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Fishdom 10 rate In Fishdom you can build your own amazing aquarium full of wonderful fish, at the same time you enjoy brilliant match 3 games too. Collect coins by completing amazing games and then spend them on your fish and decorations. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Getting a real aquarium can be difficult at times since they require plenty of maintenance. If you still want to have one, well, here’s the way out - In Fishdom, you can have your very own virtual aquarium! Play exciting and challenging match-3 to earn money so you could decorate, populate and improve the comfort in your fish tank! There are plenty of fishes that you can choose from and unlimited number of tanks to decorate! It provides the enjoyment of keeping aquarium without the hassle of actually needing to take care of it. Sounds like fun? Well, don’t hesitate! Create your own Fishdom today!


The game starts off by asking you to input your name and introducing you to your first virtual tank!

Generally, each aquarium (yes, you can have more than 1 tank) will have 3 criteria that you will have to fulfill in order to unlock the next tank – the fishes (of course), beauty and comfort. What kind of fish tank is this, if it has no fish? Fishes are the life of your aquarium and they will express their respective ‘thoughts’ from time to time to let you know what they need. Keeping fishes in Fishdom is pretty easy since you won’t need to feed them or clean the tanks. You can experience the enjoyment of having an aquarium without the trouble of actually needing to take care of it. How awesome is that?

You’ll agree that it’s not really fun to swim in a place without anything, right? Well, let’s fix that. You can add decorations, such as sea plants or shells, to your tank to improve the beauty of your aquarium and to increase your fishes’ happiness. Not to mention, like most real life aquariums, you’ll need items like lighting, air pump, filter and feeder to provide a sense of comfort for your fishes. Your fishes will thank you for those comfort items as well!

Once the bars for all these 3 criteria are filled, you will earn a bronze cup for your aquarium. With your new shiny cup, you will unlock a new tank, ornaments and fishes. Now that you have 2 tanks, you can decide to continue upgrading your old aquarium, since there are a total of 3 cups (bronze, silver and gold) for you to earn, or move on to your new one. If you decided on starting on a new aquarium, you will then need to repeat the process of getting the bars for fishes, beauty and comfort to the max before you can unlock a newer tank.

However, all these goods or fishes that you want to place in your tank are not free and that small amount of money that you have, will probably have run out by now. Don’t worry though! Fishdom offers a rather easy way for you to earn the money you need to continue primping up your tank… that is by playing match-3 games!

Like any match-3 games, you’ll need to match 3 or more adjacent sea creatures in order to remove them from the board in Fishdom. If you managed to match 5 pieces together, you will earn a depth bomb. This is a very useful and special piece that will destroy everything within a 2-tile radius of it. Furthermore, you may also get some firecrackers, which destroys every tile within a radius of 1 tile, from time to time. These items appear only as a result of a cascade match of 6 or more falling pieces and cannot be earned by a player’s match.

However, if you made a 6-piece match, you will earn an even better item – the dynamite charge! This explosive has a radius of 3 tiles. Furthermore, if you managed to use 7 explosives in a level, you will earn a lightning boost. Lightning works by removing all the same tiles that you swapped it with. All of these explosives, and lightning, are extremely helpful in clearing pieces in hard-to-reach areas. So, you should use them wisely!

Although the levels in Fishdom are not exactly difficult, they can be pretty challenging when obstacles and special tiles are added to the mix. You will need to clear any special tiles like gold or silver tiles in order to win a level. Sometimes, the game ramps up the game toughness by adding in single-locked or double-locked tiles as well as providing you with some really tricky board designs. Thankfully, the game does not limit the number of moves that you can make, unlike in Candy Crush Saga.

To earn more money, you will need to improve your score per level and there are a couple of tricks that you could learn to increase your score! The money that you earn, as seen on the top center part of the game interface, indicates the number of golden tiles you’ve managed to remove. Each tile removed is equivalent to $1 – not very much, is it? Don’t worry! The game has 2 separate bonuses for you to boost up the money you earn! One of them is the score bonus. This is dependent on how many matches you made before the level is complete. 5- or 6-piece matches, or even a cascade of matches, will definitely reward you with more score. The other bonus that you’ll get in this game is the time bonus. The faster you complete a level, the more you will earn!


Considering that Fishdom is the original (and oldest) version of the Fishdom game series, it is no surprise that the community in this game is rather small. Nonetheless, since the game’s release on many free-to-play gaming platforms, like Mindjolt and Facebook, the game has a well-needed boost of new players! With more players playing Fishdom, the popularity of the game may get rebound and its community will be able to grow once again!

Graphics/ Sound

Fishdom has very nice 3D graphics that borders between realistic and cartoony. Although the graphics in this game is a bit dated, the game has some pretty fluid animations, particularly when you see how the fishes swim in the aquarium. The background image for each tank is very beautiful as well! The music in this game mainly consists of instrumentals. The soundtrack is pretty quirky, most of the time, but may sometimes sound old-school.


Fishdom is a fun match-3 game where dream aquariums come true! Set up and upgrade your aquariums by placing practical comfort items or attractive décors to make your finny pals happy! Once you ran out of money, you can easily earn more by playing the match-3 games provided. Earn the tough-to-achieve golden cup by maximizing out your aquarium upgrades and share your beautiful aquariums for your friends to see! So, what are you waiting for? Build up your Fishdom now!

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In Fishdom you can build your own amazing aquarium full of wonderful fish, at the same time you enjoy brilliant match 3 games too. Collect coins by completing amazing games and then spend them on your fish and decorations. Fishdom Double Cover Fishdom Chains Gameplay for Fishdom Read More
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