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Galaxy Life 7 rate We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Galaxy Life here:

Defend the poor starlings from the evil starling, Firebit’s, forces in this challenging MMORTS game, Galaxy Life! To prepare for the imminent invasion, build turrets, walls and other defenses at your base! Retaliate and let Firebit have a taste of his own medicine!
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Defend the poor starlings from the attacks by the evil starling, Firebit’s, forces in this challenging yet fun free-to-play MMORTS game by Ubisoft, Galaxy Life! To prepare for the imminent invasion, you’ll need to help them build turrets, walls and other defenses at their base. But of course, you wouldn’t want to just be soaking all the attacks, you should retaliate as well! Build up a formidable army and let Firebit have a taste of his own medicine! With time and patience, you could even expand your influence and set up outposts on uninhabited planets scattered throughout the galaxy! If you’re a huge fan of games like Clash of Clans, then you’ll adore Galaxy Life... that’s for certain! Start fighting against Firebit now!


In a distant galaxy, on a planet filled with peaceful starlings, a huge celebration was taking place! Meanwhile, at the tree of life, a new starling seed dropped. The seed was rotten though, resulting in an evil starling, the first of its kind, Firebit! His craving for power caused massive chaos in the once peaceful planet. Thankfully, due to the resistance leader, some starlings managed to escape the war-wrought planet to start anew hidden away on distant planets! They lived in peace for a time, but well, with Firebit’s obsession with destruction, peace won’t last forever! Can you help the starlings defend their planet from Firebit’s forces?


The game starts with a tutorial in the form of missions to guide you through the basics of the game. However, for players who are unfamiliar with games like Galaxy Life, the tutorial provided is rather insufficient to help these new players to learn about the game. Thus, you may need to head over to the game’s official site to learn more, if necessary, or you could just try to figure it out yourself!

The building process is always important in any empire building games like Galaxy Life, thus, let’s take a look at how it works in this game. The game provides you with 1 worker only at the start, but soon, you’ll be able to recruit your second worker. There are 2 ways to recruit new workers to increase the number of ongoing construction projects in your alien empire, namely by spending galaxy chips (premium currency) or by collecting sufficient materials. These materials can be obtained via visiting your friends’ bases and helping them out. Furthermore, each type of building have their own building limits, so you cannot just build an entire base full of turrets.

Building upgrades can be a bit tricky to explain in Galaxy Life. The majority of the buildings in this game can be upgraded to increase in health and capacity. However, some can only be upgraded up to 3 levels, while others can reach up to 10 levels. For instance, the star base can be upgraded to level 9, but the training facility can only reach level 3. It’s kind of weird and a tad bit “uneven”. Anyway, some upgrades just require resources – quite a lot of them I might add, while there are a few that will require certain special materials.

Unlike other much sophisticated MMO strategy games like Forge of Empires, Galaxy Life is a very simple game to understand and play. There are only 2 types of resources that you’ll have to pay attention to, namely minerals, which you can obtain from mines, and coins that you can get from space dwellings. Once the production facilities are built, the resources will be generated automatically until it is filled up. You just have to collect them periodically. Simple, right? However, you should remember that you can only store as much resources as your storage allows. Thus, if your resources are capped out, you’ll then need to build more storage facilities, namely silos for minerals and bank for coins, or you could upgrade them.

Building up a proper base is surely hard work, thus, you might want to make it last by strategically placing defenses all over your base. For instance, you can build turrets and walls to ensure the safety of your base and starling citizens. These structures can also be upgraded to provide even better protection to your base. Not to mention, you can even place motion-sensitive traps in strategic locations around your base as well! Whenever the enemy troops came anywhere close to it, well, let’s just say that a crater will form where the troops has once been. Hence, do ensure that you make full use of all the defense tools that you have at hand to bolster up your defenses! Besides that, you can also decorate your base with cute decorations, though the game offers very limited choices, since most items are available for galaxy chips but not for in-game cash. In fact, only 2 items in the shop can be bought using in-game cash. It’s really a pity.

Running out of space? Well, you can “recycle” shrubs, trees, rocks and carters for free (no resources consumed) to get more space. You can clear multiple items at the same time and you’ll get collection items/ materials from the recycled items. Sometimes, if you’re luck, you can even get galaxy chips! However, the area that you are given is fixed so you cannot just “buy another patch of land” to place your buildings on.

Right onwards to the most important part of the game – the battles! To begin attacking, you’ll need to set up your training camp first and recruit troops like the marines or the Starlinators. You can queue up to 10 of the same type of troops at any time, but if you can spare the galaxy chips, you can unlock more slots. To get new units, you don’t need to do any “research”. Instead, you just need to activate your new unit by coughing up a rather huge sum of resources (usually minerals). You can also upgrade your units up to 7 levels too!

Different units in Galaxy Life have different specialty, so you should deploy them accordingly. For example the looters are not much of a fighter but they excel in – what else? - looting. So, as long as you have other troops distracting the enemy turrets, you can go home with quite a lot of loot! However, you should also use the “spy” option to view your target base and plan in advance on how you will execute your invasion. You can even use spy capsules to reveal enemy mines and know which attack direction you should avoid.

The combat system in Galaxy Life is very much similar to games like Clash of Clans. You’ll need to click multiple times on a free spot to deploy your selected troops. When you troops destroy buildings, they will earn resources as well as special materials (depending on which type of building it is). These materials can then be used for upgrades or for crafting incredible weapons of mass destruction, like skull nukes, missile rain, boulder strike and freeze bomb.

You can also visit friends’ bases and help out to earn bonus coins, minerals, or if you’re lucky, collection items. You can even send free gifts of collection items or materials to your friends and hopefully, they will send one back in return! As you progress in the game, you will also unlock or discover many other features, such as the ability to colonize free planets that require quite a lot of resources or changing your HUD for free (there are 3 designs available).


The community in Galaxy Life tends to group together into alliances and with good reason too! Since you start with just a small base, you’ll need all the help you can get to keep it from being mowed down by the bigger and badder empires out there. However, to sign up for an alliance, you’ll need to be at least level 15 first. Not to mention, the game can be considered as hugely popular, though not as popular as Clash of Clans. It has 2.6 million likes on its Facebook fan page. If you’ve enjoyed the game, do remember to like the page to get notifications of free galaxy chips, competitions and event announcements!

Graphics/ Sound

In terms of graphics, Galaxy Life contains brightly colored, cartoonish graphics that look really nice and fit the rather candidly comic-like story in the game. The characters are rather adorable with their big bulging eyes and cute small bodies. Furthermore, the game’s catchy music manages to give Galaxy Life that mysterious yet quirky feeling, which fits the theme of the game as well!


All in all, Galaxy Life is a rather adorable yet challenging MMO strategy game that both casual and hardcore strategists would enjoy! In this game, one of the many planets the refugees from starling have made into their new home is facing imminent attack from Firebit’s forces. You’ll need to help them to build up impressively impenetrable defenses for the base while preparing a huge counterattack force to retaliate! Grow your empire into a strong empire via upgrades to the point where Firebit will think twice before attacking you! Fans of games like Clash of Clans or any MMO strategy game will definitely have a great time in Galaxy Life! So, don’t wait - set up your empire now!

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by Aethyna Jun 10, 2015
We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Galaxy Life here:

Defend the poor starlings from the evil starling, Firebit’s, forces in this challenging MMORTS game, Galaxy Life! To prepare for the imminent invasion, build turrets, walls and other defenses at your base! Retaliate and let Firebit have a taste of his own medicine!
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