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FFVII The First Soldier 10 rate Join the SOLDIER project as a candidate and become the first elite soldier in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier! Utilize different combat styles, firearms, Magic Materia or even epic summons to fight monsters to gain powerful items, and then take down other candidates on motorcycles or even Chocobos, and be the last one standing! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is a free-to-play battle royale game with RPG elements on a mobile platform. As a renowned series loved by its fans all over the world, Final Fantasy has never failed to impress with innovative ideas in classic works. The First Soldier is the new title in the Final Fantasy VII series by Square Enix that creates a unique experience of a battle royale game with JRPG elements. The First Soldier combines most mechanisms that you could find in other battle royale games with RPG elements such as fighting monsters to loot items and gain experience to level up, using magic skills in battle, and summoning powerful aids.


The First Soldier is set in 30 years before the story of Final Fantasy VII took place. In this game, players participate as candidates in the selection to become the first Soldier, which is the elite SOLDIER project of Shinra Electric Company. The combat training for candidates takes place in the undercity of Midgar. Dropping into the map from a helicopter, 75 players will battle each other and compete to be the very last candidate on the map, who will become the first Soldier of Shinra Electric Company!


The battle system of The First Soldier is unconventional and complicated at first for a shooter battle royale due to its diversity and flexibility. In the game, there are different combat styles for players to choose from. The classes include warrior, sorcerer, ninja, monk, and ranger. Each style has its own strengths and unique skill. Warriors use swords as a weapon and are equipped with a Fearless Charge trait by default. This trait increases the distance players can target with a melee attack and allows players to charge at targets with a temporary barrier that decreases the damage they receive when charging. On the other hand, sorcerers use staves and are equipped with Magic Boost Trait, while Monks use fists and are equipped with the Inner Strength trait that allows them to automatically recover a portion of their health and boost melee attack temporary when health is below 20%. Ninjas use shuriken and are equipped with an Acrobat trait that will allow players to jump again midair or after failing from parkour, while Rangers use daggers and are equipped with Ammunitions Expert trait that increases ammo inventory.

Firearms and material that can be found throughout the map in treasure boxes or airdrops. You can loot and pick up varieties of firearms ranging from pistols, rifles, machine guns, and even bazookas. Magic materia allows you to cast magic skills such as fire, ice, or thunder against your target. You can even use Summoning materia to call forth an elemental summons such as Ifrit or Shiva to your aid. The summons inflicts powerful damage on a large area and will give you an advantage during the last phase of the match, where you need to hold your ground in a small area. Whether you prefer to fight your enemies head-on, or shoot them from afar, or even get a summon to do the dirty job for you, The First Soldier is definitely able to satisfy your battle royale needs.

The First Soldier currently features many areas on the map that Final Fantasy VII fans would recognize, such as the Church in Sector 5, the slums in Sector 7, and Don Corneo's Mansion. As in all other battle royale games, players need to stay in the safe area as the playable area will shrink and move as time passes during the battle. However, what makes The First Soldier stand out from the rest are its arsenal of weapons, materia, accessories, and other items that are scattered throughout the battlefield. The First Soldier also features monsters that can be killed and looted for better gears to tip the scales of battle to your favor.

Another interesting feature in The First Soldier is that they provide transportation modes for players to move quickly across Midgar. For those who are fans of the Final Fantasy series, they will be pleased to know that Chocobos are introduced as one of the modes of transport in The First Soldier. For those who don’t know what a Chocobo is, it is a large avian creature that is usually used as a mount in the Final Fantasy game series. In certain areas of the map, players can find Chocobo stops and they can use the stops to call a Chocobo to move quickly on the map. They are fast but fragile, and feature a ‘Chocobo Kick’ attack. If riding a big bird is not your thing, players can also opt to ride motorcycles and utility vehicles that can be found on the map. Motorcycles can only be ridden by a single player and players perform a ‘drive by’ attack with their melee weapon. Utility vehicles can be used to ferry multiple candidates at a time around the map.


In The First Soldier, 75 players will compete each other to become the first Soldier. You can enter the battle solo or in teams of three. The game modes available in The First Soldier are Ranks and standard match. The ranked game mode is for competitive gameplay, and you will face players who are in the same rank as yours in battle. Players will be awarded for the rank they hold at the end of each season. For players who want a casual match, they can join in the standard game mode.

Graphics/ Sound

The First Soldier has decent graphics quality despite not being as good as the other Final Fantasy series since it is on a mobile platform. The interface could be further improved as the developers try to cramp in all the buttons on the small screen of mobile phones. Moreover, the control movements and the use of materia are a bit janky and laggy at times. Especially in competitive gaming, pressing the right buttons at the right time is critical for staying alive the next second. For the fans of Final Fantasy games, they will find the soundtrack familiar and worthy of reminiscence.


Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is a unique game of a renowned RPG franchise that makes a big step in the fast-paced battle royale game genre. Square Enix made a good but not perfect attempt in creating a battle royale game from a well-established franchise, and the game definitely has the potential to become the next big thing in competitive battle royale tournaments in near future. This new genre of combining classic JRPG and fast-paced battle royale will surely bring a very unique and engaging gaming experience with the varied combat styles, materia, and the iconic locations and monsters from Final Fantasy VII.

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New Game Added: FFVII The First Soldier

by tbleong Nov 29, 2021
Join the SOLDIER project as a candidate and become the first elite soldier in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier! Utilize different combat styles, firearms, Magic Materia or even epic summons to fight monsters to gain powerful items, and then take down other candidates on motorcycles or even Chocobos, and be the last one standing! Looting supplies from box in Fantasy VII The First Soldier Riding a chocobo in Fantasy VII The First Soldier Sorcerer attack in Fantasy VII The First Soldier Read More
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