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Funky Bay 10 rate If you're looking for a relaxing getaway... well, this is it! Escape to a beautiful island and set up your very own virtual farm in Funky Bay. Grow a huge range of crops, raise various farm animals, and turn all your raw produce into more valuable goods. Don’t forget to sell your products to your customers and earn some cash. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Is work getting you down? Well, get rid of all that penned up stress by escaping to a beautiful island and setting up your very own virtual farm in Funky Bay. Grow a huge range of crops, raise various farm animals, and turn all your raw produce into more valuable goods. Sell your products to the paddlers who visit your island or complete delivery orders to earn some cash. Sounds like the relaxing getaway that you’ve been seeking for? Well, what are you waiting for then? Stop by Funky Bay and set up your farm today!


The protagonist in this story is an unnamed guy working a blue collar, 9-to-5 job that he dislikes. His boss is always glaring at him and his workload never seem to end.

In desperation, he turned to his friend for help and luckily, his friend has just the thing to help. He quit his job, rented a mobile home and head off to start a new life as a farmer on a beautiful island paradise. However, being new to farming and all... he will need some help. Will you lend him a hand?


Like most farm simulation game, you’ll start off by learning how plant seeds, and harvest your crops once they mature. The controls are incredibly simple in this game. To plant seeds, all you need to do is to click on the plot you want to plant on, select the crops you want (there is a nice variety of them, ranging from wheat to strawberries) and simply drag the seeds over as many plots as you like. New farm plots are only unlocked as you level up.

However, do take note that the game doesn’t sell you the seeds. Instead, you are given some for free and are expected to always keep some seeds stored up for future planting. If you do ran out of seeds for a particular crop, you’ll then need to spend 1 premium diamond to purchase a single seed. Thus, it is crucial for you to reuse your harvest as seeds for your next batch of crops. There are also many fruit trees that you can plant in this game, but unlike crops, trees have longer production lifespans.

Aside from plants and trees, Funky Bay is a place for farm animals as well! You can raise a nice variety of animals, such as chickens to cows, as long as you have enough cash to buy them and provide them with a home, be it a pen or a coop, to stay in. As opposed to crops which are stored in the silo, animal produce is stored in the barn along with other materials which you can collect from the game environment if you have the necessary tools. Such materials include grasses, logs and stones.

Raw farm produce can only be sold for so much money. Hence, if you aim to make a lot more profit out of your virtual farm, you will need to convert those produce into products. To do so, you’ll first need to construct the buildings needed, such as the Funky (juice) Stand, the Feed Mill, the Dairy and more. The products you collect from these buildings will be stored in the barn as well.

Need more land? Well, you can snap up neighboring lands provided that you have reached the required level. If not, you could clear the land you currently own to free up more space. Sometimes, you’ll get a chest after clearing something large on your land. A chest usually contains a ton of goodies like experience points, coins and tools. However, unless you are willing to spend premium cash to buy one, you may need to resort to lockpicking which will take hours before you can grab your free gifts. You can only lockpick 1 chest at a time.

Clearing up trees, bushes and rocks require specific tools though and these tools are only dropped randomly from time to time. They can be quite rare. Thankfully, there are a few ways to ensure you’ll get some tools and one of these methods, aside from straight up spending premium diamonds to buy them, is to complete delivery orders.

You can view your list of delivery orders at the pier where the delivery boat resides. Each completed order will not only earn you some coins and experience points but also combo points. Complete orders from the same customer to accumulate more points. Once the meter is filled, you’ll get a free gift which usually contain tools. Starting with only 2 orders, you can unlock more orders simply by leveling up. Of course, you can also refresh an order to get a new one after 6 minutes.

In Funky Bay, paddlers may sometimes wander to your island as well and they usually come with a request that you can then fulfill to earn coins and experience points. These people visit your island pretty often, so this can be a pretty fast way for you to earn more coins. Similar to dumping orders you don’t want to do, you can also choose turn away a customer if you don’t have the stuff they want.

That said, there’s a somewhat important thing to note - Unlike most farm sims, there are no quests for you to complete, at least not earlier on where cash can be hard to come by. This means that you can play the game at your own pace but this also means that earning cash can be a tad bit more difficult. Due to this, the game is a bit slower paced, so don’t go in expecting to level up really quickly within the first hour of playing. There are also plenty more features that you can eventually unlock as well as secrets that you can uncover as you explore the island.


Funky Bay is one of the more popular farm simulation games on Facebook and as such, the game enjoys a pretty large player base (of around half a million). Like most farm games, having neighbors can be very beneficial to you in Funky Bay. In this game, you can visit your neighbors and friends to help them out with chores and to trade. There’s even a marketplace where you can buy and sell valuable goods.

Graphics/ Sound

Although the art style itself may not be completely unique, the game’s bright and colorful 3D graphics are still very appealing gamers. Each item in the game are also so beautifully designed. You can definitely see the effort the developers put into the game when you noticed that the crops change its form whenever they enter a different growing stage.

In terms of music, Funky Bay does have a pretty “funky” tune. The music has a nice tropical jingle to it and it’s pretty soothing overall.


Despite the oversaturation of farm simulation games on Facebook, Funky Bay has managed to rise up to fame. This is mainly because of its brilliant graphics, soothing tunes, relatable storyline, and a more casual and slower-paced gameplay. However, if you like your games to progress a little bit faster, you could always spend some premium diamonds to speed things up.
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New Game Added: Funky Bay

by Aethyna Jan 4, 2017
If you're looking for a relaxing getaway... well, this is it! Escape to a beautiful island and set up your very own virtual farm in Funky Bay. Grow a huge range of crops, raise various farm animals, and turn all your raw produce into more valuable goods. Don’t forget to sell your products to your customers and earn some cash. Funky Bay: Delivery boat returned Crops ready for harvest in Funky Bay Funky Bay: Unlock new regions Read More
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