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Galactic Junk League 8 rate Dive into an exhilarating combat in space as you dodge lasers and rockets, weave through chunks of floating asteroids, and blast your way to victory in this amazing game, Galactic Junk League. Do you have what it takes to defeat your competitors and take over the various lucrative scavenging locations in space? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Dive into an exhilarating combat in space as you dodge lasers and rockets, weave through massive chunks of floating asteroids, and blast your way to victory in this amazing game, Galactic Junk League. With a western-futuristic theme, a competitive gameplay and a sandbox-styled and LEGO-like spaceship-building aspect, Galactic Junk League is definitely a game you’d want to check out. Try it today!


The game starts off by presenting you to your very first ship, the Rookie Ship, while guiding you through its spaceship-building process. To begin editing your ship, simply click on the Edit Your Build while you’re at the hangar.

This sandbox-styled aspect of Galactic Junk League is among one of the most unique (and also integral) features that the game has to offer. Feeling as though you’re building a LEGO spaceship block by block, you are literally able to build an entire spaceship from scratch (its core, I mean) if you so choose to do.

There are many different types of LEGO-like components that you can add to your ship in this game. You can add useful items like hull blocks, guns, thrusters, gyroscopes and more, as well as visual add-ons, which, like the name depicts, are more aesthetic in nature. Each component increase your spaceship’s stats in some manner.

For instance, by adding more guns, you’ll drastically increase the damage rating of your ship, while by adding more thrusters, the speed value of your ship will increase instead. Hulls, as “useless” as they may look, are actually a pretty crucial part of the whole ship-building process too – they bump up the health of your ship by a tiny but significant fraction.

However, before you start covering every inch of your ship with guns, you might want to learn more about the game’s regulatory systems first – the CPU and AP systems. CPU regulates how many non-ability components, such as utility, construction, weapons and mobility items, you can affix to your ship, while AP specifically regulates the number of ability-related components. So, by adding, say... a hull block onto your ship, the overall CPU value of your ship will decrease.

The same goes for ability-related components and the overall AP value. Once your AP or CP drops down to 0, you will no longer be able to add any more components from that category. So, finding a balance between having high health, good weapon damage, high moving speed as well as quick and smooth maneuverability is important if you aim to build a ship that has the best of everything.

It’s also interesting to note that you are able to inspect and modify your ship in a 360-degree view. This means that you can easily change your camera view so that you can add components to the “underbelly” of your spaceship if you want. The build controls are pretty simple to figure out since the tutorial doesn’t really cover this as much. If not, you could always head over to the Control Settings to learn about the keys to perform an action, such as to using the scroll wheel to rotate a component or pressing “Tab” to bring up the Blocks menu.

Not to mention, aside from the Rookie ship, there are many other ship classes that you’ll be able to unlock once you reach level 10. They include the Frigate, Cruiser, Battleship, and the Destroyer. Different ships will have different CPU and AP allowances. With better ships, you can even add in more than 1 type of weapon too.

You’re allowed to own up to 3 spaceships at first (including the default ship), but if you need more slots in your hangar, you could always buy more slots at the cost of 500 Junk or 50 Space Credit (premium currency) per slot. The cost will presumably increase as you buy more slots for your new spaceships.

Now that you’re ready, you can head straight into the game’s short combat tutorial or the game’s single-player practice mode, which is pretty disappointing since you only get to shoot at stationary and unresponsive enemies. It’s like fighting a target dummy that doesn’t fight back. Admittedly, both the tutorial and the practice mode are insufficient to truly prepare a new player for the battle in the game’s only team-based (blue Zombie Hipsters vs red Fist Clan) multiplayer mode, Team Battles. The sort of spaceship maneuvers that you need to learn can only be gained by putting yourself and your ship into actual combat.

Similar to most MMO shooters, Galactic Junk League is a pretty straightforward game when it comes to combat. The controls are not too hard to pick up, though more inexperienced players may find it a bit tough to navigate their ships at first, particularly the strafing part. Some controls are not taught during the tutorial as well. Again, if you need help in the controls department, be sure to browse through the list of controls at the Control Settings.

Since the ships you’ll be firing at are basically made up of individual LEGO-like components, you can shoot off parts of an enemy’s ship to incapacitate it prior to destroying it completely. For example, if you take out the thrusters of a fleeing ship, you can slow it down enough for you to catch up. However, to get a kill, especially a quick and clean one, you should actually aim for the ship’s core. To ensure more accurate shooting, you can use the right mouse button to aim your guns, much like using a scope on a rifle.

