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Glorious Saga 10 rate InstantFuns is back again with a fun and insanely addictive browser MMO... this time with the popular Warcraft universe as its theme. Fight for either the Alliance or the Horde on the battlefield, battle iconic Warcraft bosses with equally iconic Warcraft heroes, and have fun improving your team so they can take on tougher enemies! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Glorious Saga is an insanely fun and addictive, free-to-play, Warcraft-themed browser MMO game that features an idle-style gameplay, an in-depth and satisfying progression system, and the sort of generosity that InstantFuns is famous for. Aside from being able to recruit iconic characters from the Warcraft universe, you can even own combat pets, mounts, heirloom weapons, relics and, if you’re willing to spend some cash, special “wings”.


As the game is Warcraft-themed, you’ll start the game off by choosing to fight for either the Horde or the Alliance. Within each faction, you’ll then get to choose from a selection of 3 characters to play as. On the Alliance’s side, you can choose to play as Varian, the King of Stormwind (warrior class), Lady Jaina Proudmoore (mage), and Vanessa from the Defias Brotherhood (rogue).

On the other hand, on the Horde’s side, you can play as Sylvanas Windrunner, the Queen of the Forsaken (ranger), who is oddly enough named incorrectly as “Azshara”; a Grommash Hellscream lookalike that is named as “Hellstream”/“Hellscreem” for some reason (warrior); and Gul’dan (warlock) instead. There are 2 more characters that you can unlock later and add to your team of heroes as you level up.

Now, when it comes to the actual gameplay, it is somewhat similar to the idle-style format that’s used by many of InstantFuns’ games. Basically, your chosen hero will automatically fight enemies that will keep spawning in waves on the main screen. Every wave, or stage, of enemies are different and this provides the player with a nice sense of progression.

The boss fight at the end – you’ll have to “challenge” the boss in order to fight it – also provides a nice shower of loot, making each boss fight so much satisfying to complete. Of course, that’s not including the tons of freebies you’ll get simply by leveling up and progressing through the game.

However, if you really want to level up faster and earn something other than experience points and the occasional gear, you’ll then need to participate in the game’s many other PvE activities, such as dungeons. Glorious Saga contains a wide range of dungeons, each of them specially designed to provide you with the materials you’ll need to upgrade one thing or the other, be it your equipment, gems or pets. There are also tougher bosses, such as the Level Boss, World Boss and, for higher level players, Timed Boss, for you to defeat in hopes of getting much better gear for your characters.

Like most MMORPGs, gear plays an important role in determining how strong your team of heroes is. You can smelt gear that you don’t want or need to get gear shards which can then be used to enhance your item slot. Note that you’ll enhancing the equipment slot rather than the equipment themselves, hence, you won’t lose your enhancement levels if you do swap your lower level gear with better ones.

In addition to gear, your heroes can be improved too. Each hero has a set of skills that can be upgraded using gold. You will also eventually be able to upgrade their set of elemental Runes and embed the main 4 item slot with upgradable gems. You can “advance” them to increase their respective star rating, and once you’ve unlocked heirloom items, you can equip them to add a huge chunk of extra stats to your heroes.

There is other stuff like pets which will go into combat with you (as long as you remember to deploy them), mounts and, if you’re willing to spend some cash, special “wings” which will provide you with some extra advantage in terms of a stats boost and a Battle Power increase. Note that pets can be further upgraded by merging two of the same pets (they have to be of the same quality as well).

Glorious Saga also caters to fans of competitive PvP, allowing players to test their mettle against other players worldwide via a number of methods. You can battle randomly matchmade rivals through PvP Encounters or you can try climbing your way up the ranks by battling enemies at the PvP arena.

For those who are ready for the big leagues, there’s a weekly League Battleground where your combat competency is determined by how far you are able to go within the league, as well as a cross-server battle where you, along with all the players in your server, will battle other servers for the grand prize.

The overall pace of the game can be pretty fast for the first 35 or so levels mainly because you keep getting a ton of free stuff as you progress. However, once you reach somewhere around level 45, you’ll find the game a bit grindy by then. This usually means it’s time to log off and return tomorrow just so you can cash in on all the login rewards and new quests (and thus, quest rewards) you can get.

As much as I’ve enjoyed playing and reviewing Glorious Saga, this game is, like most browser MMOs, a pay-to-win game. By being a spender, you can gain access to a ton of exclusive items and heroes that free-to-play players will never be able to get. Spenders will also be automatically be inducted into the game’s tier-based VIP system where they will gain a ton of permanent perks; and as they gradually “tier up”, they will get even more perks.

That being said, I like how Glorious Saga makes the game’s premium currency, Khorium, a more accessible currency for the F2P players. You can easily stock up on Khorium simply by completing achievements and quests. Granted you won’t get a massive pile of Khorium if you refuse to spend money buying it, you will still have enough to spend on game packages in both the special promo section as well as in the BlackMarket in the game’s in-game shop.


Glorious Saga, like most MMOs, is quite social and hence, it has a guild system. Here, you’ll be expected to donate and complete guild quests to gain guild contributions which you can then spend at the Guild Shop. There are also other features in the guild that you can access as your guild levels up – though, most features like the guild vault, mine and lumberyard are unlocked once the guild reaches level 3. You can also choose to create a guild of your own if you want. All you need is some Khorium and gold.

Graphics/ Sound

The art style used in the game’s graphics is really similar to the style used in most of InstantFuns’ many games. The visuals look good in a chibi-sort of way. In terms of sound, the game features an inspirational tune that plays in the background. There are some sound effects too. Maybe it’s just me but the music and the sound effects do sound a bit similar to the stuff that’s used in the Warcraft series of games.


All in all, Glorious Saga is a really entertaining idle-style browser MMO that will definitely appeal to fans of Warcraft who, for one reason or the other, aren’t able to play the actual thing. There isn’t much in terms of storyline in this game, but Glorious Saga makes up for it by providing plenty of bosses and monsters to slay, dungeons to raid, players from the rival faction to defeat in duels, and more.

However, considering how the game seems to be infringing on the copyright of Blizzard, I’m quite surprised it hasn’t been hit with a DMCA notice yet. If you want to play this game, I’d recommend not spending any real money on it until enough time has passed and you can be pretty certain that the game won’t be shut down.

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New Game Added: Glorious Saga

by Aethyna Oct 18, 2018
InstantFuns is back again with a fun and insanely addictive browser MMO... this time with the popular Warcraft universe as its theme. Fight for either the Alliance or the Horde on the battlefield, battle iconic Warcraft bosses with equally iconic Warcraft heroes, and have fun improving your team so they can take on tougher enemies! Glorious Saga: PvP Arena Jaina Proudmoore in Glorious Saga Glorious Saga: Gem dungeon Read More
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