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Felspire 9 rate In times of chaos and disorder, hellish creatures from the abyss have taken the golden opportunity to crawl into the world of Felspire to wreak havoc on the people there. In this game, you’ll need to complete quests and dungeons to help your fellow mankind defeat the demonic nuisance that plagued the land. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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In times of chaos and disorder, hellish creatures from the abyss have taken the golden opportunity to crawl into the world of Felspire to wreak havoc on the people there. In this game, you’ll need to complete quests and dungeons to help your fellow mankind defeat the demonic nuisance that plagued the land. Use the auto-combat option to level your character up rapidly as you strive to achieve higher combat power through a variety of means, such as upgrading your equipments, leveling up your pet and mounts, and collecting monster cards. There are also thrilling PvP event where you can fight your fellow heroes in a friendly match to determine your ranking in the game. Sounds just like the game you’d enjoy? Well, what are you waiting for? Leap into the world of Felspire and start culling the demonic horde today!


There are holes in the history in Felspire that nobody has answers to, such as when the world was created or how it was created. No matter, when the Gods came to the world, some of them brought order and prosperity while others brought disorder and war. The war between the gods has drained their power and they had no choice but to abandon the world, leaving the people of the world to start having wars of their own. The creatures and demons from abyss have also taken the opportunity to crawl up from wherever hellhole they live in to terrorize the world. You rank among those who have decided to join hands and fight these evil creatures. Will you be able to succeed?


You’ll begin the game by selecting your character class. There are 3 archetypes to choose from, namely the ranged archer, the melee and tank-y warrior, and the powerful yet fragile mage. All classes in Felspire are gender-locked though. Anyway, once you’ve chosen a character and a name, you can get started killing monsters and creatures from the abyss!

Questing is one of the primary features in Felspire as it is important in getting your character leveled up. Like many other browser-based MMORPGs, Felspire’s questing system uses auto-routing. The system will also kick in even when you go idle for a bit (for a snack break or a toilet break), so your character will almost always be leveling. In addition to the main quests that progress the storyline, the game also features daily quests. Daily quests are consisted of 10 quests in total and in order to get the final rewards, you’ll need to complete them all.

Most quests involve killing x number of monsters, though there are some fetching quests and some that send you scurrying between NPCs. Due to this, you’re provided with an auto-combat system that is admittedly the key to levelling up quickly in this game. Not to mention, by killing monsters in a continuous chain in Felspire, you’ll also gain combo bonuses which boost up the rate in which you earn experience points by quite a bit. Considering that the game has a very high level cap, you’ll need all the bonus experience points that you can get your hands on!

Similar to battle rating in other MMOs, the combat power in Felspire is indicative of the strength of your character. Thus, it’s always wise to keep increasing your combat power. One of the easiest ways to do so is by merely leveling up. Each level up will award you with stat points which you can then auto-allocate to stats, including strength, dexterity, intelligence and vitality that are important to your class.

Moreover, there are class-specific active skills (up to 13 of them) and a similar number for the passive skills available that you can learn. Active skills are not automatically gained though. Instead, you’ll need to fulfil certain requirements before you can obtain the skill book needed to learn a particular skill. On the other hand, skill books that introduce new passive skills to you can be obtained from elite challenges. Elite challenges also provide you with the skill points needed to upgrade your passive skills. You can upgrade those skills up to a whopping 300 levels.

Your character in Felspire can be equipped with gear and these gear items can be upgraded via a variety of means, such as enhancing, enchanting, refined and boosted. You can even add extra “vital attribute” to each piece of your equipment to increase its efficiency as a killing machine and also to increase your combat power. Epic gear in this game can be easily obtain via dungeons or better yet, via the goblin workshop where you can obtain almost free epic gear if you’re lucky.. and trust me, your odds are good in this luck-based mini-game.

Although they are given to you for free for a short period of time early on, wings can be really hard to get in this game. If you don’t fancy spending real cash, you’ll need to craft them by collecting materials that drop off bosses. Oh and not to forget, you’ll need to be level 180 at least before you can equip them. Despite the tedium, the wings in this game are pretty cool and it does boost up your combat power by a fair bit.

In addition, you can also get pets and mounts in Felspire. Pets can be separated into 2 types, combative and non-combative. The combative pet will fight with you while the non-combative pet usually sticks around to provide you with bonus stats and help out, such as by collecting your loot for you. You can have 1 of each present at all times and you can level the combative pet up by using pet feed. For mounts, they are basically stats providers and they do not get involve in combat. Starting with the Iron Steed, as you train it up using the mount pill, you’ll eventually unlock other looks for your mounts.

Similar to Ragnarok Online 2, you can collect monster cards that are dropped by the respective groups of monsters in Felspire. These monster cards can be equipped (up to 3 of them) to provide your character with bonus stats and how much stats provided depends on the quality of the card you’ve obtained. If there are any repeats, you can also salvage them to gain some experience points in return. If you’re a huge fan of card collecting, well... be sure to collect them all!

In terms of PvE, Felspire provides quite a range of dungeons that you can challenge, including the temple of death, demon abyss, elite challenge and boss map. If you’re a VIP, you can get access to the VIP boss fight events as well. Most dungeons available allow you to team up with up to 3 other players. In fact, teaming up is encouraged as you’ll gain bonus rewards for doing so. For PvP, the game provides open-PvP areas that house PvP bosses that you can attempt to take down with your team. There’s also the usual rank-based ladder PvP whereby you’ll just keep fighting players who are ranked higher than you in an attempt to get into the top 100 while earning honor points which can be exchanged for some nice items.

There are many more features in Felspire, such as achievements and the in-game auction house, so be sure to check the game out and discover all of them yourself!


The community in Felspire generally group together into guilds and guilds are a vital part of the game. This is because, by being in a guild, you’ll gain access to alchemy, guild hall, flea market, guild vault and sky realm (gathering place for guildies). You can also complete guild quests to earn loyalty emblems which you can then donate to your guild to earn contribution points. These points can be used to buy rare items at the guild shop. You’ll even be able to participate in the epic guild vs guild battle.

Graphics/ Sound

The music in Felspire consists of a variety of ambient music that ranges from the soothing sounds of the jungle to a mixture of eerie sounds filled with weird laughs and yells of terror, depending on the location you’re in. On the other hand, the anime-inspired graphics in this game are very similar to other anime MMORPG games and this doesn’t help the game to stand out much. However, the graphics are of high quality and the sceneries and character/ monster models are very nicely designed.


In short, Felspire is an anime-inspired browser-based MMORPG that has a rather generic storyline, archtype character classes and a cookie-cutter-type gameplay that many other browser-based MMORPGs use. It’s not very unique, besides the monster card collection and the PvP bosses. That being said, the game is still very addictive to play as you’ll be trying your best to improve your combat power in whichever way you can, be it equipments, pets, mounts, skills or stats. There are plenty of dungeons and PvP events to challenge your skills too. Thus, if you enjoy browser MMOs, be sure to drop by and try Felspire out!

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