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Grand Fantasia 9 rate Check out the adorable sprites in Grand Fantasia! Explore the beautiful world of Saphael with them and vanquish the evil that threatens it from the world! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Grand Fantasia is an anime-inspired MMORPG that provides you with your very own tamagotchi-like sprite companion! In this game, you’ll need to nurture your sprite by leveling it up and keep it safe from dangers. The game also features plenty of quests that are, albeit, a bit grindy, up to a total of 8 specialized classes for you to choose from as well as PvP and PvE events that you can sign up for! You are charged with a grave duty to protect and raise your adorable sprite in Grand Fantasia. Can you do it?


The world in Grand Fantasia is held in balance by the power of the sprites, but sometimes dark forces corrupt the balance. In order to combat these evils, sprites grant their powers to Spire Messengers… people like you! Your duty is to nurture your sprite and help it grow strong. Only when the power of the sprites is finally restored, can balance return to Saphael. Will you help these adorable sprites to save the world?


After customizing your character and a brief intro video, you’ll be ready to start the game by being a classless novice on the Siwa Island. There, you will learn the game basics through its rather comprehensive tutorial. Once you reached level 5, you’ll finally be able to choose your first tier class! Grand Fantasia offers 4 archetype character classes, namely fighter, hunter, acolyte and spellcaster. These classes can be upgraded to the second tier at level 15 and then be specialized or branched into 2 different class paths at level 30. For instance, hunters will become archers at level 15 and will then be allowed to specialize into either the ranger or the assassin class at level 30. Subsequently, there are 3 more tiers later on, but there aren’t any other class paths that you can choose from. In other words, the character class progression is pretty much linear after level 30.

In Grand Fantasia, the best way to increase the power of your character, besides equipping the best gears, is by upgrading talents. There are basically 4 different types of talents – earth, start, moon and sun. Each talent has its own class requirements, so if you’re a mage, you can’t possibly expect to be able to learn the ‘shooting specialist’ talent, right? Individual talents contain tiers (up to 4) that you can upgrade using various types of fragments as well!

Furthermore, Grand Fantasia also contains a reputation system, whereby you can earn reputation with a specific faction in the game by doing certain quests, defeating bosses in certain dungeons or even buy books and doing quests from them. There are generally 3 different types of reputation, namely kingdom, faction and sprite reputation. Once you reached a new level of relationship with any faction within the above 3 categories, you will unlock access to special items from the associated faction! For instance, by obtaining the maximum reputation for Kaslow Royal Family, you’ll be able to purchase talent blueprints to craft new talents that boost your character’s reflex response, energy and vitality.

Questing in this game is relatively easy but grindy. This is due to the enormous volume of quests this game has and most quests are the ‘kill x number of monsters’-type. Combat in Grand Fantasia is pretty much straight-up hack and slash though, making the questing process even duller. There are also no auto-routing for quests in Grand Fantasia, thus, you’ll actually need to read the quest text to find out where your quest location may be! However, thankfully, once you’ve identified the target location on your map, you can just click on it and your character will automatically start to run towards it. Considering that the map in this game is pretty huge, this is a great feature to have! Having a big map also means that player-explorers in this game will definitely have a great time exploring the open and stunning environments!

The most interesting feature in Grand Fantasia is, without a doubt, its sprite companion system. Each player can have up to 3 different sprites with them at a time. You can find other sprites by adventuring in grand Fantasia! Sprites are the core of the game. They are powerful magical beings that functions somewhat like a Tamagotchi. They crave attention from you so don’t forget to interact with them from time to time. You must also feed it sprite desserts in order to keep it happy so that it will not run away from home.

Talking about home, did you know your sprite has its own tiny little cottage? You can even decorate the cottage by for example, buying a desk for it and placing it in your sprite’s home. If you keep it happy and treat it well, your relationship status with it will gradually increase. This is important as your sprite will be able to provide passive buffs to help you out during battles as well as a slew of other bonuses. Not to mention, it’ll even participate in a fight if you asked it to.

Since it’ll be fighting alongside you during battles, you may want to fit it up with gear and a better weapon than your poor sprite’s teeth. Your sprite will be able to gain experience points and level up accordingly. You can also train it new abilities and skills once it hits a certain level. Sprites are important as they have gathering skills, namely foraging, hunting, mining and salvaging, and also 1 crafting skill. This is the only way you can gather the materials needed for crafting weapons and armor later on. Higher level sprites can get even more professions!

In addition, Grand Fantasia offers a huge range of dungeons (which will be unlocked at level 20), for PvErs, as well as duels, guild wars, territory wars and arenas, for PvPers, in the game! There are also plenty of beautiful mounts, both grounded and flying mounts that you can buy and collect! You are even allowed to access your very own instanced island - Sprite Island. There will be more quests to do and also randomly spawned mobs that you can kill to obtain items that will keep your island running. There are also other fun activities that you can do on your island, including fishing, managing your own fishery as well as visit and decorate your sprite model museum, or you could drop by a friend’s island to tour around their island. If you want, your character could even get hitched in the game!


There are 200 thousand likes on Grand Fantasia’s Facebook fan page and it contains plenty of events for its community. Furthermore, the community in Grand Fantasia also like to group together into guilds. As you went on adventures in the game, you’ll earn prestige that will be contributed to levelling up the guild. At level 4, guilds will have access to a guild message board, while at level 5, guilds can then swear allegiance to a specific Sprite King for 3 thousand gold. By having swearing allegiance, the particular guild will earn the right to call upon guild-wide buffs from the Sprite King for a price. All the gold that the guild needs can be obtained through player donation, or if necessary, the guild leader may also impose a taxation rate on every quest reward any member in the guild gained while playing the game.

Graphics/ Sound

The brightly-colored anime graphics in Grand Fantasia have their own special style that sets the game apart from other anime games. Its sprites are very cute and its character outfits are very cool-looking. The sceneries are absolutely beautiful as well! If you love cute anime pets or characters, like in Luna Online, then the graphics in this game are just right for you! Moreover, the music in the game is pretty well-done. There is a nice variety of music which changes depending on which zone you’re in and most of them provide this soothing feeling that seems to be tailored perfectly to the game!


In short, Grand Fantasia is an anime-based MMO game that has an amazing and intricate sprite companion system. This sprite system is woven so flawlessly into the fabric of the game that it is impossible to play the game without the adorable sprites! The game also provides up to a total of 8 different and specialized character classes, a huge world for you to explore as well as plenty of challenging dungeons and PvP events for you to participate in! You can even get married in this game! Despite being a very generic MMORPG, if you do not take in account of the sprites, of course, Grand Fantasia is still a very solid and enjoyable MMORPG game. So, download it today and try it out yourself!

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