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by Aethyna
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Gift of Parthax 10 rate Playing as Arif the mage, you’ll need to battle against hordes of enemies and bosses to prove your worth and win various champion’s gifts to grow your magical powers so you can finally take on the reigning arena champion himself, Parthax. You’ll need Parthax’s gift to save the life of your critically-injured friend. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Gift of Parthax is an intense yet in-depth, 2D action-based arcade-arena game where you’ll be playing as Arif, a mage who is giving his all at the grand arena in hopes of finally defeating the reigning champion, Parthax, and obtain his gift. It is this gift that will be able to save Arif’s best friend who’s barely hanging onto life. Will you be able to beat every challenge Parthax sends your way and save your friend’s life? Or will you end up being one of the many death counts in the arena?


The non-magical citizens of Duredyll feared the powers that few magically-gifted, called mages, possess. As a result, a massive civil war erupted between these two people, forcing the mages to flee the violence into the outer areas of the kingdom. However, the leaders of Duredyll didn’t stop there – they sent groups of agents out into the kingdom outskirts to capture any mages who went into hiding.

Unfortunately for Arif and his best friend Veleus, they were caught and thrown into prison with the rest of the mages. Instead of executing them outright, the leaders of Duredyll decided to have a little fun with the mages they had captive, forcing them to fight, gladiatorial-style, in grand arenas around the kingdom. One day, Veleus was dragged away to the grand arena of Atixa to fight for his life.

Veleus fought bravely but he was struck down by a powerful spell and entered into some form of magical coma. He was in critical condition. Rumor of his friend’s condition spread to the dungeon where Arif lay waiting, hoping for Veleus’ return.

Arif was naturally distraught and in his desperation, he found strength. He managed to use his spells cleverly to escape from the dungeon. From there, he travelled to the grand arena in Atixa in hopes of defeating the residing champion, Parthax, to secure his gift – the gift that’s Veleus’ only salvation.


Gift of Parthax is fundamentally not a very difficult game to learn and play. After going through the tutorial, you should already have all the basic knowledge you need to cast spells, use potions, and evade the enemy’s projectiles by dashing. However, there are still a few controls that you’ll need to either figure out yourself or discover via the tips shown during loading screens, such as using WASD to move and switching spells quickly using the number keys or your mouse’s scroller.

Combat in this game can get really intense really fast mainly because you’ll be trying to keep your eyes on multiple things at once. For instance, in this game, you’d want to keep an eye out for traps, your enemies, including any trickier enemies, obstacles that you can take shelter at, and the amount of space you have to “run away” to safety if you are getting hemmed in by enemies.

You’ll want to dodge away from enemy projectiles, while making sure your own projectiles are nailing their targets, and avoid accidentally stepping into danger zones like traps on the ground, anywhere near hidden enemies that will only pop up and attack you, or anywhere within the vicinity of creatures that can deal devastating AoE damage or stun effects.

Not to mention, you’ll need to keep an eye on both your health and mana bars too. This is because, unlike some games, consuming potions does not instantly fill up the respective bars. Instead, these potions only restore a small portion of either your health or mana and they take some time to fill up those empty spaces.

There is also a ton of pretty varied enemies that you’ll encounter as you progress in the game, and different enemies require different strategies to counter. Most of the time, you’ll need to constantly be on the move as well. All of this makes for a really lively and thrilling battle every time you enter the arena.

Aside from its fun combat which makes up about 50% of the gameplay, the other 50% is its surprisingly in-depth spells customizing system. Through the spellbook, you can actually augment the spells you discovered with Runes. These Runes can be purchased at the shopkeeper and may provide additional benefits to your spells either by boosting their powers or changing how they work.

For example, there are Stun Runes that will provide a spell they are attached to a small chance of stunning the enemy while the Explosion rune will have a small chance of causing your spell to explode on impact, damaging surrounding enemies as well as the one you’re aiming for. Each spell can have up to 4 runes attached, even if the 4 runes are the same ones.

The spellbook also allows you to pick and choose which spells you’d want to bring into the arena, especially once you have more than 4 spells. The spells hot bar in the game can house up to 4 spells and a powerful, charged spell, called the Arch spell, which will only be accessible to you after you defeat the champion of a season at the arena. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to switch spells while you’re in the arena so you’ll need to decide which spells to bring prior to stepping into the ring.

To buy Runes, you’ll need coins and coins can be earned by battling creatures at the arena. The game doesn’t have a limit on how many times you can repeat an arena stage, so you can basically “farm” for coins that way. You can also earn Knowledge, which functions like experience points, by winning battles or sometimes, by picking up random items at the Hall of Preparation. Note that you can destroy the crates in the Hall to get at some extra coins and Knowledge points as well.

Gift of Parthax offers its players plenty of challenges, each of which are grouped into seasons. Each season will end with an epic boss fight where you’ll battle against a named NPC who’s part of the storyline. After clearing all these stages will you then be able to fight Parthax himself!


Gift of Parthax is a single-player game and hence, it doesn’t have any social features. However, if you’re interested to meet and have a chat with its community, you can head on over to the game’s Steam forum.

Graphics/ Sound

The game features a pretty amazing pixel art. The sprites in the game look great and I really like how the animations of the various spells and abilities are done. The music and sound effects are great as well. I particularly enjoy the Celtic-themed background music which plays in the Hall of Preparation.


All in all, Gift of Parthax is a fantastic action-based arcade-arena game that will have you battle through throngs of enemies in hopes of saving a friend. The gameplay is very intriguing and in-depth, especially when you realize that there are so many ways you can customize each spell you discover with the Runes you bought. There are plenty of varied enemies for you to fight against as well.

For the low price of $9.99 on Steam, Gift of Parthax is definitely a gift (to yourself or to others) that’ll keep you entertained for hours on end. Be sure to check it out!

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New Game Added: Gift of Parthax

by Aethyna Sep 26, 2018
Playing as Arif the mage, you’ll need to battle against hordes of enemies and bosses to prove your worth and win various champion’s gifts to grow your magical powers so you can finally take on the reigning arena champion himself, Parthax. You’ll need Parthax’s gift to save the life of your critically-injured friend. Gift of Parthax: Combat gameplay Shopkeeper in Gift of Parthax Gift of Parthax: New enemies Read More
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