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Foretales 10 rate Volepain got himself into a spot of trouble after stealing a magical lyre. He now sees events of the future – all of which are dreadful – and he couldn’t just stay idly by and let them happen, especially when the people he cared about are about to suffer a terrible end. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Foretales is a one-of-a-kind card-based adventure game that puts you into the shoes... uh, I meant feet... of a street-smart and skillful hornbill, Volepain, as he got himself into a spot of trouble after stealing an apparently-magical lyre. He now sees events of the future – all of which are dreadful – and he couldn’t just stay idly by and let them happen, especially when the people he cared about are about to suffer a terrible end.


Is seeing a vision of the future a curse or a blessing? Volepain seems to think it's the former.

After a successful heist where he lifted a valuable yet apparently magical lyre from Lady Katell’s manor, he was overcome by visions of the future, all of them bad, and ended up having to be saved by his partner in crime, Leo. However, there are events that are already set into place that Volepain cannot ignore, partly because his savior and friend wound up in prison while he was recuperating, and partly because the cause he’s intricately tied to, the miners’ strike which is being led by his ill father, is under threat.

Most importantly of all, the city he lives in is doomed to burn unless he does something about it, and there are also worrying incidences in the mine of a beast infection that is turning everyone it gets in contact with into mindless beasts. Best not let the infection spread… don’t you think?


The game begins with a pretty comprehensive, interactive tutorial where you get to immediately apply what you’ve learned in the very first adventure. Even if you’re familiar with card games in general, the game still has pretty new mechanics that make it unique and it’s wise to pay attention and not just skip everything.

There are many different kinds of cards here. You’ve got your team’s character cards at the bottom center of the screen, with their respective health levels shown right above them. Each of them provides you with a deck of skill cards specific to their character and these cards are placed on the left. Note that you can swap the skill cards “in your hand” with the other cards in the respective character’s deck. You can even spend one Food to bring back a card from the Discard pile.

However, the more efficient way of retrieving cards from the Discard pile, which you’ll likely do often, is by Resting. Resting can sometimes come with benefits, such as the chance to heal your entire team by spending some food, or the opportunity to buy useful tools from a merchant, but it’s more probable that you’ll encounter a negative event instead, such as having to pay off a band of bandits just so you won’t get a stack of their cards added to the Search Party stack.

Search Party cards, a.k.a. enemy cards, are the ones with the “eye” symbol and these cards will be added at random, as tokens, to the cards in the playing area provided that these cards also have an “eye icon” on them.

The 3 to 5 cards placed in the playing area are, mostly, location or character cards that you can interact with using the skill cards mentioned before. These cards come from a deck on the left and will typically be swapped out whenever you interact with any of them. However, there are times when interacting with one of these cards will lead to another location within close proximity, such as finding a fairy ring by wandering through a patch of berry bushes.

Some of these cards have a golden frame which indicates that 1. They are important to the story, can be a side mission or a part of the main mission of the adventure; and 2. They tend to require some specific resources or cards for you to be able to progress.

There’s a variety of cards on the right that you can also use to interact with the cards in the playing area. Some of them are permanent cards that function as a way for you to keep track of your resources, namely gold, food, fame, and grim. Gold and food are pretty self-explanatory. Fame is obtained whenever you do good deeds, like feeding the street urchins or contributing gold to the miners in their strike, while Grim is obtained whenever you do something “bad” like stealing food from the poor.

In addition to the gold-framed cards which, similar to the location or character cards, are permanent in the sense that the card will persist throughout different adventures you go on. This section of the screen houses all of your consumable cards as well. You see, sometimes you’ll get potions or other items like a firebomb or a knife, as well as recruit the characters that you meet in your adventures that you can then use either in battle (more on this later) or on the cards in the playing area.

Fights are inevitable here but interestingly enough, Foretales doesn’t force you to fight your way out often – it discourages direct confrontation, opting for you to resolve combat situations in some fairly unique ways. You can, for instance, play an “Arrest warrant” card to force a bandit you’re fighting to pay you money for the blackmail and then flee the battle. You can also use your Fame, Grim, Gold and sometimes, Food to bribe an enemy to leave the fight. Make enough enemies flee the fight will reduce the enemy’s morale. Once that number reaches zero, the remaining enemies will flee as well, but these grant you a point of Fame, each.

However, there are times when you just don’t have the resources to bribe your way out of fights and will have to actually do some combat. Fights are resolved in a turn-based manner, similar to most card games. Know that you will also have a well-varied host of cards and items, such as the firebomb or the knife, that you can use to help your fighters to gain an advantage. Allies you’ve recruited can bolster your forces too, while the skill cards you have in your hand can be used to directly attack the enemy or bolster your team’s attack power.

The way you can use your cards in this game, along with the fact that you can’t possibly complete every adventure on offer in a single playthrough, gives it a lot of replayability. There are just so many secrets (location or character cards) and even rare item cards that you can discover by trying different card combos. Plus, similar to combat, some of the goals needed in an adventure can typically be achieved in more than one way, if you look hard enough anyway.

Every adventure also comes with a side-mission that is entirely optional but will grant you a very nice reward if completed, be it a new type of skill card to use or a potent potion that can increase the maximum health of your heroes. Not to mention, the adventures you chose to go on will have consequences, resulting in certain adventures being forever closed off, and sometimes even causing an entire city to go up in flames.

Your decisions really matter here in this game. Whether it is to kill everyone who stands in your way or which adventure you complete and which you’ve omitted, the consequences of your actions can be felt as you progress through the story.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics here, especially the card art, are gorgeous! It’s obvious that lots of love had gone into creating them. I also like how you can see the shadows of the tree leaves waving about in the air, indicating that you’re playing this card game underneath the shade of a tree. In terms of sound, the game has a nice range of soundtracks that go well with the ambiance and the atmosphere of the game. It also has a fantastic narrator who adds quips now and then, some of which can definitely at least get a good chuckle out of you.


Foretales offers a truly refreshing and innovative take on what is a thrilling, story-driven adventure game by infusing it with interesting and fun card-based gameplay, all of which are structured around a tabletop-like design. So, if you enjoy playing card games that tell a story, or even unique card games in general, you’ll fall in love with Foretales!

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by Aethyna Sep 18, 2022
Volepain got himself into a spot of trouble after stealing a magical lyre. He now sees events of the future – all of which are dreadful – and he couldn’t just stay idly by and let them happen, especially when the people he cared about are about to suffer a terrible end. Foretales: Assembling the team Helping the lumberyard foreman in Foretales Foretales: Battling the infected Read More
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