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Firestone Idle RPG 10 rate Explore the fantasy world of Alandria and collect Firestones to obtain great power and gold. Train heroes, find rare chests from missions, and prestige to gain extra golds. Gather your Hero companions, embark on an exciting journey to save the world from the Undead and Orcs in Firestone Idle RPG! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Firestone is an idle RPG adventure game. Players begin their adventure in the world of Alandria with a party of up to five heroes and a guardian to fight the increasingly stronger enemies. This is a clicker game with automated battle but players can actively engage by clicking their mouse to speed up the battle. Players will battle waves of enemies in different scenes and the defeated enemies will leave plenty amount of gold behind. Players can use the golds they have earned to upgrade their heroes during battle.


The adventure of Firestone takes place in the fantasy world of Alandria, where people are struggling to defend their homes from the invasion of Undead and Orc forces. The world is in chaos and disorder as the evil forces have gathered again and the magical Firestones which contain great power are now in their hands. With the power of Firestones, the evil forces can easily plunge the world into total chaos. The King of Alandria needs someone to come forward and save Alandria from evil. You as the adventurer decided to assemble a party of heroes to stop the evil forces and reclaim the Firestones.


At the beginning of the game, you will be guided by Aurelia, the Goddess of War. Players will learn how to add heroes to the party and how to upgrade the strength of the heroes during battle. The gameplay is pretty straightforward where players need to fight and push back the foes that approach wave by wave in each stage. There are ten waves of enemies in a stage, and the last wave will be a wave of powerful bosses. Players need to defeat the bosses before proceeding to the next stage. Although there are not many plots, players will be transferred into new battle scenes automatically after going through about every twenty stages. All the battles are automated but the process can be sped up by actively clicking your mouse or pressing the space bar.

As an RPG game, party formation, heroes and leveling-up are the main features of Firestones. You can form a party of 5 heroes. There are different classes in this game, such as Rogue, Warrior, Paladin, Mage and Priest. On the other hand, there are only three types of specialization, namely damage, tank, and healer. Other than that, there are three hero attack styles, namely melee, ranged and spellcaster, but these do not have a big impact in battles but influenced by research and upgrades. In addition, each hero has unique abilities that can be activated by using different hero resources, which are Mana, Rage, or Energy. For instance, the first Hero you get is Talia, a warrior that specializes in dealing huge amount of damage and she consumes rage points to cast her abilities. You will obtain other heroes such as Burt the Rogue and Solaine the Mage as you progress in the game.

Other than heroes, there is a Guardian in your party too. Guardians such as fairies and dragons are powerful divine creatures that will help you a lot in battle. Guardians are obtained from the Magic Quarters. You start with one guardian, the Fairy. Players can get the second guardian, which is a dragon, once they have evolved the first guardian. The power of the guardian can be enhanced by training it every eight hours in the Magic Quarter. Guardians are like support units, so they do not take damage, and have no health or armor. One important aspect of a guardian is its guardian aura, which provides a buff for your heroes. The fairy guardian increases all attributes of all heroes, while the dragon guardian increases gold earnings in the game.

Gears or equipment can be acquired through chests that players get from doing map missions. Players can send their squads into missions and claim rewards after completing the missions. Players will receive void crystals that can be used for enchanting whenever they get a duplicate weapon. Enchanting a weapon can increase the enchantment level of the weapon, which will double the power and effect of the weapon. Gears are divided into three tiers. Tier 1 items only affect the current hero equipping the gear, whereas Tier 2 or 3 items provides attribute bonuses to heroes not only in the party, but also to all other heroes in your roster. The equipment in the game has various rarities, namely common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and mythic. Similar to other RPGs, the rarer the item, the better the attributes.

Prestige is one of the unique features of Firestone. Players can start a new adventure and increase their prestige in the Temple of Eternals. Players will lose their gold, the level of their heroes in the adventure, and they have to start playing again from stage 1. However, they will keep everything else with an increased percentage of gold earnings depending on the number of Firestone they earn after prestige. The Firestone can be used in the Library to enhance the attribute tree. It is important to enhance the attributes of the heroes, which are Attack, Health, and Armor, as they will speed up your battle process as the faster you kill, the more gold and Firestones you can get before your next prestige.


Players will unlock the fellowship option when they reach a character level of 7. The fellowship is a team consisting of up to five players, who can combine their power and share the fellowship aura that will affect the members of the fellowship. The aura consists of four bonuses that will be unlocked depending on the number of players in the fellowship. For instance, players will enjoy 20% of increased damage when two players join the fellowship party, and three players will enjoy 40% of increased damage and health. Players can join a guild when they reach character level 18 or create a new guild. Guilds will grant players guild perks which depend on the guild level. The guild perks are benefits or buff such as reducing the research time of all Firestone research, increasing the damage of all heroes and guardians, and so on. Players can buy items from the guild shop too.

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoon-style 2D graphic of Firestone is well drawn with vibrant colors. The illustration of the characters and background are richer and distinctive. The interface is basic and clean, in which you have the battle scene, map, and the town as your three major interfaces. Switching from one interface to another is quick and easy. The action and skill casting in battle is also simple and straightforward, quite similar to a turn-based RPG. The sound effects are decent. The battle, maps, and town have their own background music.


Summing up, Firestones is a decent idle RPG with rich content. In addition to automated battles, many contents are waiting for players to discover and learn. Despite players can earn golds, Firestones, and other items through idle battle and map missions, the upgrade and enhancement on the gears and abilities still require manual intervention, which provides a great balance to enjoy a long journey of an RPG game. For those who want to play an RPG game but don’t want to spend their time farming for resources, Firestone is one great choice. You can return to the game to pick up your loot for various upgrades and enhancements occasionally without spending all day on resource farming. Let’s embark on the journey in Alandria to save the world from the Undead and Orcs!

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Explore the fantasy world of Alandria and collect Firestones to obtain great power and gold. Train heroes, find rare chests from missions, and prestige to gain extra golds. Gather your Hero companions, embark on an exciting journey to save the world from the Undead and Orcs in Firestone Idle RPG! Battling enemies in Firestone Idle RPG Guardian casting spell in Firestone Idle RPG Starting a new wave in Firestone Idle RPG Read More
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