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Ghost Recon: Phantoms 9 rate Choose your class and go out to the field of battler with the best equipment and guns you can to enter into one of the best and most loved tactical shooting arenas. Charge in as the Assault, outflank as a Recon or Control the battlefield as a Specialist. Join the fight today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Hate getting quick-scoped all the time? Well, why don’t you head on over to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon – Phantoms for some team-based, anti-quick-scoping MMOTPS fun instead? The game focuses more on completing objectives as a team, as opposed to manic killings that some other shooter games may feature. Besides having well-balanced character classes with their respective unique abilities, Ghost Recon - Phantoms also provides an intricate cover system that is integral to the gameplay that players of the Ghost Recon series will definitely be familiar with. The futuristic graphics and music are superb and most importantly, this game is not pay-to-win! So, get your combat gear on, soldier! It’s time to get ownage streak running!


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon – Phantoms brings us to an age that is ruled by technology, 20 years from now. Greedy companies like ATHENA Corp. sell their weapons and technology indiscriminately to both sides of the war and only those with the means to support a larger army of augmented soldiers will survive.

Phantoms are technically ex-Ghosts, who abandoned their brothers in pursuit of their own anti-US imperialism agenda, and now, they face their old brothers-in-arms, the Ghost Recons in a final showdown. With Ghosts on one hand trying to uphold the order of a very unstable world and with Phantoms on the other hand trying to dismantle it…who will triumph? Who will prevail? That is for you to play out!


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon - Phantoms features fast-paced gameplay (a match usually lasts in between 12 to 20 minutes) with a lot of focus on teamwork to complete game objectives, namely to capture and hold critical points on the map. To further encourage teamwork and strategy instead of mindless killing, the game gives more points to the team with the most captured objectives rather than the team with the most kills. Trying to go solo is not a good idea most of the time, even if you wanted to outflank the enemy, and it may cost you the game in the end. If you want to play to win, you’ll first need to learn your character class well, know your enemies and have good map control

Thus, to play, you’ll need to do some minor read-up first. After all, you wouldn’t want to get unnecessarily killed because you didn’t know how to reload your weapon, right? It’s also good to learn something about the class that you like as well. The game features 3 different and yet well-balanced character classes (Recon, Assault or Support). Each of these classes has their own range of weapons and signature special abilities to counter or complement other classes. For instance, the assault class can use the blitz device to negate frontal damage for a short period of time while the recon class can cloak and sneak up on the enemy.

Though, in order to use your class’s special abilities, you will first need to purchase and equip the related device using Athena credits (in-game currency) or Ghost coins (real-money currency) before you can use them. Furthermore, even though each class has 2 special abilities, only 1 of the 2 can be equipped and used at any time. The same goes to your weapon choice as well as your squad support device. You will need to pick 1 from 2 choices to equip and use in your loadout before being deployed or re-deployed into the match.

Considering that you are free to play which class you like, you should definitely try out each class at least once to find the class that suit your style best! However, there is also a minor downside to this. Since there is no limit as to how many players of each class are able to join in a match, some matches may have an overabundance of recons, assaults or supports, making some matches really easy or difficult to win. This is considered as a rather small setback as the game is so fun to play! You probably won’t even mind dying too much.

Another great thing about this game is that Ghost Recon – Phantoms also employs its unique and realistic game mechanism from its Ghost Recon game franchise, whereby you’ll need to utilise walls or barriers to your advantage or risk exposing yourself to enemy fire. You’ll need to get really good at taking cover in this game if you aim to get a good kill/death ratio. Move from cover to cover using sliding or cover jump to minimise exposure or to dodge enemy fire as well!

Moreover, the game boasts of having 40 fully customisable weapons and a variety of gun types, such as assault rifles, light machine guns, sniper rifles, handguns and shotguns. Besides buying new guns whenever a new tier is unlocked, you can also choose to upgrade your favourite weapon instead. Weapons and armour (armour in this game can only be used for a certain number of game rounds and will destroyed after it expires) can be bought using either type of currencies, thus, the game is not exactly a pay-to-win game. The game even has restraints on its in-game purchases by locking the items into different tiers. You will need to reach the next level before you can unlock a new range of better weapons. Items that are available for Ghost coins only are entirely cosmetic in nature as well!

Since team cooperation is the key to success in this game, Ghost Recon – Phantoms offers an integrated voice chatting program that allows you to discuss and execute strategy with your fellow squad-mates efficiently. If you don’t like voice chatting, you can also opt to use the in-match text chatting system instead!

The only major disadvantage of this game is probably its rather limited maps. Ghost Recon – Phantoms only provide 9 unique maps for you to play on and these maps can get rather boring after some time.


The game may seem to be an excellent training ground of pro shooters and you’re absolutely correct! This game has a huge Esport community that participates in (or attends) huge tournaments like Electronic Sports League (ESL) and also player-hosted tournaments of all sizes! If you’re lucky, you may get a chance to compete with the developers of the game themselves. Now, how cool is that?

However, even if you’re nowhere near the big leagues, you can also be a part of this massive and active community by creating or joining a clan! Most beginner-friendly clans are more than willing to take a newbie under their wing and give you some tips on the game, such as how to play different classes. If you’re more of a loner instead, don’t worry! You can ask for help and get tips on the game forum or its many social channels as well!

Not to mention, if you’re very helpful in supporting the game community as well as helping it to grow, you may even earn yourself an exclusive invitation to join the ATHENA council! ATHENA council is an elite team of selected players that help the developers foster a closer relationship with the community as a whole and are often featured in live-streamed events.


Although some of its map may look grittier while some may look like it came from some futuristic city, the graphics in Ghost Recon – Phantoms are, without a doubt, very stunning! The science-fiction themed visuals are very well-designed, particularly its gun and character models, and are very suited to the game.

The game also has a very eerie and haunting music at the interface that may bring to mind the theme song of Halo. However, this music is not implemented during matches, so you could focus on hearing gunfire instead. Each weapon will have a different sound when fired and, if you’re familiar with the sound, you can easily know whenever a sniper is around.


There’s a reason why Ghost Recon – Phantoms is one of the top MMO third-person shooter (TPS) of all time! Besides its challenging yet fun, team-based gameplay, the game offers 3 very different character classes for you to experience the game from different roles and perspectives. Furthermore, instead of just going ‘leeroy-jenkins’ on your teammates and attempt to take out all the enemies on your own, you will need to exercise caution in this game and use the various manoeuvres provided in the game to avoid being riddled with bullets. Let’s not forget about its superior graphics and sound system as well! Best of all, this excellent free-to-play game is by no means a pay-to-win game and that you cannot ‘quick-scope’ in this game! This is definitely one sci-fi themed MMOTPS game that you shouldn’t miss out on! Download it today!

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by Aethyna Dec 11, 2014
Choose your class and go out to the field of battler with the best equipment and guns you can to enter into one of the best and most loved tactical shooting arenas. Charge in as the Assault, outflank as a Recon or Control the battlefield as a Specialist. Join the fight today! Ghost Recon Online Fire as You Go Sniper Ready in Ghost Recon Online Ghost Recon Online Choose Your Kit Read More
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