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Fishao 10 rate Fish for over 150 species of exotic fish in Fishao! Get better fishing gear, team up with friends and join tournaments in this charming fishing simulationg game. Discover how to catch big and rare fish and earn big rewards to become the best fisher in town! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Enter the fishing haven of Fishao, where you can fish over 150 different kinds of fish in its many fishing grounds. Become a better fisher by buying quality fishing gear and learning which baits work for each fish. Sit back, relax and go catch some fish!


As a child, you used to go fishing with your grandfather. Since he passed away, fishing hasn’t been much fun. But you want to make your grandpa proud and continue his love for fishing, so you carry on with what you’ve learned and hope to become the great fisher that your grandpa was.


Fishao is free to play and you can connect with your Facebook to register or provide your email address. Once you’re in, you’ll be guided through the basics of the game with a little background story. In the game, you have your home which is located in an area in the map called Rio Tropical. Here, the river flows from a nearby waterfall and you can fish along the riverbanks.

With a basic bamboo fishing rod and a limited amount of bait, you can start catching your first batch of fish. To cast your line, you can click on the water and wait for a fish to bite on your bait. There will be a box that pops up which tells you that you have a bite. This box also shows you a meter with a green area in the middle, and orange and red on both sides. You need to press the left and right arrow keys to keep the meter pointed to the middle (green) part. If you’re successful, you’ll catch the fish and it’s added to your Fishdex. A Fishdex is basically a list of all the fish you’ve caught. It contains all the fish that you’ve caught and those that you haven’t yet. Click on the Information button to learn how and where to catch a kind of fish.

At the start of the game, you are given a certain amount of energy. Every time to cast your line, it takes away one unit of energy. When your energy runs out, you need to wait two minutes for one unit to regenerate. If you can’t wait, you can add more energy using Fish coins or Fish bucks. These two are the currency of the game, but Fish coins are more precious and hard to get. You earn Fish coins by accomplishing missions or you can buy them with real money. Fish bucks are also awarded for certain missions, and you get them in a more generous amount. You can use Fish bucks to buy items from the Shop. You also get Fish bucks for selling your fish in the market.

To find out how to earn more Fish coins or Fish bucks, you can click on Missions on the left side of the screen. These missions will have a variety of rewards and will include tasks like catching 10 fish, visiting the town’s baker, Jamie, selling fish in the market, decorating your home and lots more. Getting these missions done will also add to your XP points, and accomplishing one or two will help you level up.

Your backyard can also be a source of money. A Money tree grows here and depending on its level, it grants you a specific amount of Fish coins per day. Upgrade it as often as you can so you get more Fish coins each day, which is a great way to get rich without having to do anything but wait.

There are also other ways to help you level up faster or catch bigger fish. For instance, you can buy Experience Booster x2 to double your XP points each time you catch a fish. You can also buy stronger rods for better chances of catching bigger fish. There are also different baits that you can buy such as insects and fish. Most of these shop items cost Fish coins, so spend them wisely.

Other Shop items also include outfits and accessories to customize your character. You can even change your gender during the game! You’ll also get rewards for changing or dressing up your character for the first time. These items are unlocked as you level up, so you can get a funky cowboy hat or a tall afro when you reach the right level.

Fishao is also a social game, so you can add other players as friends, visit their house and trade with them. You can even fish in your friend’s backyard! You can also create groups to form a Fish Club, or join existing clubs. When you reach Level 5, you can join Tournaments, where you compete with other players for special prizes.

Finally, when you reach advanced levels and have earned enough Fish coins and Fishbucks, you can do more interesting things like breed a new species of fish, visit bigger areas in the map like Mystic Dessert and Thombani Town, where you can catch rare fish species.


Since Fishao has a huge following, it’s easy to find help and support for playing the game. You can visit their wiki site, where you can register to a forum. There, you can read discussions about every game feature, or ask a question yourself. You can also follow their Facebook page for quick game announcements.


Fishao’s graphics are cute and a bit cartoonish, but that just adds to its charm. With this attribute, this game is kid-friendly, although the chatting aspect might not be entirely kid-safe. Sound and music is mostly relaxing and easy-going, so fishing and navigating the game’s environment can be a relaxing experience.


More than just a basic throw-and-catch fishing game, Fishao provides you with a vast world to explore and grow your love for fish and fishing while making friends along the way. Building teams and joining competitions are also a great social feature that adds dynamics to a rather simple game. With Fishao, there’s much more to do than throw a line into the water!

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by Kim Apr 28, 2016
Fish for over 150 species of exotic fish in Fishao! Get better fishing gear, team up with friends and join tournaments in this charming fishing simulationg game. Discover how to catch big and rare fish and earn big rewards to become the best fisher in town! a nice home in Fishao Fishao: bait conversation shopping for furniture in Fishao Read More
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