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FIFA Mobile Soccer 9 rate Step in the field and become the best football team, recruit the best players from different international football leagues and form your own dream team in FIFA Mobile Soccer. Challenge other teams to see who has the best football team as you climb up the ranks to the big leagues! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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FIFA Mobile Soccer is a mobile sports game developed by EA Games. It features the similar football simulation game found in EA’s FIFA game series but simplified to make it more playable for the mobile platform. It also features some mechanics popularly found in most mobile games today, such as character collecting and stamina system. The game also has the standard live matches, rank matches and a full season match to recreate some of the popular leagues in football.


FIFA Mobile Soccer still feels and plays like a standard FIFA game from the console versions, but on this case, the gameplay and controls were simplified to make it more playable to the mobile game audience. But hardcore fans of the FIFA console games will still feel welcome on the gameplay and visuals, and the game is free to play so there is no need for additional purchases to get the game.

At the start of the game will be given the option to choose your own team to manage, there are almost a hundred teams available in FIFA Mobile Soccer that are based from different international leagues, so there are chances that your favourite team will be on the list. After picking your preferred team, you will be prompted to a series of tutorials to explain all the basics of the gameplay.

You can choose between the manual controls, touch controls or the auto controls. In manual, you control your players in the classic controller scheme, meaning you will use the directional pad to move and the other buttons to perform action, touch mode lets you use gestures to perform actions such as tapping next to a player to pass the ball or draw a line on screen near the goal to perform a goal attempt to score, and the auto mode lets your players perform their actions and you can boost their skills by pressing on the button.

There are different types of game modes found in FIFA Mobile Soccer. There some matches that are more just mini games where you must complete the tasks to finish the level. This may be in form of landing a goal for a number of times or passing the ball to your player, some may require higher amounts and some will have limited number of attempts. Completing the objectives will land you experience points and other bonus perks, such as credits and items.

There is also season matches where you can participate in full football matches against other teams, here the match durations are faster compared to the traditional matches and you can finish a match in just a few minutes. Rank battles lets you compete with other players for the leaderboard, getting more wins can earn you a better rank and bigger rewards, but be sure to be active in matches as your rank can go down if you are not active.

You can even challenge players to a match, however all of these matches do not happen in real time, as each player will have turns to perform instead of a full-blown football match, it may feel irritating to wait for the other player to finish their turn before you can do yours as some may takes days to complete.

All the players in the game can be acquired through gacha; or a lottery type of mechanism that gives you random items, so all the players that you will draw are all random and there are chances that you may land a rare and powerful player. The players are collected in the form of cards, and the gacha mechanics paired the card system well to the entire game.

You can acquire random player cards by purchasing packs at the in-game store or you can receive some through quest rewards, alternatively you can purchase them with real money. Their abilities are shown via rating points, so the higher the score, the better their performance. You can assign your new players to your team and there are 3 types of team line up; attack, defense and midfield, each of them have special traits for certain conditions, so they have a different line up per category. If you don’t like your players, you can sell them on the online market and look for other players on sale by bidding at the auctions.


There is an active community in the FIFA game franchise and with FIFA Mobile Soccer being free to play, more are joining the game to compete with other players. You can add other players to your friend list and challenge them to friendly matches, there is also the Rival feature where you can encounter rivals that can provide nifty rewards when beaten.

Graphics/ Sound

It may not be a breathtaking as the console versions, but the graphics in FIFA Mobile Soccer are still impressive, all players are well detailed including their uniforms and they have certain animations when landing a goal to give that authentic feel of a real football game. There is only a menu music track that just adds a relaxing mood when navigating in the menu screen and a crowd noise during matches to have that real football match vibe, unfortunately there is no voice commentary that adds some realism to the matches.


FIFA Mobile Soccer may feel like a simplified version of the full retail FIFA game, but its simplistic gameplay makes it more appealing to mobile game users to get into the FIFA craze. Fans of the FIFA franchise will still enjoy the game but may feel underwhelmed due to the simplicity of the football matches... the game is on mobile after all. That said, FIFA Mobile Soccer is still a very decent game that’s as challenging as it is fun. So, if you are looking for a great football game, you can try this game out.

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New Game Added: FIFA Mobile Soccer

by Richard Mar 18, 2017
Step in the field and become the best football team, recruit the best players from different international football leagues and form your own dream team in FIFA Mobile Soccer. Challenge other teams to see who has the best football team as you climb up the ranks to the big leagues! FIFA Mobile Soccer: Ball stolen by the other team Team lineup in FIFA Mobile Soccer FIFA Mobile Soccer: Gooooaaalllll!!!! Read More
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