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by Aethyna
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GRIP: Combat Racing 10 rate Offering a fleet of customizable race cars, a ton of game modes, and an intense and incredibly-addictive gameplay, GRIP aims to ignite a new heyday of battle racers, much like what PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds did for the battle royale genre, and possibly create a new niche in the eSports market for competitive combat racing. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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GRIP: Combat Racing is a sci-fi-themed combat racing game that features the iconic and seemingly gravity-defying gameplay of Rollcage where players can race not only on the ground but also on the ceiling and anywhere in between. Offering a fleet of customizable race cars, a ton of game modes, and an intense and incredibly-addictive gameplay, this game aims to ignite a new heyday of battle racers, much like what PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds did for the battle royale genre, and possibly create a new niche in the eSports market for competitive combat racing.


When it comes to GRIP’s gameplay, there are plenty of defining qualities that I think many players would absolutely enjoy. One of the main ones is its dedication in providing fun and varied game modes.

There is just an insane number of them in GRIP. You’ve got your “basic” Races which can be further split into subgroups of Classic Race (Cross the finish line first to win), Ultimate Race (More points are awarded to destroying your competition), Elimination Race (Every 30 seconds, the last player in the race will be eliminated), and Speed Demon (Pure racing - no weapons allowed). There is also a tournament-style Arena where you can race around in an enclosed area battling your opponents. The Arena mode can be further split into 3 other sub-modes, including Deathmatch and two other modes which will be released later.

There is also a Carkour mode, which, not sure if you’ve noticed, is a wordplay on the word “parkour”. Basically, this mode tests your precision driving skills, such as jumping, drifting corners, running loops and avoiding obstacles.

That’s not all, you’ll even get a campaign mode, which I assume will have a storyline of some sort, and a 10-player multiplayer mode where you’ll be able to put your newly-honed racing skills to the test. Each race is even fully customizable.

Like the races you’ll be participating in, GRIP has a pretty in-depth vehicle customization system as well, where you can customize the cool ride you’ve chosen. You can add decals, change tires, change the colors of the body of the car, and more. However, all of these customizations are cosmetics only. If you want to pick a car with a… say, higher Acceleration attribute, then you will need to choose an entirely different car. There are many for you to choose from.

Now, although the game does provide you with a tutorial, which is accessible via the Campaign tab, I personally find that the tutorial a bit lacking. It would have been nicer if the game provides new players with an overview on how to control their car without having to check the Control Settings, and possibly, include a more interactive way to teach players how to get a boosted start – you need to hit the throttle when the word “GO” flashed across your screen.

That said, I like how the game introduces you to most of the power-ups and weapons available in the game. You can read more about the rest of the power-ups and weapons via the Game Info tab, and personally, I would highly recommend you do so just so you’d know what you’ve picked up during a race. Generally, you’ll be able to blast your opponents sky high, disorientate them, and even ram them in the rear.

In terms of non-combative power-ups, you have the usual speed boost, rear shield and a time-slowing disruptor whereby every other player around you (not you though!) would be slowed down. There are also green boost pads that you can run over to get a nice speed boost, as well as narrow ramps which will help you rapidly switch from racing on the ground to racing on the ceiling.

There is a wide variety of really cool, sci-fi-themed worlds for you to race in. There are 4 planets at the moment, with each of them offering between 3 to 5 tracks per planet. Different planets have different biomes as well so you won’t feel like you’re simply playing in the same place over and over again.

The race tracks in GRIP are truly unique because unlike many other racing games, these tracks may sometimes contain open areas where multiple alternative routes (not shortcuts) will be made available to the players. This is actually pretty similar to having the option of racing on the ground, on the ceiling or on the wall in between the two when you’re racing through an enclosed, tunnel-like race track.

At the end of the race, players will also be treated to a rather detailed list of stats as well as a list of “MVPs” when it comes to things like having the most airborne time or dealt the most damage.


GRIP has a multiplayer mode which will pit you against other racers from all around the world. This, along with the occasional updates and perhaps DLCs, basically guarantees the longevity of the game, especially among competitive players who will constantly be trying to one-up one another for that top spot on the leaderboard.

Graphics/ Sound

I’m a sucker for sci-fi-themed games, and GRIP definitely made the theme the centerfold of the game. Every planet and race course are painstakingly designed to provide your eyes with the sort of eye-candy that only Unreal Engine 4 can render.

GRIP completely draws you into the game world not only through its fantastic visuals and its heart-pounding gameplay, but also through its brilliant sounds. The effects are all spot-on, giving you that satisfying feeling whenever you see and hear the explosion of a well-placed missile. The techno music that plays in the background also helps to set the scene, providing players with a very immersive experience overall.

However, GRIP is a pretty huge game and as such, it does have a couple of graphical glitches which I unfortunately encountered during my review. Most of the time, these glitches popped out when my vehicle went out of the intended racing area – not by choice, mind you. The camera angle can glitch from time to time as well, especially when you accidentally drove your car into a seemingly solid mountain, but you find yourself inside the mountain instead!


I can honestly say that I’ve not had so much fun racing cars in ages! GRIP: Combat Racing is not only a thrilling, intense, and highly competitive game that will get your adrenaline pumping and keep you glued to the edge of your seat from start to finish; it has an insane number of game modes and car customization options that will definitely blow your mind!

The best part of it all is how the game fully utilizes every aspect of its racecourse, providing players with multiple alternative routes whenever possible, and of course, if you don’t like racing on the ground, you can always race on the ceiling instead… in fact, what is even “up” anymore?

Without a doubt, GRIP: Combat Racing is a worthy spiritual successor to Rollcage. The game makes full use of the monster game engine, graphics and effects that current technology can offer, and one-up the classic in every possible way. If you love combat racing games as much as I do, you’ll want to grab a copy of GRIP the very moment it hits Steam/Xbox/Playstation 4 on November 6th!

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