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Fish World 8 rate Create your own underwater paradise in Fish World, a fun-filled 3D aquarium simulation game whereby you can collect from a huge variety of beautiful fishes, including both realistic and fantastical ones, design amazing tanks and share them with your friends! Let your creativity shine in Fish World today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Create your own underwater paradise in Fish World, a fun-filled 3D aquarium simulation game whereby you can collect from a huge variety of beautiful fishes, including both realistic and fantastical ones, design amazing tanks and share them with your friends! Earn money by growing fishes into adulthood and then selling them, so you can purchase more fishes! Make sure that your fishes are healthy and happy by feeding them regularly, cleaning your tank/s and spruce up your aquarium with decorations! Take a break from your aquarium, pack your fishing gear and head to your favorite fishing spot to discover and collect rare exotic fishes for your aquarium or you can even sell them for pearls! Pearls can then be traded in for even more special fishes at the shop or they can also be used to buy new fishing equipment! If you have always wanted to have an aquarium but you can’t seem to get around to actually setting one up, well, Fish World provides a hassle-free alternative for you! Enjoy creating a virtual aquarium that you can be proud of today!


For starters, you are given your first fish tank along with a few fishes and decorations for free! You’ll need to learn how to take care of them before you can add more fishes to your tank! Keeping your fish happy and healthy is very important in Fish World. Fish can get sick or even die if you don’t look after them. Taking care of them includes cleaning your tank and feeding your fishes regularly! You don’t have to worry about over-feeding them as they won’t go for the food you’ve placed if they are full, but since fish feed is free in this game, it doesn’t hurt to put out some extra feed just in case. However, whenever the fishes are hungry, you’ll see a thought bubble popping out from the hungry fish asking for food. This is the most foolproof cue for you to feed them... on the double!

Once you’ve mastered the basics of keeping your fishes alive and well, it’s perhaps time to add some more to your small family of fishes! There are many different types of fishes and wildlife in Fish World and they are generally grouped into categories of themes, such as exotic fish, starter fish, dragon week fish, tropical island fish, forgotten depths fish, extinct fish, many more! There are 118 groups in total and each group has quite a range of fishes and wildlife in them too! Some are level-restricted, but you can buy most of them provided that you have enough money. You can even purchase additional tanks using in-game currency or premium currency.

Would you like to have an amazing fish tank? Well, you’ll definitely need plenty of money... guess it’s time to sell your first fish! There are several methods to earn money in this game, but the easiest way is to buy fishes (or more accurately, fish eggs) from the store, hatch as babies and grow them to adults. Well, actually, you can sell fishes when they are babies, but you’ll earn more if you are more patient. For the impatient, you could also purchase Super-Gro using real life cash and grow your fishes instantly. Furthermore, there’s even a “bulk sell” option, which will sell all adult fishes in your tank at once – convenient, right? Besides earning money, you will also gain experience points by selling fishes. You can even sell your entire tanks as well!

Not to mention, happy fishes sell for more coins as well and to keep them happy, you’ll need to buy and place plenty of tank decorations. There are plenty of décor that you can buy for your tanks, including clams, starfishes, shells, sunken ship model and some of the more unusual items, like dragon eggs, acoustic guitar and entire drum set. These objects have plenty of adjustment options, including rotate, enlarge or shrink and invert. You can also purchase beautiful backgrounds to complement the theme of the various decorations that you’ve bought.

In Fish World, you can also create your fishes via 2 methods – breeding tank and fish lab. In the breeding tank, you can breed selected fishes that you own together to perhaps create a brand new species with their own unique shade of colors! What you need to do is to choose and mate the fishes from the left and right columns and wait for the egg to hatch. With love, anything is possible in the breeding tank, including some really cool-looking fishes!

At the fish lab, you’ll instead rely on the miracle that is science to create and customize your own fish species... and you can even name it (after you) too! Here, you can design every little detail of your special fish. There are 25 different styles and 7 base colors, which you can further customize by changing its hues, contrast, brightness and saturation that you can choose from for each part of the fish, including head, front fin, side fins, dorsal fin, rear fin, body and tail. However, this feature is only available for players with plenty of Fish Bucks (premium currency).

There are also many mini-games in Fish World too! Under the Gamezone section, you can play bingo to earn extra coins, get a free spin on the wheel for goodies as well as slots. The best game there, however, is a mini-game called Fishing Spot. In this mini-game, you can catch fishes from various fishing spots and sell them for pearls or send them to your inventory so you can place them in your tank later. Pearls are needed to upgrade your fishing equipment, buy new baits and fishing bobbers as well as trade in for exotic fishes at the store. Collect all the different species of fishes available and, by catching the required number of different fish species, you can unlock the next fishing spot on the map. There are 3 different fishing spots available in this game, namely Pine Lake, Starlight pool (night fishing) and Rocky Falls, but the game will soon have an airport to unveil more locations around the world for you to fish in! This mini-game can be played for an unlimited number of times... at least until you run out of bait and will have to buy more.

Fish World is social games, so don’t forget to stop by your friends’ place and visit their aquarium! Help them clean their aquariums by removing oil, garbage or even hooks from their tanks. You can also gift decoration or fishes to your friends! Who know? They may even return the favor! There are even a collection section whereby you can trade in treasures you've collected for some cool fishes, or collect the required fishes to unlock exclusive prizes from the collection sets in Fish World.


Fish World has a very active fan page containing a whopping 1.3 million likes! The game is very generous and often organizes giveaways of exclusive fishes and other underwater wildlife as well as decorations for its players. If you need friends to play the game with, well, you know where to stop by! So, if you enjoy playing Fish World very much, liking the game’s Facebook page will definitely get your tank plenty of goodies!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Fish World are okay, but it may not exactly be 3D – it looks a tad bit like 2.5D instead. Anyhow, the fishes are all very colorful and pretty and this also include the decorations sold in this game. The music in Fish World is rather short and is looped, but it doesn't sound annoying at all. In fact, the soft music may even lull you to sleep! It is that soothing!


In short, Fish World is an excellent 3D virtual aquarium simulation game that features plenty of brightly-colored and beautiful fishes that can you buy, breed and sell to the highest bidder! Take good care of your fishes and they will net you even more money when you sell them! Use the money earned to design the ultimate fish tank by adding uniquely themed décor! You can also play the many mini-games provided in the game, including their best game, Fishing Spot. In that game, you can catch rare fishes at various fishing spots to trade for pearls, which in turn can be traded for fishing equipment upgrades or exotic fishes, or to place them in your fish tank. Indulge your wish of having your very own beautiful 3D aquarium today by signing up for Fish World!

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New Game Added: Fish World

by Aethyna May 25, 2015
Create your own underwater paradise in Fish World, a fun-filled 3D aquarium simulation game whereby you can collect from a huge variety of beautiful fishes, including both realistic and fantastical ones, design amazing tanks and share them with your friends! Let your creativity shine in Fish World today! Fish World: Beautiful tank Purple Sauger in Fish World Fish World: fishing spot Read More
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