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by Loki
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Get Packed: Couch Chaos 10 rate Grab Get Packed: Couch Chaos now and enjoy a fun and fast-paced gameplay for everyone! It is enjoyable and exciting with hours of content in between. With high replayability, it is sure that players will keep coming back for more to get the highest scores possible! Experience a fantastic story and an addicting gameplay loop! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Get Packed: Couch Chaos edition is the brand new and revamped version of the game boasting 4 player co-op of physics-induced chaos. A sleazy, good for nothing, and extremely greedy salt mining company gets hold of a license to operate in a town. They are eager to start as soon as possible but something stands in their way. Just a teeny tiny little detail called the townspeople. The residents are in the way and they must be removed from the area fast. This is where the player characters come in. When the company needs to do the dirty work, they call upon you folk to get the deed done.

As a team, do your best to get all of the people’s belongings and trash into the container van and send it to its final destination.


The player is put in the shoes of one of the residents trying to profit from the misfortunes that have befallen others. You start a moving company for those the big bad corporation needs to be sent off somewhere else so their activities will not be hindered. Speed, efficiency, and keeping the client’s belongings undamaged became your reputation. As time passes, the group seems to be feeling guilty about what they are doing, but don’t worry about it as large sums of money earned from the jobs quickly dismisses such unnecessary thought.


If you have played titles like Overcooked, then you will feel right at home with the gameplay present in getting Packed: Couch Chaos. The goal of the game is to move all of the clients' items onto the truck within a specific time limit. Each one has a corresponding monetary value, be careful though as this decreases when you damage it during transport. Try not to destroy anything on your way out too, broken windows, furniture, or railings give you a penalty. At the end of the stage, you are ranked by a total of 3 stars, getting the maximum number means reaching the milestone set for that level.

Multiple game modes are available for everyone to try out. There is the Campaign where players engage with different levels and progress through a story. It is a curated experience best for newbies to the title. Party games mode for those with butter fingers and would enjoy destroying everything in sight. This is more casual gameplay where you can go crazy with the speed and not worry about being cautious of the surroundings.


A feature advertised out of the box and the publishers want to be front and center for this edition is the co-op and physics. Grab a buddy and play together with a maximum of 4 players. Titles like these are best enjoyed by other people. Objectives with higher requirements become more feasible with a helping hand or more challenging if that guy is clumsy as hell. Get Packed: Couch Chaos fully utilizes the Nintendo Switch’s Joycon controls. It lives up to its name by becoming a wonderfully fun chaotic couch cooperative game.

Overall the gameplay loop is satisfying and encourages multiple playthroughs to master the levels and get the highest scores possible. Replayability is vital for titles such as these to maintain the attention of everyone. The variety of stages is most welcome as no two maps feel the same, each one is unique and different strategies must be applied for optimal results.


Another comparison with other franchises can be made in regards to the visual design. It evokes the same aesthetics found in games like Two-Point Hospital and Cuphead. A 3D top-down isometric point of view angle is utilized. You can see the interior of buildings because it is rendered to not have ceilings or roofs as seen in blueprints.

The visuals on the Nintendo Switch console look a bit blurrier than usual but it is only quite noticeable on close-ups, it does not seem as bad when seen from afar by the camera zooming out. Having full animated cutscenes add a lot of charm to the story, it is beautiful and can be rewatched from the main menu. The colors are bright and eye-catching. It leans more to the warmer side of the color spectrum though and it could use more variety in that aspect.

Acting out the voices of the playable characters is not as taxing to the actors. Most of them just vocalize grunts and other noises. The main narration is done well though. The sounds of fixtures being removed or crashes with the appliances are believable and oddly satisfying. It is so fun and immersive. The background music is present but there is nothing special to write home about, it gives off old-school cartoony vibes fitting for the theme and setting of the title.


In conclusion, Get Packed: Couch Chaos is one great family-friendly party game that can be enjoyed by a lot of people. It is currently 14.99 USD or your regional equivalent on the ESHOP today!

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New Game Added: Get Packed: Couch Chaos

by Loki May 6, 2022
Grab Get Packed: Couch Chaos now and enjoy a fun and fast-paced gameplay for everyone! It is enjoyable and exciting with hours of content in between. With high replayability, it is sure that players will keep coming back for more to get the highest scores possible! Experience a fantastic story and an addicting gameplay loop! Factory in Get Packed: Couch Chaos Bed in Get Packed: Couch Chaos Outdoor in Get Packed: Couch Chaos Read More
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