Depending on the weapons you use, you may risk triggering the Overload error whenever you use your guns for an extended period of time. When Overload is triggered, your spaceship will literally be rendered weaponless for quite awhile... enough for an opportunistic opponent to zoom in and destroy you without the risk of taking any retaliatory damage in return. Of course, if you use laser-type weapons instead, the duration you can fire your guns depends on the energy level of your ship. Once drained, your ship will be once again put in a sitting-duck position, which isn’t a very good position for any spaceship to be.

Different weapons will also have different ranges in Galactic Junk League, and it’s nice that the game provides you with a notification whenever you’re out of range. This notification only pops up if you “scoped” in and have fired off a shot or a couple of shots. However, what the game doesn’t really teach you is that there’s a more obvious way of spotting if a ship is out of range or not. Simply check out the health bar of the enemy ship. If it’s white with red rims, then it is within range and well... you might want to start firing away. If not, the whole health bar will be red in color.

Furthermore, you are allowed to add up to 5 different abilities on your ship, provided that you have sufficient AP points to spend. Each ability, if added to your ship, will grant your ship a special “power-up” that you can use during emergency situations in a match, such as using your Engine Overload ability to outrun an enemy. Abilities and other blocks can be unlocked and upgraded via Research. Besides the level requirement, you will also need to have enough Junk to spend on a Research.

Galactic Junk League has line of sight implemented as well, so it is wise to make full use of the massive floating asteroids that litter the battlefield as a barrier to avoid being fired at. Stick close to the rocks and don’t worry about accidentally “killing” yourself by ramming into the asteroids. Apparently, in this game, you won’t get or cause any damage by ramming into an object - and this includes other enemy spaceships. In fact, because of this, the whole game does feel a bit arcade-like.

Admittedly, Team Battles can be pretty fun if the game has more players. At the moment though, the game is woefully empty and you may need to wait 5 to 10 minutes for a match. It’s also likely you’ll be matched with players who are much higher level than you – players who have access to weaponry that you can only dream of despite being 2-3 levels above you. Due to this, it would be nice to have a Practice Mode where you can actually practice against clever and competitive AI opponents to fill in the waiting time and perhaps earn small amounts of XP and Junk.

Looking to stand out from the other players’ spaceships in Galactic Junk League? Well, you can do so by spending your hard-earned Junk at the in-game shop. There, you can purchase a variety of cool skins and add-ons. Of course, there are also 50%, 125% and 225% boosts that can increase the Junk and XP you can earn per match that you can buy. If you plan on spending real cash in this game, you might want to take a look at some of the amazing premium features like Pilot Licenses and Space Whiskey, as well as other premium-exclusive items.


As mentioned, the community in Galactic Junk League is woefully small at the moment. Perhaps you might have better luck finding players to play the game with at a different time zone. If not, you could always get a bunch of your friends and invite them over to this game.

Graphics/ Sound

Due to its futuristic-slash-Western theme and an art style that is somewhat in between hardcore and casual, Galactic Junk League’s graphics are definitely something unique. The game also features well-composed techno music. Throw in some superb voice acting (in a Western cowboy-styled accent) and you’ll get that enjoy special gaming atmosphere Galactic Junk League offers.


In short, Galactic Junk League is a pretty fun and competitive MMO shooter/space simulation game that has an incredible sandbox-styled spaceship crafting aspect and a unique theme which fuses good ol’ Western with a futuristic setting. The only obvious downside to the game is its very low player base, which resulted in multiple other issues, such as being not able to get into a match or getting yourself matchmade with players who are simply too high in level or unbalanced teams for the game to be fair. Hopefully, this problem will be corrected once the game is officially released and players will be able to actually enjoy playing the game.

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by Aethyna Dec 14, 2016
Dive into an exhilarating combat in space as you dodge lasers and rockets, weave through chunks of floating asteroids, and blast your way to victory in this amazing game, Galactic Junk League. Do you have what it takes to defeat your competitors and take over the various lucrative scavenging locations in space? Galactic Junk League: Arctic Crater map Customizing your ship in Galactic Junk League Galactic Junk League: Build your own spaceships Read More
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