer time as compared to, say... questing. The AFK feature, on the other hand, is also a very helpful feature for some rapid leveling. Being able to earn experience points while offline does help players, who just don’t have the time to play the game extensively, by a significant margin.

Interestingly, you get even more ways to improve your CP in Guardian of Divinity. The 5 main criteria in bumping up your character’s CP include Saints, Mounts, Wings, Equipments, and Deities. Saints are like companions who will not only provide you with a passive boost in stats when deployed, but will also lend you a hand in combat. They can be upgraded by unlocking new zodiacs for them to morph into.

Similarly, mounts play an equally active role in your battles by contributing their respective abilities to further your cause. For instance, the armored horse mount has the ability called the Crescent Frost that you can activate once its meter is filled with valor points. Valor points can in turn be earned whenever you killed an enemy. Mounts can also be upgraded, and you can do so by using mount pills.

Equipments, on the other hand, provide more of a passive type of aid to your character in terms of stats and CP boosts. Different quality of equipments - with legendary equipments being the best of the lot - will provide different amount of stats. You can also enhance your gear by spending plenty of in-game cash. Interestingly, unlike most games that ties enhancements to the items you performed the enhancement on, in Guardian of Divinity, you’ll be, in effect, enhancing your equipment slot rather than your equipment itself. This means that even if you swap out your gear for a new item, you will retain all the enhancements that you’ve obtained prior to the weapon switch. This is a pretty unique feature for an MMORPG! Not to forget, you can embed your gear with powerful, stat-boosting gems as well.

Of course, a web-based MMORPG won’t be complete without the addition of wings! Although you are technically not a god/goddess anymore, the pair of wings that you’ll get in this game is actually created by the creative and innovative Atlanteans. However, in order to get your very first pair of wings, you will need to “pass trials to show that you are worthy of such a gift”... which translate into a waiting period of 3 days. It is definitely a bit disappointing to be forced to wait just so you can get your hands on a pair of amazing wings.

That said, the best part in Guardian of Divinity is definitely the deity-morphing feature. In this game, whenever you defeated a powerful deity or were granted a deity’s powers, you will be able to morph into that aforementioned deity almost at will. The only catch here is that you will need to gather enough rage by killing a sufficient number of enemies to fill up the rage meter. It basically works in a similar way to the mount ability. However, being able to transform yourself into an all-powerful deity is not only impressive, but will also turn your character into the ultimate killing machine! Naturally, you’ll be able to upgrade your selected deity as well.

There are many other features that can buff up your CP numbers such as titles. There is also an advanced feature that is unlocked at level 120, whereby you can convert any experience points that you can spare into Soul of Fate orbs. The orbs can be, in turn, used to active destiny points. Different destiny points will add points into your character’s different types of attributes.

Once you have enough CP to do some serious damage, you might want to test your character’s strength in the many PvE and PvP challenges in Guardian of Divinity. For PvE, there are challenging group dungeons, solo dungeons, boss dungeons, and even a variety of world, and server bosses that you can defeat. Enjoy taking down other players instead? Well, the game offers cross-server PvP arena events in addition to a 24/7 arena ladder for you to prove your dominance. If you are a bit of a daredevil, then you might want to switch on PvP mode while questing just so you could get a bit of a thrill too!


Guardian of Divinity provides guilds that you can sign up for. Guilds are rather important in this game as players who have a guild will gain a somewhat permanent boost to their stats. The boost may be a bit small, but it’s significant enough especially if you’re battling a player without a guild. After all, playing with your new friends makes the leveling process go by a lot faster and turn it from a chore into something much more entertaining as well.

Graphics/ Sound

Guardian of Divinity contains some truly beautiful graphics... by browser-based MMORPG standards of course! There are plenty of stunning sceneries as well as beautifully modeled characters in this game. In terms of music, the music at the beginning of the game sounds a bit low-quality, but once you enter the city of Atlantis, this problem seems to fix itself. Not to mention, the game provides different music for different locations in the game too.


In short, Guardians of Divinity is a browser-based MMORPG that puts you into the role of an ex-god/ goddess who has fallen from Odin’s favor. However, being the hero that you are, you are determined to build up your strength, fix your blunder by defeating the evil that has been released into the world, and earn your godhood once again! The journey to godhood is not easy though and there are many tasks that you’ll need to complete. Will you be able to regain sufficient favor and return to Arcadia as a celebrated hero? Well, play Guardians of Divinity now and find out!

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