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Flower Ville 7.8 rate Have you always wanted to be a florist? Now you can in this beautiful flower shop management and gardening game, Flower Ville! Plant, water and grow from a variety of different types of pretty flowers and harvest them to restock your shop! Sell your goods to your customers and increase your store’s reputation! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Have you always wanted to be a florist? Now you can in this beautiful flower shop management and gardening game, Flower Ville! Plant, water and grow from a variety of different types of pretty flowers and harvest them to restock your shop! Sell your goods to your customers and keep your store’s reputation rising! Not getting enough profit from selling fresh stalks of flowers, right? You can craft vases and bouquets of flowers as well as creating flower essences and cosmetics to earn more! You can even expand your business by adding gift stands! Don’t forget to visit your neighbors’ shops and help them out as well! So, is this the game for you? Well, play Flower Ville to find out!


Your arrival at your hometown as well as your interest to start a flower shop has not gone unnoticed. An old time childhood friend of yours, Gina, approached you and offers her help. However, as she spends more and more time at your shop helping out, her sister Anna feels as though Gina as ignored her and she tearfully approached you as she wants to hang around the shop learning stuff from you while being close to her sister. This is merely a short snippet of the many quest-related mini-stories that the townsfolk will present to you as you meet new people in town!


After choosing your character’s gender, you’ll be given the grand tour of the town by your childhood friend, Gina. Under her guidance, you can get your flower shop set up in no time!

To start a flower shop, you’ll need a steady supply of flowers first! So begin by planting some flowers! Flower Ville provides a huge variety of flowers (a total of 25 different types of beautiful flowers) for you to choose from and plant, such as pansies, hollyhocks, zinnias, irises and many more! As you level up, you will unlock more flowers that you can plant and grow! You have only limited plots to plant your flowers though, so do plan accordingly which flowers you would like to plant first!

You have limited number for moves growing flowers at your plowed fields as you only get a maximum of 30 drops of water at any time. Granted that the water will regenerate over time, you will still need to wait awhile before you can plant and water some more flowers. However, you can easily get a full refill by leveling up or by spending some money to buy more drops of water.

With flowers at hand, you can sell them straight to customers via the Sale Truck right in front of your Flower Shop. Although it is a great way to get that extra bit of money to buy more seeds or that decoration that you’ve been eyeing on, selling only fresh stalks of flowers isn’t a very good business model indeed! Surely you have noticed how little profit you get. Thus, you will need to improvise, get a little creative and turn your flowers into crafts that will grab your potential customers’ attention! To do so, you’ll need to craft your flowers at the flower stand!

Start by choosing a vessel to store your flowers and next the flowers that you would like to use to arrange in the vessel. For instance, you can place pansies in a vase to create a pansy vase that will sell for a lot more money than just selling pansies by themselves! You’ll consume energy points while crafting vases. Vessels can be collected from vessel cabinets, which can be built by having specific resources. You will use up energy points whenever you collect from the cabinets as well.

Besides flower stands, there are many other crafting stations and cabinets that you can build as well! Although most of the resources required to build the items are obtainable by yourself, some may require your friends’ help to build. You can also upgrade your crafting stations to increase their capacity. Furthermore, each crafting station can only display 1 type of craft at any time… that is until you’ve completely sold the craft. To have more crafts on display, you’ll need to buy another crafting station instead!

Then, your customers will browse through your wares to find a craft that they like. Once selected, they will go to your counter with the hired cashier to pay for the item and ka-ching! You’ve earned some money! Not only that, you’ll also earn store reputation points as well! The higher your reputation, the more customers you will get!

Moreover, some customers may visit your shop with a need for certain crafted goods and they usually need them in bulk (and not in ones). They will wait around at the customer lounge for you to complete their orders. However, if you cannot and will not complete their orders, you can send them away so new orders can come in. Completing orders will earn you praise level instead of store reputation points.

Besides serving your customers, you can also solve customers’ problems and earn their trust. They will accumulate those trust and eventually become fans of you and your shop if you help them! There are 3 levels of relationship that you can earn, namely ordinary, familiar and close and by increasing your relationship with a customer, he or she will frequent your shop more often and become a regular customer! This also applies for the town’s folks as well!

Not to mention, as you progress in the game, you will unlock various other crafting options via new crafting buildings, like the Flower Workshop, whereby you can use flowers to create entirely new products, such as cosmetics and flower essences. The crafting process at the workshop will consume 1 fire point per item you make. You can then use the goods to fulfill customers’ orders or sell it directly for cash from the Sale Truck. You can also expand your business by adding gift stands and sell a variety of teddy bears, gift cards, bookmarks and other gifts to your customers.

Once you’re done expanding your business, why not expand your land as well? Expand your land by collecting enough money, getting items from your neighbors as well as reached a certain point in Flower Ville to unlock various other shops in town to purchase goods that will help your flower shop to produce goods. For example, the grocery store is able to provide basic items needed for your Flower Workshop, which you can unlock later on! There are even achievements that you can acquire and with every achievement, you’ll then be duly rewarded!

Flower Ville is also a very social game. Visit your friends and help out at their shops to earn compassion points, in addition to a free water droplet. These points are the only way you can purchase any outdoor decorations, short of spending real money of course! Everyone likes compassionate people. If they run into any problems, everyone is willing to help out, so be sure to be compassionate in this game and lend your neighbors a hand daily! You can help each other out by answering to their help requests too!


The community in Flower Ville may seem small but they are tightly-knitted. Due to the game’s emphasis on social aspects, there are plenty of “add me” posts on its Facebook fan page. Thus, it is a great place to start getting neighbors, instead of spamming invites to your other Facebook friends in the hopes that one of them will sign up and join you in the game, to help out in the construction of the many items in the game!

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoony graphics are very well-polished and are very colorful. Everything’s an eye candy in the game, though the flowers are particularly beautiful! The game contains very soothing and catchy music that is perfectly suited to the game as well! The overall effect of both graphics and sound made the game so much more enjoyable!


In short, Flower Ville is an excellently developed virtual shop management and simulation game that allows you to realize your dream of being a florist! Select seeds for a huge variety of beautiful flowers and plant them! Remember to water them and wait in anticipation as they begin to grow! Harvested flowers can then be sold for money or to be sent for crafting to create more valuable goods, such as flower essences, bars of soap and cosmetics. You can even expand your business by adding gift stands! Drop by your neighbors’ shops to help out and earn a little something on the side as well! Have fun managing your very own virtual flower shop today in Flower Ville!

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New Game Added: Flower Ville

by Aethyna Apr 17, 2015
Have you always wanted to be a florist? Now you can in this beautiful flower shop management and gardening game, Flower Ville! Plant, water and grow from a variety of different types of pretty flowers and harvest them to restock your shop! Sell your goods to your customers and increase your store’s reputation! Flower Ville: Red roses New shop in Flower Ville Flower Ville: Flower farms Read More

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This game is full of glitches and poorly written tasks. The lack of customer service at Shinezone should be criminal. Their Fan Page is full of complaints that are not being addressed.Full Review
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