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For Honor 10 rate For Honor is a multiplayer action game developed by Ubisoft. The game lets you don the arms and armor of medieval warriors like the knights, samurai, vikings, and shaolin. Engage in combat with your enemies like in team battles or singleplayer duels. Fight to the death for your faction and win the faction war! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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What would happen if medieval knights fought Japanese samurai with the vikings pillaging both their lands? Well, you no longer have to read up alternative history stories because you can just play For Honor. Available for free as part of PlayStation’s PS Plus lineup this February 2019, For Honor puts you in the shoes of these gallant warriors and lets you answer the age old question: who would win in a battle between the knights and the samurai?

Alternate history fantasies aside, For Honor helped the growth of melee fighting mechanics in video games, alongside titles like Mount and Blade and Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It was one of the most forward-thinking games back when it was released, featuring easy-to-learn yet hard to master combat mechanics. However, it does have its own fair share of problems, especially on the technical aspects. With that said, is it something worth your while? Let’s find out what it has to offer:


There’s a singleplayer campaign in For Honor, and it’s perfect for learning the control schemes of every hero (or in-game character). The plot centers around how For Honor’s world devolved into chaos, with all three factions waging war upon each other. Though the plot feels generic, it features strong and well-written characters.


For Honor isn’t your typical fighting game. It’s a tactical brawler, and it requires extreme patience and dedication to master. Even the controls are quite hard to handle. Attacking and blocking can be aimed at three directions: up, left, and right. If you’re playing on a PS4, press R1 to perform a light attack, and R2 for a heavy one. While doing any of the two, you have to make sure to place attacks on the direction your opponent isn’t securing. You’ll need to make the right moves while observing your opponents’ movements There are also guardbreaking and grapple mechanics which are quite hard to learn. If you love skipping tutorials, For Honor’s isn’t something you’d want to skip unless if you want to end up with a losing record.

For Honor has several heroes across all four factions, though we can ignore the Shaolin warriors since you’ll need to buy an expansion pack to use them. Anyway, the three available factions include the Iron Legion (medieval knights), Warborn (vikings), and the Chosen (samurai). Every faction has four hero types/classes with each adhering to certain playstyles. For example, there’s a Heavies class designed for players who like slow characters yet deal huge amounts of damage. Speedy types can use the assassin-class, while those who balance between offense and defense can opt for the Vanguard class. Finally, the Hybrids are for those who want characters who want all-rounded characters with unique skills.

There are several game modes. These include Duel, which is the game’s 1v1 mode, and Brawl which is a 2v2 one. Meanwhile, Dominion is the most-played mode and is composed of teams of four players vying for control around three spots across a map. One team plays as the attacker while another tries to defend. While all of this is happening, a major battle fought by grunts is constantly happening. When a team reaches a certain number of points, all they’ll have to do is eliminate the opposing team to finally win. Other modes include Skirmish, Elimination, Tribute, and Breach.

Apart from these modes, there’s also a Faction War going on all of the time. Its results are determined by the cumulative multiplayer battle results of the players in their respective factions. You can fight on certain maps and battlefields to vie for control of them in the matchmaking screen. Players who have contributed to the war effort are more likely to earn better rewards.


For Honor has an active community, although it takes time to find matches in certain game modes. Unfortunately, the game is still hounded by latency issues two years after its release. Regardless. It’s still playable and you can get into matches within a few minutes. For Honor has a sizeable community on Reddit and its own wikia where you can read tips and tricks regarding the combat.


In terms of presentation, For Honor excels. After all, Ubisoft developed it. The graphics look astonishing and the atmosphere, especially in the Dominion mode, feels incredibly immersive. You hack and slash your way against cannon fodder with them yelling in agony while the place burns and trebuchet fire hits your walls. As you look up, you see a Latin-speaking knight approaching you, sword drawn. You hold up your spear and shield, ready to engage in melee combat. Both of you lock eyes, nod, and charge at each other. It’s perfect.


Overall, downloading and playing For Honor is a no-brainer. It’s a triple A title that is well-worth your time and effort. Even if you get plastered in your first few games, keep playing and you’ll definitely master its deep combat mechanics. So, give it a shot, choose a faction, and start proving your worth on the battlefield.

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New Game Added: For Honor

by Mikhail Feb 25, 2019
For Honor is a multiplayer action game developed by Ubisoft. The game lets you don the arms and armor of medieval warriors like the knights, samurai, vikings, and shaolin. Engage in combat with your enemies like in team battles or singleplayer duels. Fight to the death for your faction and win the faction war! Viking vs samurai in For Honor 1v1 duel in For Honor The chaos of a battle in For Honor Read More
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