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by Richard
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Fractured Space 10 rate Fractured Space is an action space combat game that features massive starships instead or the popular star fighters from popular sci-fi games. It has a deep customization feature that lets you change your ship’s decals, weapons, power ups and even your ship's crew. It also features solo play, co-op and PvP battles. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Fractured Space is a brilliant space combat game from Edge Case Games. It features intense space combat by pilot massive starships instead of the very popular star fighter class ships. The game has a ton of ship customizations ranging from changing its decals to overhauling the entire color scheme as well as picking your own starship crew. The game offers a wide range of game modes that caters for solo players or with a party in co-op or PvP.


The gameplay of Fratured Space is heavily focused on strategy rather than being more all offensive, similar that from games like World of Tanks where careful approach in the battlefield can lead to victory. There are different kinds of starships that offer different playstyles, take for example the ship Basilisk, it focuses on stealth that can sneak behind ships which is good for surprise attacks, but can be easily countered with defensive ships that can detect stealth ships and the Basilisk has low defense rate which cannot survive against these ships.

The controls are straightforward, from the WASD keys for movements along with the mouse for the camera. Some functions unique to space simulation games are present, such as a function that lets you raise or lower your altitude. The mouse buttons are mapped for your primary and secondary weapons while the hotkeys (placed on the numerical keys) are for the abilities based on the ship class.

At the start of the game, there three Manufacturing groups (Titan, USR and Zarak) that you can choose from. Each of them provide different starships that have specific roles. Take for example the default Pioneer of USR that is good for starters and new to space combat games that can provide great amount of offensive damage and decent defense rate for a balance build or the heavy Leviathan from Titan that provides massive damage to any starships but at a cost of slower movement which can be critical if there are no surrounding support ships. So a fleet can include a variety of supports and medium attack ships to provide a well-balanced team.

Customization in the game provides your ships with different designs to make it unique from the other players. Some include decals or a new coat of paint which you can mix and match with the decals, though some of the paints and decals may require purchasing it with real money. You can also upgrade your weapons to provide move devastating damage to enemy ships. Another cool customization is the selection of fleet crews, when you assign a certain crew a role in your ship, they can provide buffs and stat bonuses for your ship, and you can acquire more crew as you progress further with a chance to get rare ship crews that will give your better boosts.

Combat has a mix of strategy and base capturing mechanics. All maps will have different set of sectors that is accessible by jump driving or hyper driving. But in order to jump drive to a nearby sector, you must capture one of its space stations to gain access to other clusters. And the main objective to each match is to capture the enemy HQ at the far end of the map.

Though some of the sectors are optional in terms of capturing them, they can still provide boost to your fleet that will give more advantage and taking the enemy HQ head on will be difficult due to the large amount of turrets guarding it. Some station in the map can provide support when captured, some may provide upgrades to your ship that will last until the battle, while some can provide repairs for any damaged allied ship. There are asteroids scattered around the map which are good vantage points that lets you cover from incoming assaults from enemies or even a good way to ambush unsuspecting fleets by hiding behind the massive floating rocks.

There are three different game modes that you can choose whenever you start a game, you can opt to play solo and participate in campaign mission, however since the game is still on its early access phase, only few missions are available but still enough to give you a crash course on the basics of the game.

Playing with other players or friends in cooperative missions lets you defeat enemy AIs that you may not be able to take on alone. Some missions even vary in difficulty giving players some extra challenge they seek. And for those who wants to play competitively, they can go against other real players in a player versus player match. The good thing with these game modes is that all of them still provides credit rewards, item drop and experience points when completed, so picking any mode will not penalize you and will earn rewards as well.


There are some active players in Fractured Space, even if it is still in the open beta stage. Searching for a match had no issues due to the large number of players online. You can coordinate with players during a match with the in-game chat feature to plan out tactics for an easy win.

Graphics/ Sound

So far the graphics are just stunning. Each starships are heavily detailed even when in close up, you can see the blinking lights on each section of the ship that makes it very real. Sound effects feature some impressive sounds that feature engine noise and photon explosions will remind you of classic science fiction movies and the music adds that sense of space opera epic feel to it to add more drama when preparing for a battle.


Even on its early stage, Fractured Space is very promising. With breath-taking visuals and impressive space combat that focuses more on strategy than more in action. It helps recreate those dream space battles with enormous ships at your disposal. There are still some technical issues when playing the game, but with future updates and fixes, it will be one epic space combat game for any sci-fi fans.

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New Game Added: Fractured Space

by Richard Dec 21, 2016
Fractured Space is an action space combat game that features massive starships instead or the popular star fighters from popular sci-fi games. It has a deep customization feature that lets you change your ship’s decals, weapons, power ups and even your ship's crew. It also features solo play, co-op and PvP battles. Fractured Space: Space station Engaging the enemy in Fractured Space Fractured Space: Triton skin for the Zarek Enforcer Read More
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