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Glyph 10 rate A marble-based platformer designed to specifically delight speedrunners, Glyph puts you into the little legs of a scarab as you roll across various increasingly challenging obstacle courses, collecting keys, coins, and artifacts along the way, revealing parts of the story as you progress. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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A marble-based platformer designed to specifically delight speedrunners, Glyph puts you into the little legs of a scarab as it rolls across various increasingly-challenging obstacle courses, collecting keys, coins and artifacts along the way. As you unlock new sections of the ancient temple and complete more levels, you’ll eventually reveal the story behind the desert world you find yourself in, and why the sand is like lava (will kill you when touched) here.


Many years ago, a great cataclysm occurred and the heart of creation that was housed in the temple city of Aaru was corrupted. The corruption spread like wildfire to cities and towns of various ancient civilizations through the sands, taking everything down with it.

In this game, you play as a scarab called Glyph who was awoken to cleanse the corrupted heart of creation by facing the source of said corruption and defeat it.

However, before you can do so, you’ll need to first restore the temple that was buried in the sands by travelling through the ruins of the ancient civilizations to collect lost power gems.


Glyph is a true delight to play thanks to its excellent gameplay. It features incredibly smooth controls, allowing you to handle your rolled-up scarab as you make your way through various levels in this game, collecting all the keys to unlock the portal at the end. This is pretty similar to other speedrunning games like Distance.

There are also coins, pink power gems, and if you can find it, the secret scarab artifacts to collect. You’ll need those to unlock new levels to play, restore different sections of the temple city of Aaru, and subsequently, reveal the story behind the game. Note that the levels come in 5 different difficulties, and the levels can get really challenging as you go.

Glyph provides you with a lot of abilities to use and play around with as well. All of these abilities are “taught” via the tutorial very early on, including glide through the air, the “slam”, and even the tougher one – the jump-slam-double jump-glide quadruple combo. You can even wall-climb with your scarab.

Of course, besides abilities, there are several fun mechanisms like boost pads that give you the ability to double jump, and energy rings that allow you to boost yourself twice. The tutorial also introduces you to the many challenges you’ll be facing such as collapsing platforms, red-hot lava ala “the floor is lava”-style gameplay, tricky jumps, and bouncing off walls.

The game even comes with some precision platforming at times, especially the parts where you’ll need to be at the very edge of the previous platform before jumping and gliding in order to make it to the next one.

Best yet, there are usually several different ways to complete an obstacle course and if you want to beat the clock, it’s up to you to find the best one. You can, for instance, skip platforms by boosting and gliding, and shave off a couple of seconds off the timer if you could pull it off. You can slam when landing a jump to shave off some more time too.

If you’ve played Distance before, you’ll know that dying from a host of reasons in games like Glyph is pretty common. Landing in the sand would kill you as surely as touching red-hot lava or getting your poor scarab impaled on sharp spears.

Dying in this game can also be rather punishing since it will always reset you to the very beginning of the obstacle course regardless of your progress… imagine completely overshot the portal you’re jumping towards and landing in the sand… well, that was me at one point.

That being said, at least you won’t lose any of the coins, diamonds, or scarabs you’ve collected whenever you get reset to the beginning, but you’ll need to recollect the keys; the keys that will unlock the portal for you to exit the level.

I’d also like to point out that unlike when I was playing the marble-slash-tower-defense-like game, Rock of Ages, I didn’t experience any motion sickness or feelings of nausea here. Plus, unlike the indie marble game, Rolling Sun, the camera angle isn’t fixed, allowing you to move the camera whenever necessary so you can see the obstacle course you’re on clearly.


Glyph is a single-player game so there aren’t any “social” features to speak of. However, as the game gains traction, I’m sure the game will grow its community of avid fans. I’m definitely counting myself as one of them! A sequel please?

Graphics/ Sound

To be honest, the graphics here aren’t exactly unique per se, but it really made the game looks great. I also particularly like the cool ancient-like patterns on my little scarab – they look amazing especially when they are glowing!

In terms of sound, Glyph hit it in the head with some chill music, perfectly design to lower the temperature a bit – and stop you from hurling your keyboard like a javelin at the screen - when you’ve killed your poor scarab for the umpteenth time in a single level.


Glyph is one of those indie games that caught me by surprise. The controls feel smooth and responsive, a crucial factor in platformers that sometimes require precision jumping, and the level designs are flat-out fantastic. I’ve had some absolute joy, and frustration, playing this game so far, and similar to Distance, I’m sure that the sense of accomplishment at the very end, once I’ve managed to complete every level, will be truly unbeatable.

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