Flower Knight Girl

by Kim
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Flower Knight Girl 8 rate (NFSW Warning; This game contains Adult Content)
Summon flower knights to fight evil in this exciting adult game, Flower Knight Girl. Gather your Helper Squad to fight with you on Missions and Quests. Gather your knights, upgrade them and prepare to eliminate monstrous bugs and bosses!
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Flower Knight Girl is an adult RPG that uses turn-based combat and helper squads to battle giant pests that threaten the land. Battles are won by dealing the biggest damage to enemies, upgrading characters and collecting Flower Gems to keep your knights in optimum fighting condition. This game is made with anime cartoons and contains hentai scenes that are shown in between missions.


A millennium ago, the Harbinger of Doom arrived in the World of Flowers and turned the bugs into huge Pests that prey on the people of this peaceful kingdom. The Flower Knights were formed and resisted against the Pests and their evil deeds. These beautiful and powerful knights are in need of a leader to guide them into the ultimate victory, and you are their chosen Captain. It’s up to you to summon your knights and lead them against the Pests and their bosses.


At the start of the game, you’ll be able to summon a random flower knight which serves as your main character. A brief introduction is done to get you acquainted with your knight, then you’ll start the tutorial of choosing a Campaign and selecting your Helper Squad. A Helper Squad is a group of 4 Flower Knights who will fight alongside your main knight in battles. You can choose from squads of other players, and you can add this player as an ally to be able to use his/her squad at any time. A maximum of five squads can be unlocked for each battle. However, when you’re just starting out, you can only use one squad.

To enter a battle, you must have the required Stamina and Raid Points. Stamina is the level of energy and power. Stamina is needed to go on Missions. You earn one Stamina point every three minutes. Raid Points help you win battles against a Raid Boss. Raid Points regenerate once every 30 minutes. Check these stats on the upper portion of the screen to see if you’re fit for battle.

Once you have your squad selected, you can proceed to the Mission path. The path will have Nodes, which are stops along the path. Nodes can either contain the battle itself or other rewards like coin chests and Gacha seeds. You need to click the Next button to move the knights along the path. When your knights land on a Battle Node, the fight will begin. Your squad will be positioned to the left and your enemies to the right. Battle will happen automatically and your knights and their enemy Pests will take turns attacking. You need to lower your opponent’s HP to zero to win the battle.

Some paths will lead to two separate directions, and you need to make sure that your main knight and the helper knights both cover all paths to eliminate all Pests and get the maximum rewards. Forked roads will usually have a spinning Node with an arrow, so you need to make your characters step in the Node at the right time to direct it to the right path. Not covering a path will still lead to a successful mission, but you’ll miss out on the rewards and experience points.

When you successfully complete Missions, your knights also level up. Their abilities (HP, Attack and Defense) also increase along with leveling up. The increase will not be the same for all characters, and this depends on their rarity. Rare knights usually see a higher increase in abilities when leveling up. You can speed up this process by upgrading characters, which is done using other characters as a material for the upgrade. Upgrading characters will also require Coins, so check the amount and be sure you have it.

Winning battles in missions will enable you to unlock more Flower Knights, get Flower Gems, Coins, Gacha seeds and random gift items. Your additional Flower Knights can be added to your Squad under Units on the left menu of the game’s main page. Coins can be used for upgrading knights and Flower Gems can be used to restore Stamina and Raid Points. Flower Gems can also be used to upgrade character or equipment capacity.

Each knight on your squad will have an attribute called Affection. You can boost this affection by giving a flower knight a gift, preferably her favorite item. Gift items are rewarded at the end of successful missions and can be collected from your Gift Box. When Affection is increased to 100%, you get an Attribute Bonus as well as a voice for that knight.

You can also use Flower Gems to spin the wheel to obtain rare flower knights and equipment. These raffles are called Limited Gacha, Units Gacha and Equipment Gacha and are found on the Gacha button on the left side of the game’s main page. Most mission rewards are placed inside the Gift Box, which you can see on the top portion of the screen. Be sure to open your gift box and collect all items. Uncollected items for 30 days will be deleted.


There are lots of players active in Flower Knight Girl. You won’t run out of helper squads when going on missions, as you’ll find many fellow gamers playing the game. The game’s Facebook page has over 900+ followers, an indication of its substantial community. You’ll find game events and updates on its Facebook page and also on the Nutaku website. If you need helpful game tips, there’s a Beginner’s Guide on the game’s website as well.


Flower Knight Girl is done in beautiful anime graphics, complete with Japanese-speaking knights to complete the theme. Again, there are hentai scenes in between completing missions, so be informed that only players 18 years old and up can play this game. Sound effects and music is also very lively, and fighting animations have cool background transitions to emphasize a knight’s fighting skill.


If you like adult content with a bit of fighting and lots of beautiful anime girls, then Flower Knight Girl may be the game for you. With lots of character upgrade possibilities and freedom to mix and match your squad, battles are never the same twice. Flower Knight Girl is great for anyone who wants an MMO RPG that has stimulating scenes, simple fight mechanics and lots of opportunities to collect, upgrade and train flower knights.

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New Game Added: Flower Knight Girl

by Kim Jun 14, 2016
(NFSW Warning; This game contains Adult Content)
Summon flower knights to fight evil in this exciting adult game, Flower Knight Girl. Gather your Helper Squad to fight with you on Missions and Quests. Gather your knights, upgrade them and prepare to eliminate monstrous bugs and bosses!
fighting 3 bugs in Flower Knight Girl Flower Knight Girl: Campaign map Raiding in Flower Knight Girl Read More
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