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Golden Acres 10 rate Turn a small holding into a huge farm to call your own, where you can grow crops, make dairy items and then sell it all to your customers. Raise animals to make your produce and add cute decorative items to make your farm truly personal and full of lots of fun things. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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In Golden Acres you are able to create a beautiful farm to call your own. Here you can raise crops and livestock as well as use these to make some amazing produce. Sell these items to the nearby village or other players for a profit and use your money to make your farm the most fun place you can.


When you open Golden Acres you are taken to a broken down farm that needs some work, here you will make your farmhouse, storage silo and barn in preparation for your first steps as a farmer. Once they are set up you are on the road to success and can create a beautiful farmland all your own.

There are several different aspects to the game that all add up to a lot of different things to do. Firstly there are the crops that you can grow. You have 8 plots of arable land to begin with, and you have some wheat here ready to go. What you farm you can then plant again, so it is worth keeping some of the items back for future use. If you run out of grain for example you will need to use a diamond to replace it. Growing the crops is easy, simply drop in what you want and wait for it to grow.

Your crops have several uses, you can turn them into feed for your animals in the mill and you can sell them to the villagers on the message board. There are also local people that will come over to you to ask for specific small amounts in exchange for coins. Some of these can also be used to make items such as bread for sale and to help complete the noticeboard quests.

There are also lots of different animals that you can look after and feed. From chickens to sheep and much more these animals are not only cute, but they also contribute to your farm. By feeding them you are able to then claim resources, such as eggs or milk that you can then sell on or use in further recipes as you progress through the game.

Each time you complete an action or make a sale you will earn experience, this is then added to your overall level. As you gain levels you will earn diamonds as well as unlock new buildings, animals and decorative items. The higher your level the more things you can do and the more money you will earn.

You also have neighbours and friends too. You begin with a character called Alice as your friend and as you visit her she will be able to sell you useful items at low prices. You can also view her farm and see many of the different things that you can buy. There is the option to add friends too, and each one you add will give you more items to buy on a daily basis.

As mentioned there are several different ways to earn money in the game. There is a noticeboard where you can make specific produce to then sell for both experience and money. These start out simple and as you are able to make more they get more complicated, but the rewards also increase too. Simply select the notice and then click on your van to send them off. There are also options to sell items to other players, here you can trade much needed produce or go and find the one you need and buy it from other players.

If you are really stuck there are also diamonds for you to use, some are awarded each time you level and you can spend real money on them if you wish. These can be used to buy things you need like crops or to speed up the making time of everything in the game.

This being a game you can play on Facebook and Mobile Devices it has a really simple and easy to use interface. Here you click on the item or drag across what you want to do, the graphics are really cute and everything is a larger than life size to make it nice to see and use.


As there are so many different platforms for the game it has created a space where lots of people can play, and they do. With the option for adding neighbours and friends here it has made for a very social game and it is nice to be able to see your friends progress and to help each other out a lot too.


Golden Acres is a cute little game with a lot going for it, there is always something for you to be doing to make money and it feels fun while you play. The look and feel is really nice and the sounds of the animals are as fun as you would want them to be.


This is a fun place to be, with lots to do and people to share it with. The design makes it seem really cute and it helps develop a sense of fun. There are so many gorgeous buildings for you to make as well as growing up a huge farm. This all together makes a great game.

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Turn a small holding into a huge farm to call your own, where you can grow crops, make dairy items and then sell it all to your customers. Raise animals to make your produce and add cute decorative items to make your farm truly personal and full of lots of fun things. Notice Board in Golden Acres Sheep in Golden Acres Crops in Golden Acres Read More
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