Final Infection: Apocalypse

by Aethyna
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Final Infection: Apocalypse 7 rate The world as you know it is crumbling into ruins with the advent of an unstoppable yet mysterious virus which had turned countless of its victims into ravenous zombies. Being trapped in the middle of what previously was a bustling city does also make survival a tad bit more challenging. Will you be able to escape? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Final Infection: Apocalypse is a primarily text-based, post-apocalyptic-themed 2D MMORPG that is set in a world ravaged by the spread of a mysterious virus which turns its infected into mindless zombies. In this game, you have to fight off zombies and hostile humans alike as you try to survive in a post-apocalyptic New York City that had gone to the dogs. Improve your skills and stats as you progress so you can take on tougher enemies and also other players who mean you harm. So, do you have what it takes to survive the final infection?


Final Infection: Apocalypse is set in a world ravaged by the spread of a mysterious virus which turns its infected into mindless zombies. Unlike some text-based games which provide players with a rather lengthy “wall of text” that serves as an introduction, this game provides you with short story snippets as you go along. The story part of the game is also very well-written and descriptive.


In Final Infection: Apocalypse, you’ll be able to create your character even before you sign up. You can choose between playing as a male or a female, but there isn’t any way for you to customize your avatar. You can also choose to play the game directly without signing up. However, if you do decide to sign up, you’ll be rewarded with an extra 100 coins, which will come in handy in the game pretty early on for you to gain an advantage.

Now, although coins are technically the premium currency of the game, Final Infection: Apocalypse is not at all stingy in giving some of these coins away as you play the game… and naturally this is a very good thing because you’ll find that you’ll need to use coins to unlock certain new stat or skill levels.

To clarify though, you’ll mostly need the other form of “currency”, food, to level up your stats at the Gym and also your special skills most of the time. But, once you reached some form of a milestone, the game will then ask for coins instead to help you break down the threshold and unlock a new segment of food-based upgrades. There’s just no way around this – you’ll need to spend coins if you want to improve your character.

And being a mainly text-and-graphics-based RPG that only has a button where you click to attack, this game places a lot of importance on percentages and stats. Having better stats will more often than not mean that you’ll win a fight… though, admittedly, luck does play the role of the RNG, giving you insane critical hits provided that you’re lucky.

Due to this, it is crucial – and I can’t emphasize this enough – for you to keep increasing your overall stats, including training your pet, equipping gear (this is particularly vital because of the tons of stats you’ll get), and upgrading said equipped gear. If not, you may find the game’s main story campaign a bit tough to complete. If you do manage to complete a “city” in the campaign, you will usually be rewarded with a boss trophy for your collection and a new city to explore.

Now, although this is not mentioned anywhere in the game, it has some sort of hidden restrictive measure in place to prevent you from playing the campaign non-stop. The game will usually start asking you for coins to continue to campaign once this mysterious limit is reached.

Thankfully, unlike the stat and skill upgrades whereby spending coins is compulsory, you don’t have to spend coins to advance the story. Instead, you just need to stop playing for awhile and go do something else. Return to it a few hours later or maybe tomorrow (the exact duration is unknown and not clearly stated in the game) and you should see that your progress is no longer hampered by the paywall. Unfortunately, a second paywall will pop up pretty much soon after – maybe just after like 3 fights.

You won’t be able to play the campaign as much, but the game does have other game modes to engage you for a couple more minutes. For instance, you can try your luck by battling other AI-controlled survivors in the Cage for 15 times before the cooldown kicks in; or head off to various other locations around the place via Excursion. Travelling to these locations require time, but once it has ticked down to zero, you can then fight an enemy and then claim a prize.

There’s also a rather interesting Good Morning Zombie mode whereby you can fight special “boss-like” zombies every 8 hours to collect your daily rewards. Once all 7-days’ worth of zombies has been defeated, the mode will, I assume, reset, giving you a fresh new list of zombies to slay.

Aside from AI enemies, you can try fighting other actual human players via the Fight mode as well. There’s no limit as to how many players a.k.a. Hunters you can fight, but there's a limit on how much resources you can earn as rewards from fighting your fellow Hunters. However, do take note that since the game is still pretty new, it has a very low player population. So, in other words, the game’s matchmaking system might not work as well (or sometimes, at all). Once you reach level 35, you can unlock another game mode, called the Zombie Invasion, which I assume is an endless zombie-fighting mode.

As mentioned, coins are basically the premium currency in the game and you would expect to be able to purchase more coins using real cash. Coins can, in turn, be used to buy more food or to speed up the waiting process. However, I’ve noticed that clicking on the “buy coins” option only leads to you to a blank page with an error message. So, I’m assuming at the moment at least, you won’t be able to buy more coins.

That said, you can still get a ton of extra coins simply by referring your friends to the game. Every sign-up that you get will net you a whopping 3600 coins or so the game claims. If this is true, then invite away! Having a single friend that joined alone is honestly enough to catapult you to the very front of the pack in Final Infection: Apocalypse.

The game also offers premium accounts to interested players. You can buy premium using coins as well and naturally, the more coins you spent, the longer premium duration you’ll get. Being a premium player will afford you really nice perks like 100% more exp, food, the speed of item upgrade and more.


Final Infection: Apocalypse provides players two main ways to communicate with each other and to potentially forge a bond of friendship or even friendly rivalry. There are a chat and a messaging system that you can use for free. You can also create a Gang using 50 coins and invite other players to join you there, or you can opt to join a Gang instead of leading one.

Being part of a Gang is very advantageous since you can get some sweet Gang-related bonuses. However, due to the lower player population, there were only 2 guilds, both of which looked pretty abandoned, the last I checked. So, if you really want to get into the game, I’d recommend creating your own Gang.

Graphics/ Sound

Despite being a casual-sort of RPG, Final Infection: Apocalypse does have some really nice graphics whenever one is available. I also like to point out that the game displays the equipment you wear on your avatar. This is a really nice touch for a 2D game which usually tends to be really simplistic in nature. However, the game doesn’t have any sound to speak of. This includes both sound effects and background music.


Granted that Final Infection: Apocalypse is “simply” a 2D, primarily text-based browser RPG, the game is quite entertaining to play. Kudos to the excellent writing and the storyline as well as the nice little visuals here and there! However, the game isn’t exactly intended to be the sort of game where you can sit in front of a computer for hours at a time. Instead, you might appreciate the game more if you merely spend just enough time to complete everything you can do, maybe around an hour or so, and return tomorrow (or maybe after a couple of hours) to do it all over again.

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by Aethyna Dec 23, 2017
The world as you know it is crumbling into ruins with the advent of an unstoppable yet mysterious virus which had turned countless of its victims into ravenous zombies. Being trapped in the middle of what previously was a bustling city does also make survival a tad bit more challenging. Will you be able to escape? Final Infection: Combat New York City in Final Infection Final Infection: Increase stats in the gym Read More
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