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by Aethyna
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Gravity Chase 9 rate Featuring a unique racing system and cool 3D race tracks, Gravity Chase is a thrilling retro-themed arcade racing game where you can enjoy a good ol' race through the Arcade Race mode or battle it out with other racers via Combat Race. Enjoy the rush of the adrenaline as you put the pedal to the metal and race towards the finish line! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion Disclaimer: Note that this is a first impression review of Gravity Chase. The game is currently a work-in-progress and may undergo some changes in the future. We'll update our review when that happens.


Why race plain old race cars when you can race hovering spacecrafts instead? And to hell to conventional race tracks when you can race on 3D cylinders! This is the concept behind Gravity Chase and it’s a concept that was very well-visualized in the game. Besides supporting local multiplayer of 2 or 4 players, it even comes with several exciting game modes, including one where you can shoot at your competition!


Gravity Chase comes in three game modes, namely Arcade Race, your standard cross-the-finish-line-first game mode; Combat Race that is basically Arcade Race but with weapons hot; and lastly, the thrilling Eliminator Race where the racer placing last is eliminated every 30 seconds.

Different game modes will feature different gameplay elements, but there are some similar features that are shared across game modes. One such feature is the speed boosts. There are two kinds of speed boosts here: 1. Boost pads that are affixed permanently on the race tracks and will accelerate your ship when you go over it, and 2. Pick-ups a.k.a. “nitro boosts” as I’d like to call them, that will fill up your nitrous meter and can be triggered whenever you want to use it.

Note that if you’ve got a good eye for boosts and the skills to chain them up, you can actually combo your boosts, allowing you to really get ahead of your competition.

However, take note that pick-ups can only be used starting from Lap 2 onwards. This is the same for weapon use in the Combat Race mode. You can only start firing at the other racers after Lap 2. Due to this, it’s best to stock up on ammo and shields during the first lap. A quick side note – since your spacecraft has a very helpful auto-target function, as long as you’ve got a rival racer in front of you and that you can keep your ship steady enough, you can just fire away.

There are also repair kits that will spawn from time to time. This is crucial since your spacecraft can be damaged in a variety of ways, ranging from crashing into other racer’s ships or scratching against the edges of the race tracks, if there are any.

In addition to beneficial pick-ups, you may encounter the opposite of the speed boosts – the slow-down pads. Obviously, you’ll want to avoid those as much as possible.

Gravity Chase comes with 16 race tracks in total, each with all 3 race modes available. Every race mode you win for a track will get you a golden star, with up to 3 stars to be earned. This means a whole lot of replayability, especially if you’re not the sort to ace a race the first time you dive into one. The game starts you off with 3 tracks and you’ll unlock more by accumulating enough points. Note that you’ll still earn points for every race you participate in, though naturally, you’ll get more if you placed first. How much points you get also depends on the difficulty of the race, with the Expert level granting three times the points. The total points you have will also determine your overall standing.

Like as good racing game, you’ll be given the option to upgrade your vehicle… which in this case, is your spaceship. There are only 4 upgrades you can get per ship and the cost vary depending on which upgrade you buy. All ships are also free to use and customize here, though customization is a simple affair, allowing you to choose a color you’d like. The ships come in different speed classes too.

Since the spaceships in this game are designed to hover above the race tracks, racing might feel a bit different than what you might be used to when you’re driving a traditional car or any other wheeled vehicles. To me at least, this only provides me with a refreshingly unique albeit equally exhilarating racing experience. This is especially true if you can manage to chain up the boosts and are using a spaceship that has a high-ish top speed.

I should also point out that since you’ll sometimes be racing on a 3D cylinder-style race tracks, whether on the inside or the outside, you may end up spinning round and round the tube while going forward if you pushed the joystick a bit too hard to either side. I ended up doing exactly this in my first race and frankly speaking, it can feel really dizzy after a while. Best if you lay off the joystick a bit even in the heat of the moment and do your best to “drive” straight.


Like any good arcade racer, Gravity Chase supports local multiplayer (splitscreen) so you can hash it out with your buddies or with family and see who’s the better racer. You can compete against each other via a 2-player mode or 4-player mode.

Graphics/ Sound

Gravity Chase is filled with cool retro aesthetics, namely the spectacularly vibrant neon lights that lined most of the race tracks in the game. Love the vaporwave-like tracks here as well as the music really cements in the retro/arcade feel of the game.


To put it simply, Gravity Chase is an incredible racing game that gives a nod to old-school arcade racers... and it did so in style! Even as the game’s still in development, it has shown lots of promise. The gameplay here is exhilarating from start to finish, especially when the boosters are engaged, and there are so many tracks to race in and spaceships to race with. Definitely a game worth keeping on your wishlist (for now) and in your library for when the game is finally released!

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New Game Added: Gravity Chase

by Aethyna Jan 13, 2022
Featuring a unique racing system and cool 3D race tracks, Gravity Chase is a thrilling retro-themed arcade racing game where you can enjoy a good ol' race through the Arcade Race mode or battle it out with other racers via Combat Race. Enjoy the rush of the adrenaline as you put the pedal to the metal and race towards the finish line! Gravity Chase: Starting an eliminator mode race Choosing a spacecraft in Gravity Chase Gravity Chase: Boost pad Read More
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