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FIFA 23 10 rate FIFA 23 is EA’s last “FIFA” titled game and the latest in the long-running series. Offering a plethora of news and improved features like the Hypermotion 2 and revamped set piece elements, it is the premiere football simulation experience and the best way to enjoy the beautiful game virtually. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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When you buy a sports game every year, you’re probably making a huge mistake. Yet many sports fans, including yours truly, continue to buy them. It’s a common belief (and practice) that most sports titles are slight revamps with minor upgrades. And, of course, FIFA and NBA2k are two of the most closely watched and, at times, guilty franchises.

Fortunately, FIFA 23 is far from falling into this category. It’s EA Sports’ last FIFA game before rebranding, and it is going out with a bang. Compared to FIFA 22, which I’ve played extensively, it’s quite an upgrade, delivering an experience that is starting to feel more like a simulation than an arcade one. Plus, immersion-focused upgrades raise the ante, and these stand out in the game’s career mode.

So, should you give FIFA 23 a shot, or are you better off skipping it this time? Let’s check out what it has to offer:


There isn’t much of a story in FIFA 23, although its career mode is a massive football sandbox. You can dive into the experience as a player, whether an original or an existing one. One added change to the career mode is you can now play as a real-life manager. So yes, if you’re a fan of Mourinho or the antics of Jurgen Klopp, you can be them on the sidelines.


We all know the FIFA franchise: it’s a football arcade/simulation experience that brings the beautiful game to our fingertips. In FIFA 23, the realism is further upgraded thanks to Hypermotion 2. When you step onto the pitch, player movement feels relatively smoother and somehow more natural, unlike in FIFA 22 (and older titles), which feels a little arcade-ish. In a way, it somehow feels more like you’re playing PES, and I have to say I love it since it gives you more control of your team and players on the pitch.

Speaking of on-pitch control, set pieces have had a set of fantastic new additions. In free kicks and corners, you can have more control over how and where you kick the ball. For example, in corners, depending on how your player kicks the ball, you can either lob it in or do an inswinger. However, these changes will take some time for you to get used to - I tried countless times to get a direct goal off of a corner, and it always comically went out.

Despite being a long-time FIFA player, FUT has never appealed to me, nor have I tried it in this version. I spend most of my time in Career Mode; FIFA 23’s rendition of this mode is quite similar to its direct predecessor, though there are a few notable changes. The user interface has had a major revamp, and if you opt to build your own team from scratch, there are new crests, arenas, and commentary names to choose from.

The staple elements like the Youth Academy, player development, and transfer hubs are still around, and so are the media interviews. EA also added cutscenes whenever a player joins and leaves a club; though this adds to the authenticity, it sometimes feels somewhat off and annoying. One of its best additions is the tension meter during negotiations. Players and their agents don’t automatically walk away if your offer is too low.

Apart from the standard football modes, Volta also makes a return and is as fast-paced as ever. In future updates, EA will add the FIFA World Cup 2022 set in Qatar and the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. Although including all national teams and going on the qualification process will be a stretch, we’ll likely get to play on authentic stadiums. Women’s clubs play a more prominent role, with players like Sam Kerr standing out. Plus, AFC Richmond in the Apple TV series, Ted Lasso, is also part of the in-game lineup along with the titular manager.


We can safely say FIFA’s community is one of the largest and most vocal in the gaming industry, and it shows during matchmaking. It’s easy to find online matches in kickoff mode. FUT is active as ever, and if you want to try your hand at EA’s version of loot boxes and microtransactions, be my guest.


In terms of presentation, FIFA 23 excels. On PC, the game looks fantastic and runs considerably well, even on the highest settings. Note that I’m playing it on a rather dated motherboard and graphics card (GTX 1060 6GB); despite this, the experience is buttery smooth. The controls are “localized” depending on whichever you’re using, a feature other games should emulate.

As for the on-pitch and in-match experience, FIFA 23 went all out. Games are more atmospheric, while character models and arena textures are fantastic. Derek Rae and Stewart Robson provide commentary, while Alex Scott is the pitchside reporter, providing updates regarding other matches and injuries.


Overall, FIFA 23’s rather terrible reviews on Steam don’t justify the experience it delivers. It’s undoubtedly EA’s best FIFA game to date, and we can safely say it’s going out with a bang.

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New Game Added: FIFA 23

by Mikhail Oct 12, 2022
FIFA 23 is EA’s last “FIFA” titled game and the latest in the long-running series. Offering a plethora of news and improved features like the Hypermotion 2 and revamped set piece elements, it is the premiere football simulation experience and the best way to enjoy the beautiful game virtually. Ted Lasso in FIFA 23 Mbappe vs goalie in FIFA 23 Sam Kerr in FIFA 23 Read More
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