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Fast & Furious: Legacy 8 rate Build your Fast & Furious: Legacy Now! Join Tej, Roman, Letty and others to tear up the Streets in super-charged story missions set across all 7 Fast & Furious movies. Lead your Crew against rival teams and race in classic movie locations around the globe from Rio to Tokyo and back to LA. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Fast & Furious: Legacy is a free to play racing game that is based on the hit racing movie franchise. You get to play as one the family in the F&F group and you will be competing against some of the best racers in town. The game offers different play styles depending on the missions you take, you can also customize your ride to provide better appearance and performance.


The setting is the same with the Fast & Furious movies, but it was not specified on which timeline, but it is likely that the premise is set around the first movie and even the recent Fast & Furious movie entitled Furious 7. It features characters Tej, Roman, Letty and the other Fast & Furious cast as they take the streets and battle other rival teams to be the best in the turf.


If you are used to the traditional racing games in both console and mobile games, you will be getting a different experience with Fast & Furious: Legacy. As they instead focus on combining the aspects of the standard stamina-based mobiles games and simplified the racing mechanics into tidbits of different game modes. It may be a turn off for some avid racing fans, but for casual users, it can be an ease of use due to the simplified features.

Instead of playing as a standard racing game, Fast & Furious: Legacy made the racing mechanics cut into different game mode types, so there is one mode that lets your drift and the other mode for drag racing. These features utilizes the touchscreen feature, so when you drift, you need to drag your finger on the line and avoid going out of bounds, then in drag racing, you must time your press on shifting the gear to accelerate, one wrong move and it will slow your speed and possible lose the race. There is also one game mode where you must reach the finish line and avoid any obstacles on your path, you must tap on which lane you should switch to avoid the obstacle, hitting it will caused you to slow down. The gameplay is somewhat similar that from popular endless run games like Temple Run.

Taking missions requires a consumption of oil; the stamina version in the game, it can be replenish over time or be purchased with real money. You can take on story missions the progress in the game where it unveils the story of each of the Fast & Furious movies. Completing missions will land your experience points and item loot for your cars.

As for cars, it features more than a dozen kinds of racing cars, all from popular licensed automotive brands. And the best things in any racing game is to customize their rides, and Fast & Furious: Legacy has it. You can select which part to change, from rims to spoilers, any parts can be customized to your liking, and these can provide stat boost to your car. And you can paint your car to any way you like, from the metallic chrome up to the matte paint job, you choose what style you would prefer, and you can also add decals to some badass look on your cars. Just remember that you need to spend premium points to perform any paint jobs, and these can be acquired from quest rewards or real money.

You can acquire cars by getting them in the lottery-like system in the game, they can be purchased with in-game currency but the chance for a rare car is slim. You can get better rare cars from premium lottery items, but it requires real money to purchase.


As for the community, there a lot of fans who love the Fast & Furious movie franchise. And there are quite a number that is active in the game. In terms of multiplayer modes, the games lacks any of those that lets you interactive with other players, all it has is a leaderboard function that lets you compare scores and fastest laps from other players. There is also no Crew feature that lets you join with other players in guild-like participations, which could have been a great feature.

Graphics/ Sound

The game features great visuals, and provides full HD quality in 1080p resolution. The game is also best played in a tablet for a larger screen. The soundtrack is very decent, with different scores of hip hop and electronic music to fit the racing theme in the game. Sound effects feature almost identical engine noise from real cars, though some sound effects had less impact and feels recycled.


Overall, Fast & Furious: Legacy would have been a better game if it just focused on becoming a full racing game, rather than being a free-to-play casual type game. Despite its beautiful visuals, it removes the thrill of racing and was treated to a very simplistic gameplay. But if you just want to try the game for having the Fast & Furious license, you might enjoy the game for a short time and give it a second shot.

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New Game Added: Fast & Furious: Legacy

by Richard Nov 7, 2016
Build your Fast & Furious: Legacy Now! Join Tej, Roman, Letty and others to tear up the Streets in super-charged story missions set across all 7 Fast & Furious movies. Lead your Crew against rival teams and race in classic movie locations around the globe from Rio to Tokyo and back to LA. Drifting in Fast & Furious: Legacy Fast & Furious: Legacy: The garage Versus match in Fast & Furious: Legacy Read More
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